The Good Wife Review: Careful What You Say

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With Laura working at the State Attorney's office, she was eventually going to face off against Lockhart/Gardner. And The Good Wife didn't waste any time in making that showdown happen.

"Here Comes the Judge" featured the season's first criminal case, unless you count Zach's skirmish in another county. With Cary back at the firm, it's nice to have a familiar face for them to face off against at the State Attorney's office. And Laura has shown herself to be formidable. When Amanda Peet showed up as Alicia's client, I hoped she'd be back. She's a pleasant addition to the cast.

Could she be a possible love interest for Will? They seemed to have a spark!

Laura Questions Will

Not that Will needs to complicate his life any further. His suspension may be over, but the repercussions from it are continuing. Judge Creary was inappropriate in his comments to Will at the restaurant, but he may very well have been accurate regarding Will and Will's client. Regardless, that didn't make his words acceptable and he should have been removed from the case. 

At first, I thought he didn't recuse himself because he was too proud and thought he could bully Alicia and Will into continuing under his purview. I never even considered that he didn't remember the exchange with Will. That was unexpected and actually made me a bit sad for Judge Creary. His life was in such a horrible place that he risked what he had left with his drinking.

Judge Dunaway didn't like it, but he had no choice but to rule in favor of moving the case to a new judge. One positive that came out of this situation was that Will proved he wasn't ruthless. His decision to not subpoena Giada showed a softer side. However, he really didn't know if she would tell the truth on the stand or not. Could Will and Giada work out this time? She's no longer his law student...

The case of murdered husband was not interesting. Been there, done that. But The Good Wife did right by presenting a new angle of the law. The trial to substitute the judge for cause held my interest. Despite knowing the judge should be removed, it was never a sure deal. With the new evidence that Laura found with Judge Creary's help, Will's going to most likely take the deal. With their client in jail, will the firm still be hired to oversee her finances? Tough call.

Outside of the courtroom, there was quite a bit going on. Perhaps too much. Grace befriended the dead Grace's ex-boyfriend, Connor, which was just weird from a story perspective. Though, I guess it makes sense in a way. Grace is a caring person and saw that Connor was being ostracized by the other classmates. It just seemed like the writers thought they needed a story for Grace and pulled this one out. I hope it has a good payoff.

While Grace was skipping class with the smoker, Zach was helping out at his father's campaign under an alias. I find this hard to believe. No one at Peter's campaign recognized Zach? He never ran into Peter, Eli or any campaign workers who would know him? With Eli's manipulation, it looks like Alicia will let him help out. It will be good for Zach, though will he end up in a relationship with another campaign worker. Both of Peter's kids are ultimately going to be pulled into the campaign. I don't think there's anything that Peter or Alicia can do to stop it. 

Lastly, we have the dreaded Nick-Kalinda story. As soon as Nick and Cary had a confrontation in the office, I knew trouble was coming. Will Cary's attack be enough for Kalinda to finally cut Nick loose? I hope so. He really needs to go. I miss the old Kalinda and once he is gone, we can have her back!

Are you enjoying the addition of Amanda Peet's Laura to the show? Ready for Nick to leave? What about the kids' storylines? Are they adding to the overall story or just confusing?


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I gave perfect score for this eps, 5 stars! like it!


I used to like this show. Not anymore. There are so many subplots and soap operas going on, one can't enjoy the story of the week. The teenage kids are boring and useless on this show and should be left out. I used to admire Kalinda as a strong woman, but she has become a victim to a psycho husband and has lost any intrigue she had. Cary is a good character but has no time on the show with all the other goings-on. I wish they would go back to the main characters and stop all the other nonsense.


I'm not happy at all about that Cary's involvement in Kalinda's storyline. I fear once again they've dropped Cary's own storyline to make up for the Kalinda/Nick disaster and that beating up just seems something they wrote to forward Kalinda's plot but with no real consideration of Cary's character. Indeed after that they would have put something in the promo about it at least. Instead there was not a single mention of Cary and all the hype once again was all about guest stars. Meh.


Did anyone think it weird that the blackberry wouldn't show the redialled number on the screen or that cary would not answer with 'Alicia Florrick's desk'! Poor thing Cary.
Can't wait for next week to see how this sickening assault on Cary will change Kalinda! Hopefully she fires up and gives it as good as she's got. Come on girl, lets see the Kalinda we all know you to be.


I am a fan of will and alicia. Not a fan of Kalinda and creepy Nick. There is no need for that story line.


@gerry trexler Karen Olivo (Harry's Law) played Will's old girlfriend. Monica Raymund (Chicago Fire) played ASA Dana Lodge who used to date both Cary and Kalinda. They have a similar look.


I agree that Nick is creepy and that Kalinda's character has degenerated. There are flashes of her competence but sticking with Nick us just weak. The kids are bit parts and should probably remain that. There's too much else going on to try to develop major plot lines with them. Therein may lie part of the overall problem for the Good Wife. There are so many soap opera sub plots that are left hanging that new viewers would be frustrated trying to start watching the show. The court room plot usually winds up by the end of each episode but there's often not enough of that to attract and keep new viewers. The bottom line is that the show could suffer a slow death of viewership as current viewers drop out and no new ones come on.

Drea xoxo

CARYYYY NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! how dare the writers did that! i'm disgusted at that! i wanted alicia to answer the phone and cary be left out of that mess of a storyline.
now to review...
Did like the judge storyline put i did feel sorry for the judge but he was being biased throughout the case so meh.
the military woman has developed quite rapidly interesting to see where she'll go from here....will how she got the job turn up....
overall 4/5, nothing much to comment on, don't care for the children but everything is starting to flow and feel nick will be out in january too =]


This was a throwaway episode with too much emphasis on the teens and not enough on the workings at Lockhart/Gardner. The soap opera aspects are threatening to overtake the adult drama and the inner workings of a law office facing bankruptcy. The election is sometimes interesting although Eli is a total pain in the patootie. He marches into the IT area and tells a volunteer (who just happens to be Zach) that he CANNOT quit. Really...a volunteer can't quit. Maura Tierney is interesting, Matthew Perry is interesting, Nathan Lane is interesting...Kalinda and Nick are not interesting and are threatening to destroy the whole persona that Kalinda has adopted for the last two years. This show is in danger of possible cancellation, and the whole series is veering off in too many directions right now. We need some concise storytelling to save this show.

Beverly brooks

Please writers get rid of Nick. He is such a sick, overly jealous person and brings nothing to the show.

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