The Vampire Diaries Review: Yes, Sire

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Hmm... I wonder which scene from "My Brother's Keeper" will have Vampire Diaries fans talking tonight. And tomorrow. And well into 2013...

Yes, TV Fanatics, Damon and Elena finally went there. Their Waltz turned into a Horizontal Mambo and and the squeals from Delena fans could be heard for miles and miles. But it wasn't the pinnacle of an romance that many have been waiting for since The Vampire Diaries Season 1.

No, there was a twist far different that any contortion of Elena's while writhing in bed: Caroline and Stefan determined that Elena is sired to Damon.

Elena Gilbert in Pain

The Vampire Diaries just can't let this triangle die, can it?

Two weeks ago, I praised Elena and Stefan's split. It felt natural, it made sense in the context of Elena's transition and her heightened feelings for Damon. It was the perfect time to have her commit to the other Salvatore brother and for the show to move on from the back-and-forth of the past few seasons.

Alas. Now we're back there again. Damon is the evil one who cheated to get the girl. Elena didn't really choose him, Stefan will be determined to win her back and break the sire bond... and blah, blah, blah. It may seem like a new tune, but it's really the same old song.

And it feels rather contrived. The Vampire Diaries is a fun, wild ride. It's best not to over-think the cliffhangers and crazy turns and storylines because, come on, this is a show about supernatural beings and, at the end of every hour, I challenge anyone to not claim they were not entertained. That's almost all you can ever ask for from a series.

But there's always a line. And here it comes across like Julie Plec and company simply invented the concept of a vampire being sired to another vampire. Has that ever been touched on before? Is there any reason to think it would make sense in this case, aside from giving the writers a convenient way to drag out the brotherly fight over Elena?

This was lame. It was a cop out. I don't look forward to the ramifications. I'm far more interested in why Hayley is working with Professor Shane and what that duplicitous teacher has in mind. I care a great deal more about Jeremy (never thought I'd write that!) and his nightmares and urges and how the awoken hunter inside of him will affect his relationship with all the vampires in his life.

Heck, I was actually invested in Klaroline this week, as Klaus was at his charming best and I believed for the first time that these two could really be a couple.

In other, disappointing words: at the moment, the show's three main characters are at the center of my least interesting storyline. That's never a good thing.

We'll see where this all goes, of course (next week? To World War II!). Up until this episode, The Vampire Diaries Season 4 had been off to the best start of any season to date. The hunter stuff has been fascinating, Elena's transformation has affected everyone around her, Phoebe Tonkin is downright gorgeous.

But I worry. I'm now afraid the love triangle will overshadow everything else. And who should be the most angry over this siring nonsense? Delena shippers! They have been waiting for years for these two to get together, yet they can't fully enjoy it  - they can't enjoy it at all, really - because apparently it isn't real.

This episode may have represented the best day of Damon's life. But it was my worst experience as a Vampire Diaries fan this season.

What did everyone else think?


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@Anna I am sorry to disagree. U cannot judge what kind of feelings Damon & Elena have for each other, because they are never able to explore it... it is just what the writers give us. In the other hand, try to see the big picture, when Elena is in trouble, she ALWAYS (human or vamp) asks for Damon, or he just appears out of the blue and saves her, and we have been seeing the love grow between them through all 3 past seasons, so I honestly doubt it is only sexual. I do think with time we will learn more about Damon's past and maybe that will show us the real kinder side of him. He does deserve to be happy.


PHOEBE TONKIN IN A RED DRESS !!!!!!!! . . Those curves were ridiculous ;)




Are all of you Delena fans forgetting what happened at the end of season 3? Elena chose Stefan, again, right before the crash. Stefan and Elena have true love beyond sex and clearly all Damon and Elena just have sexual tension and you can tell by the way they had sex. Just accept it already Delena fans. It will always be Stefan!!


My favorite part of TVD by far is Damon and Elena's relationship (team Delena 4ever over here. So, I was beyond thrilled to see what I thought was the beginning of them becoming a couple. Unfortunately, I fear their pairing will be short lived once Elena realizes she's sired to Damon. I really want these two to have a chance to be together. Hopefully, this will be more than a tease for all of the Delena fans and instead a long lasting pairing for these two. We've waited four years for this.I bet real life couple Ian and Nina probably enjoyed doing that love scene together! They've certainly had enough practice.


I am hoping this sire bond is just a theory and is not true. I think stefan and caroline want it to be true thats why they see it that way. (I hope!) But if its not true what did klaus mean?..... :/


I absolutely agree - I am so frustrated with the writers and overall direction of TVD at this point. They completely ruined Damon and Elena's first time and you can never get that back. There were no declarations of feelings (indeed no talking at all - just Wham, Bam, Thank You Maam vampire sex) of any kind. With the way Damon feels about her and has been hoping for this moment - for years now - I just refuse to believe his character wouldn't want the moment to be slow and utterly romantic so he could enjoy every second of finally getting his hearts desire. Going from zero to sixty without so much as an I love you or endearment of any kind? Definitely not romantic. And then to further cheapen an already ruined scene they throw in the sire nonsense. Seriously, wtf?! Do they WANT people to stop watching :(


I agree that the whole sire bond thing may drag out the love triangle but I think this is a nice twist. As Caroline said, it happens sometimes, not always but sometimes. And other shows such as True Blood and Buffy/Angel also worked with the problems of a sire bond and I for sure think it's interesting. Currently i am not a fan of either Stelena och Delena but as Elena is a doppleganger, why can't this sire bond happen withe her? Most of us figured there would be something different with her since she was one. With Katherine we don't really knew how she got through nut she got away from Rose. I am Highly intrigued by this and I really don't think it will take any screen time from Jeremy and the Haley/Shane thing! As for the Klarorline screen time, they can take all! I hate Klaroline!! I want Forewood! Wit this said, I think this episode was one of the better ones, I was not bored this time!


storyline when he got the ring, but they never took it anywhere, so im really enjoying this new direction. (a hunter with powers to rival a vampire).


to the reviewer about the vampire sire bond, did you completely forget everything we were told about siring last season. way back when everyone had just found out tyler was sired to klaus it was mentioned that sometimes when someone becomes a vampire they develop a sire bond to the person who turned them it was rare but it happened,and at first that's what they thought had happened to tyler and then they worked out that every hybrid klaus creates is sired to him. so the lore of a vampire being sired to another vampire has been well established within the tv show and its a fairly common thing to find in any vampire or werewolf book. elena's feelings for damon have been made clear to viewers long before she was turned and i dont think being sired to damon has effected her feeling towards him, just her food prefrences and some other small stuff. also im loving jeremy's storyline, i had always wanted him to be a vampire back in the day's of anna, then i was hopeing for a cool hunter storyline when he got the ring, but they never took it anywhere, so im really enjoying this new direction. (a hunter with powers to rival a vampire).

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