The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 139

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A special edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest has come and done, as our first-ever installment to feature an Olympic Gold Medalist resulted in a number of fun responses.

But no one could top reader "Dee," who submitted the entry posted underneath the following photo and who played up the Olympic and party-planning theme perfectly. We love it!

Thanks so much to all who entered and remember to do so every week. A new photo goes live on Fridays!

Gabby on TVD

Caroline: You know, if party planning was an Olympic discipline, I'd be a multiple gold medalist, too.

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Gabby: when they told me I was guest staring, I thought at least i'd get to say something...
Caroline: you just did.

Leon alexis

Caroline: Yes.
Klaus; Look,fine. If you like Britney I call you Britney,but can you call me Lucky Puppy?
Caroline: Huh?!?

Leon alexis

Gabby:Yeah,my boy has just made me happy and now seems like I'm a first lady of the U.S.A.
Caroline: Hah, I told you be careful!

Leon alexis

Gabby; Yeah! I see Obama! Let's smell again!

Leon alexis

Gabby: Wow,flowers! Can I smell these?
Caroline: Sure,you can. But be careful,they can change your personality!
Caroline: Hello,my name is Britney Spears and I wanna have sex!
Klaus: O.K. girl! I'm coming for you!!!


Caroline(on the phone with Tyler):Hey babe. I know this lying about being broken up to Klaus is hard but, do you think it would be to much if we got intimate?
Tyler: You better be kidding.
Caroline: :) maybe...?


Caroline(on phone with Stefan):Oh, I am so sorry you and Elena broke up. Wait, that means your single, right?
Gabby: Does that mean I get Tyler?


Bonnie: Have you ever scene Flowers in the Attic? Caroline: Yeah, I loved that movie. If I was locked in a room all day with my hot brother I might think about banging him to. Bonnie: You took the words right out of my mouth.


Gabby: hey, do you need help with the flowers? Caroline: no thanks, but I will find something for you to do.


Gabby: Those bouquets look really messy! I'll redo them!
Caroline: Relax, honey. This isn't the Olympics of Flower Arranging.

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