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Damon: So let's shortcut half the season and get down to the finale, Who are you here to kill?


Professor shane;.... see Damon, Bonnie, every page, every book i turn to, every definition of the word heightened has stefans face attached, why is that?


shane: well hes my application to be bonnies new boyfriend

bonnie: thanks shane we'll look over your application and if your lucky enough to get shortlisted damon will get back to you

shane: why damon?

damon: have you seen her taste in men?


Shane: You see there was a 10th Lorien rocket that came to earth, and...
Bonnie: You know you auditioned for the Vampire Diaries right?


Damon: So how many sorority girls does it take to screw..., uh, never mind.


Damon: You know the last teacher, gave them all As, hunted vampires, moved into Elena's house and was raising her little brother. We expect the same from you.


"See right here, it says i am up to something..."


Professor Shane: if we launch this rocket and keep following the exact bearing of 305 degrees, we should be able to get straight to that island and rescue all the survivors of Oceanic 815!

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