The Voice Results: Who Made the Top 6?

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On the heels of another entertaining performance show Monday night, The Voice pared its field down by two aspiring stars once more. Eight came into the night with a dream of being crowned Season 3 champion.

Only six remain right now.

Unlike the previous two weeks, where certain members of the top 12 and 10 felt somewhat over-matched by the stronger singers on the show, there were very few weak links left tonight; still, two had to go.

So who did?

The Voice Top 8

The singers living to battle another week and advancing to the top six:

  1. Team Cee Lo's Nicholas David
  2. Team Cee Lo's Trevin Hunte 
  3. Team Blake's Cassadee Pope
  4. Team Blake's Terry McDermott
  5. Team Adam's Melanie Martinez
  6. Team Adam's Amanda Brown

The singers headed home after a terrific run on The Voice:

  1. Team Cee Lo's Cody Belew
  2. Team Christina's Dez Duron

Too bad for those two fellas, but not entirely surprising. In a field so strong, and especially after Monday's performances, they were likely at the bottom along with Terry, who America has loved from the start.

Dez's elimination leaves Christina Aguilera OUT with six singers left standing. Pretty bad. Each of the other coaches will bring two singers to the final six, though Cee Lo has had the best team throughout.

Considering that he had to eliminate Amanda in a battle round before Adam stole her (a great move on Levine's part), and Cody almost pulled it out this week, it's been a great season for Coach Green.

Can one of his proteges bring home the title? Very possibly. Along with Cassadee, Trevin and Nicholas probably have the best shots to win Season 3, though the "star" power of the latter two is debatable.

At this point, no one's out of the running by any stretch of the imagination.

What did you think of tonight's results on The Voice, America? Did we get it right? Or should one of the two eliminated contestants be in the Top 6? If so, who should pack his/her bags instead? Vote:

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I think Nicholas has a great voice but he looks and acts really creepy. I can't imagine him beoming a star, no matter how great his voice is. I really liked Dev and think he should go into musical theatre. I think either Amanda or Trevin should win.


I think the frontrunners to me are Cassadee, Amanda, Melanie, and Trevin. They're the four the stand out the most to me and they seem like the strongest and most versatile. They're also the ones that get my vote every week :) I want to like Nicholas but darn if I didn't grow up with the style of music he sings and honestly, I just can't stand it anymore. I'm glad Dez is gone though. He wasn't as great as Christina wanted to make him out to be. She should've kept Jordan Pruitt, Aquile, and De'Borah around longer. I have a feeling they would've made it further.


I was concerned that the producers decided to take control this season and Dez was a plant. I mean come on look at Nicholas (who would look at home in tatters sitting with a soup can and plastic spoon next to a train track) and look at Dez. Of all the booted talent from last year do you think it is a coincidence that they brought back a pretty boy who can barley sing? I feared he was going to win. Every time Christina pushed him through my stomach turned. She got rid of great vocalist to keep her pony boy around. Her roster was so thin she was left with Mr Duran as her sole competitor and magically look what happened. He was voted out and she was booted. Good riddance! It disgusted me so much every time she had the nerve to critique Amanda about not "getting her as an artist" then the moment the talentless Dez stepped on stage she acted like be was a musical genius. Here's what happened. The last two winners were middle aged black men and the producers were terrified it would happen again. So they brought in eye candy for the ladies and gay men--a veritable visual ringer--but thank god the producers have yet to rig the votes like American Idol and so pretty boy is gone. At this point Treva is the best singer the Voice has fielded but they will not let him win, who will get through? Maybe Amanda, maybe Terry?