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Here is where the sired theory is flawed...
As per the writers ORIGINAL description, being sired means you follow and obey blindly without question. Damon didn't order Elena to sleep with him. He didn't tell her to break up with Stefan. And its obvious with the Tyler/Klaus situation that the person that is sired is well aware of it if they don't want to be. Elena chose to be with Damon because she's had feelings for him since she was HUMAN...before any such bond could be made. Its contrived and annoying....just let the two of them be happy.


Didn't the episode description say Damon would have to make a heartbreaking decision? That makes me think that the promo is just misleading us - he doesn't know. And the trip they take and the flashbacks are all about is it possible and why and what does it mean and then his heartbreaking decision is to not be with Elena because he doesn't know if she really wants to be with him or not. I don't think Damon would want to control Elena and force her to be with him - he wants her genuine love. Then later in the season they'll break the sire bond and she'll still choose to be with him anyway because the bond didn't make her love him, it just made the decision to give him a chance way easier. Because if they break the sire bond and she just goes back to Stefan then they've ruined the love triangle because they've left themselves without any situation in which she would realistically choose Damon. So yeah, they won't do that :)

Sorry for the ramble!

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