The Mentalist Review: A Depraved New Villain

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A powerful villain brought a new level of angst and depravity to The Mentalist in "If It Bleeds, It Leads" - and the biggest surprise was that it had nothing to do with Red John.

But first we'll visit Lorelei... or at least try to. Leave it to Patrick Jane to attempt to break into a maximum security federal prison. Yes, that's break in.

At first I thought he was keeping the information from Lisbon, but in reality he had told her Lorelei's location. Apparently he just didn't like it when she told him it was impossible to get there. However, watching Jane throw branches at the 20-foot electric fence with razor wire strung across the top was a comical moment.

A Reporter's Death

Lisbon was definitely miffed that Jane was bailing on her and the case to chase his Lorelei lead, but it was hard to blame him. This was as close to Red John as he's gotten in a decade. How was he suppose to let that go?!?

Of course, the moments he was involved with the case were some of the most entertaining. Especially when he spoke to weather girl, Tara, and called her out in this The Mentalist quote

Hell hath no fury like a slut outflanked. | permalink

Yeah, he deserved to get slapped for that but it was worth it all the same.

Elsewhere, our murderer this week was truly frightening. Volker's ruthless and he had money and power to indulge in that tendency without retribution.

The moment Amanda started speaking to Lisbon I knew she wouldn't survive the hour. What I didn't expect was to see Volker there, watching his henchman strangle the girl.  I was also surprised that Volker confronted Lisbon at Amanda's home. This guy isn't afraid of anything, least of all Lisbon.

My biggest disappointment was that Jane was nowhere to be found when Lisbon came upon Amanda's body. Where was he? I kept waiting to see his reaction to the murder and wondered what he'd say to Lisbon, but we never go that scene.

The Homeland Security agent was downright creepy. I hoped Lisbon would say no to his request for coffee but I understood why she didn't. The guy made my skin crawl. He's going to be trouble and I don't think he's going away.

A few other notes about the episode…

  • Why did the cyclists need to be told to call 911 when the car went off the cliff?  They all just stood there gawking.
  • Loved Jane's observation that Cassie didn't commit suicide because she was half way through her cheeseburger.
  • Is it just me, or does every suspect Cho and Rigsby go to pick up run from them?

So were you happy to see a new villain besides Red John, one that's focused on Lisbon instead of Jane? 


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(cont'd) the climax of circumstances that would draw RJ out will be explosive! I'm looking forward to a terrific storyline.


I don't think Volker is Red John because of the way he openly flaunts his power, his personality just seems wrong for the clandestine drives of RJ. He's brash and arrogant because of his money and power, just covers himself to keep from getting caught. Red John seems to value his own skill and indetectibility almost above his appetites. RJ takes operating like vapor almost to artistry, he wouldn't compromise it for show, and that IS his show. For the same reason, it's really hard to say it's Kirkland either, although he wins by a mile for creepiness. RJ showing himself in a public setting to threaten Lisbon. I just can't see it. It would be done very privately, as RJ did with Jane when he trapped him with those video makers, and he murdered them first before showing himself to Jane. But Kirkland as RJ is soooooo enticing, especially bumping into Jane that way. If Kirkland is RJ (and I would choose him over Volker for sure) the climax of circumstances that would draw him out will be explosive indeed! It would be well beyond the simple pleasures of elegant, vaporous murder. I'm looking forward to a terrific story!


Again, Bruno Heller is treating everyone watching like the CBI team tracking red john, but Bruno is red john and we play the role of CBI. All this conjecture is like leading the witness, the pied piper syndrome. This episode is a red herring. Everything has a reason, and from the beginning every episode has a pattern. I want to make this concise, every red john episode, the additional storyline in that episode parrells the actual truth about what is happening with red john. Every episode the backround leaves us clues, remember the lottery murder, rewatch the episode and clues were left the murder was because of the lottery winnings. The basic truth of the entire show is Jane is a victim, not a detective, as boscoe said to him, and its about how one deals with great loss moving forward in life Red John did not kill him, and why he or she didnt kill him, or why he or she won't, is why red john does what he does in all episodes because Red John has reason for everything and controls the outcome. Also as Bret Stiles said to Jane that Red John must be jealous of him, a form of love. Red John is playing Chess, like Bruno Heller is with the audience.Make no mistake about it, Red John knows Jane well and has become emotionally attached, why else would Red John ask for Theresa Lisbon's head to prove loyal, unless Red John knew about there close relationship and the fact Jane would never. Bruno gave us simple clues, one, hynosis plays a role, which means actual killers may be innocent victims, i.e. Wayne Brigsby being hynotised, meaning everyone is in play, secondly, when Jane drank the laced tea and saw his daughter, means that somethings may not be what they appear to be. Listen, this is still a tv show and i am dissappointed by the fact that the same detective logic being used in non-red john episodes isnt being used in Red John episodes. We already have enough investigative clues to get closer to the truth. The officer Jane killed with a shotgun said his father was close friends with red john, Malcolm Mcdonald knows red john, gave Jane a note that help discover a woman in a house. And Red John had a blind girlfriend and of course loreli. Im sure they have fingerprints of all these people, yet Jane hasnt thought of investigating that angle, basic detective work 101, or even Lisbon. Lisbon who was one of the youngest CBI leaders, as we learned in the 100th episode, yet she fails and overlooks simple investigation skills? You have a growing list of dead disciples and yet not one episode have they complied all these people and done a backround to see similaries. How about an investigation of that sheriffs fathers backround. There is a reason they havent besides for television reasons its becuase the simpliest truth is the mostly likely the answer. The only thing about last night episode that should be remembered is the last frame with jane and homeland security guy meeting and the picture behind them on the wall, the real answer lies with that.


I agree also, this isnt 1st time Lisbon is being targeted at all. Red John's accomplices have tried to kill her twice(Jane shot the cop at the end of season 1 who would have, O'Laughlin at the end of season 3 just missed killing her). And the writers have done a really good job integrating her desire for revenge and the Red John theme. Theres no question theyve made this Volker guy look like serious trouble. How much bigger could it get than" you have no idea whats going on. Enjoy your job while you still have it"?? WOW. And then the Homeland Agent who is as sketchy as they comes warns Lisbon. Things are getting serious now. In the promos the Homeland guy takes a central part in investigating Jane-Lorelei escape, and you just know he's behind some trouble. HUGE episode next week.


I thought the ratings were pretty good
10 million viewers highest non football program on Sun
Higher then its leadin program
I do not understand the 18-49 thing but it was lower then other programs


I read that CBI officer Ron is Red John.... The character is portrayed by the actor John Troy Donovan.


Been thinking and reading other opinions on Volker vs Kirkland. Someone said on another site, that there was a deleted scene where Jane profiles Red John on the season 1 DVD. I don't own the DVD's but if they are correct, the profile fits Kirkland slightly more then Volker. Maybe, Kirkland IS Red John with Volker as his money man/partner in crime. Both are very good canidates for the mastermind known as Red John. Bottom line, it may be Volker, Kirkland or none of the above being Red John. LOL All I know is that this season has been the best and most entertaining for me. Hope the ratings improve and we get another season. BTW, I agree with who ever said that Lisbon was in danger. I think Red John will go after her this season


I would run from Cho too! I f I saw Tim Kang on the street I'D be scared to asked him for an autograph! He would probably slam you to the ground and then say with a poker face... YOU GOT A PEN!


It was a fun and interesting episode.I smell danger ahead for Lisbon! The FBI Agent, Homeland Security and Volker? What is going on with her? All 3 of these people are suspicious. The writer's are cooking up something and it's way to early to tell. I do hope that Lisbon takes down volker real hard. She may end up killing him and you can best believe Jane will hand his hands on this one. Best part of the show for me was Jane and the electric fence. It's the federal pen Jane, not a play pen! What was he thinking! Very funny! I will say this; with everything the writer's are doing, I know we won't be disappointed. They can drag Red John out for the next 5 years as far as I'm concerned. It's been a fun ride so far!


Mrs Morgan, I like your theory. I find it's unfair to compare Lison to Jane. When I said she has good instincts, I didn't mean she could never be wrong, after all she is not a mentalist. But she is pretty smart though. When they asked her to pick someone in the San Joaquin's case, she had to pick from the suspects she was given. And still she picked the creepiest (the pedophile who photographed young girls). So yeah, I still think she is underrated.

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