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Patrick Jane doesn't run... that is, unless he's chasing Red John - yet "Red Sails in the Sunset" started off with the odd site of watching Jane run. With whom was he meeting? Where was he headed?

The answers were both surprising and a little disappointing.

Yes, anyone who saw last week's previews knew that Bret Stiles was making an appearance, but I was expecting more. I'm a fan of the oddly engaging cult leader and I had hoped we'd get more of him than just one scene. 

Jane Works With Stiles

Not only did Jane cash in his marker with Stiles, he also smashed the window of his precious Citron. This was serious.

I liked that the plot didn't linger on the finer points of Lorelei's breakout and got straight to her interactions with Jane. The poor girl thought Red John had come to rescue her and instead she found Patrick Jane.  She wasn't happy.

My favorite scene was watching Lorelei and Patrick on the beach. It was a beautiful setting that felt odd, lonely and peaceful all at once. 

Back at the CBI, Agent Kirkland showed up once again and did anyone else notice Lisbon fluffing her hair when she saw him? Ugh. Please don't let that mean anything. The guy would creep me out even if he weren't a Red John minion.

But Lisbon brought up an interesting point: How does someone become the mistress of a psychopath? What was Lorelei's story? Thankfully we found out.

When Dana shared her story about selling her two-year old, it made my stomach turn. Honestly, I expected Lisbon to look more horrified. Lorelei effectively had her sister stolen from her twice. Once as a child by her own mother, and later taken permanently from her by Red John - but Lorelei never made the Red John connection. 

Watching Patrick walk up to that cabin in the woods was so creepy it made my heart pound. His abduction set up, complete with car crash, was so perfect that only Lisbon would think to question it.

But for Jane the bruises, neck brace and Lisbon's suspicions were all worth it the moment Lorelei gave him his biggest clue in this The Mentalist quote...

 I only wonder why the two of you didn't become life long friends the moment you shook hands. | permalink

Patrick Jane has already met Red John. Something that many of us have long suspected has now been confirmed and the obsessed glee in Jane's eyes was more than a little disconcerting.

So, is it someone he knows well? Someone he'd never suspect or perhaps a person he's recently crossed paths with? What's your latest Red John Theory?


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Honestly, I keep going back to Virgil Minelli. Maybe it's just because I suspected him in season one and I do love the actor Gregory Itzin. I can really see him pulling it off performance wise. But honestly, I haven't followed all of the breadcrumbs closely enough so I'm sure someone else here will be able to debunk my theory and tell me why I'm wrong.


I'm in and intriqued, WHO?


Now that I watched this episode I'm quite sure why they showed us the first day of Jane at CBI. The only question that remains is: which one of the people he for the first time shook hands is Red John. My clue: the only one with soft voice that is a hell of an actor and that came back only on that episode to reprise his role. Do you know who I mean?


Continued- The rabbit- Transcendent importance, an ally that your dream trip speed and you can bring rapid growth on your spiritual path. It means gentalness and to overcome fear by growth. Even the color has meaning. Gray is associated with sadness and depression. This cannot not be a coincidence! It all adds up! What else have we missed being entertained. Jane is changing or has changed and his subconscious self is trying to give him the message. This episode was very deep. I hope he finds himself.


Continued- The diamonds on the rabbit- means- value, timeless, precious. Represents money, love as well as universal truths, a spiritual consciousness and things you want. The rabbit- means a period of rapid growth, the innocent part of your natural subject for review; allow exploration of any willingness to make yourself a victim. Fear insecuriy, inferiorty feelings you will not be attacked by others.


Continued- The ants also means he needs to work together w/ others to get what he wants. The eagels claw- The claw was given to him from a hispanic woman who was a very religious and superstitious caring mother tpye figure. This might mean Jane may travel to a spanish location or answers may be found in this area. The claw itself means, feelings of vulnerability and or hostility. He feels a needs to defend himself or his surroundings. It also means he needs to be careful w/ his words and actions.


Continued- The black ants reference, represents persistence, meticuiousness and production. Alternately, you may have a desire to break free from constraint and exude more individuality. you are unhappy w/ limitations that are placed on you. Bibical interpretation- ants represent attentiveness w/ divinty and spirituality.


Continued- The butterfly- something ig bugging him. Metamorphosis, a signicant change in ones life, personality or way of thinking. The butterfly was very bright and beautiful. It was symbolic in to ways one for him and two he used it to find the killer. The kettle with the lid- A big kettle can symbolize a displaced process. Also sexuality (psychologial) Spriritual meaning- female principle. The work shop- represents his head, all the right stuff is in there but it's cuttered and things are hard to find. Daughter in swimming pool- His spirituality is restricted.


Continued-The straight jacket- hospitals us four point restraints. Jane hallucinated a straight jacket because he knows he issues with Red John are mostly psychological but he is not ready to face that yet. He was in a all white room, meaning he wants to wipe the slate clean. The garden- May indicate inner healing after a period of discord and unease. Msstical meaning- marriage to a beautiful woman. He did refer to Lisbon as Belladonna and his hallucination made reference to Lisbon being suitable and cute.


The Devil's Cherry episode was based on Alice in wonderland and we know what that was about. This episode was about what Jane hides about himself. I thought maybe I over thought it until it all made sense and I'll show you how and why. I'm surprised we didn't see it the first time. I knew we were missing clues. I went back and looked at the things Jane hallucinated. A dead child- First thing, he misses her. second thing- seeing the dead living and happy signifies you are letting wrong influences into your life, which bring material loss if not corrected by the assumption of your own will force. Warns you of coming distress, unless you follow the given advice. Aso, disastrous consequences could often be averted if minds could grasp the inner workings and sight of the higher or spiritual self.

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