The Walking Dead Review: Wreck-It Rick

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If it wasn't obvious before, it's obvious now: Woodbury is no Mayberry - and the Governor is certainly no Andy Griffith.

Severed heads in fish tanks, the Governor keeping his walker daughter around for family time and one-on-one fights surrounded by clawing walkers for the town's entertainment? I think I'd take one last shower, nab some clean clothes... and get out of the creepy community.

Time in Woodbury

Except as viewers, we have the ultimate understanding of the deep-seated secrets hidden with the leader and his home that Michonne and Andrea aren't really privy to yet. Sure, Michonne has her suspicions and she's seen the caged walkers, but she never really had any proof that her gut was telling the truth. As for Andrea, she seems too smitten with the Governor's smile and charming personality to even consider the dangers. But maybe experiencing the walker fights might snap some sense into her.

I wonder what Andrea's reaction will be when she finds out those darker surprises.

Certainly, I'm loving Woodbury and the Governor. There's so much to explore and learn, and each episode draws out more and more. On the surface, there is that happy town with cold drinks and friendly neighbors, which is a great contrast to the prison and it's dirty grimy drama.

And in turn, that's what makes the prison just as entertaining. It's stripped down to the bare essentials. There aren't secrets and everyone pretty much wears their emotions on their very bloody sleeves. Both locations are equally scary but for very different reasons.

But if Woodbury didn't have as fascinating characters as the Governor or Merle, I wonder if I'd still be interested in seeing what's going on because Michonne and Andrea aren't doing it for me.

I know Michonne's supposed to be a bad ass and it was great seeing her pull her weapon on all those caged walkers, but why would she open it just to slaughter them? Was that necessary, other than to show her skills? I just don't understand her motivations for her actions.

Andrea might have an understanding because she's been with the warrior for eight months, but we've only seen her for about four episodes. Maybe if we knew more about her past, it would all make more sense.

It's the same way I couldn't understand why she wouldn't just leave Woodbury. And then when Michonne was able to, she was mad that they were letting her. I know she wanted to save Andrea, and that's why she was sticking around, but I'm glad she finally did what she'd been wanting to do since they got there.

As for Andrea, she seemed too accepting of the place and I couldn't help but get a vibe that she's ready to hop in bed with the Governor. She just met him and she's already batting goo goo eyes and holding hands. C'mon, Andrea!

At least she's not creepily brushing a walker kid's hair with love. That's just freaky. As is the odd form of entertainment that everyone seems to be enjoying. What happens when those walkers do happen to still have their teeth one time?

Of course, "Say the Word" didn't just revolve around Woodbury, as the prison was sent reeling from last episode's shocking deaths.

Frankly, everyone took the loss of their friends pretty well, but Rick? Rick was a feral animal with a mission to take out his grief on every walker in the prison. And whatever you do, don't get in his way.

When Glenn tried to calm him down and take him back to the group, Rick growled with a possessed look that I'm shocked Glenn didn't get taken out. And Glenn's fought a lot of scary walkers, but he looked even more frightened with Rick inches away from his face. A great tense moment between both of them.

Really, Andrew Lincoln is providing one of the best performances of the season. Not only did he go from determined and focused leader to a heartbroken husband and father, but his turn into the dazed and angry mourner was another great one for his character.

Each stab and slash combined with plenty of graphic detail had him heading straight into the dark side. I feel for him and as much as I want him to, I'm just not sure if he will ever come back from it. And who the heck is calling him?!?

Daryl with a Crossbow

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Daryl on daddy duty. Every scene with him is always true entertainment, so sometimes I gloss over his moments, yet it was enjoyable to see Daryl step up in Rick's absence. He and Maggie got the baby supplies, and now he's taking care of "Little Ass Kicker." What a classic name.

Daryl just delivers cool with each smart alec line, tender moment or straight shooting.

I do have to admit that when Carl was running through the list of names, there were a few I didn't recognize. At least "Little Ass Kicker" works.

Once again, The Walking Dead provided another gripping episode full of action, drama and surprises. I still want to know more about Michonne to better understand her, but overall this season continues to drive through with engaging force, much like Rick plowing his way through stumbling zombies.


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I think the graves were just there for symbolism. They burn all the bodies, right? Even of the farm? Or am I remembering wrong?
And I just think it's ridiculous that Andrea is so smitten by the governor's charms that his "I don't want to get into all of that" is a decent enough explanation. Seriously Andrea?


I, too, am totally confused with the number of bodies found and the graves :-( We never saw Carol dead (or as a walker) and I'm not sure the fat Zombie ate Lorie - or was Lorie herself - so why the hell were there three graves already covered with earth again? I mean, Daryl wouldn't put a flower on one grave if it was empty, right? Did I just miss something?
Or maybe they refilled the holes while Daryl and Maggie were away and he just thinks that Carol is in one of them? Actually, I can understand both Andrea and Michonne. After all that time "on the road" you can't go back into normal life easily - especially when you realise something's wrong with a place, even if you can't exactly name what it is. So I get why Michonne left.
Andrea, on the other hand, is so tired of running/hiding/killing she WANTS Woodbury to be the perfect place and hopes for the best. I think everyone can understand a wish for peace and quiet after what she's been through.


For Michonne killing those zombies was a kind of release. It was the first time we've seen her smile since she was inteoduced. She has gotten so used to surviving, Woodbury is driving her crazy. She doesn't feel in control there like she did out in the world. There is too much unknown and she is only along for the governor's ride as long as she is on that side of the wall. Out in the world with her sword she has the control over her own life and she likes it. Surprised you aren't able to see that is what the writers are doing with her character.
Glen and the prisoners dug three graves. Did they recover Lori's body? If they did then what was that scene with Rick and the bloated zombie about. I thought the were insinuating that zombie ate Lori. What about Carol? We are never shown a body but they burried one? Am I missing aomething? Did they bury two other people with T-Dog? If not and they had no bodies why did they waste energy digging holes. Doesn't seem like something this group would do because they know how precious they're energy and resources are.


i dont understand? where is Lorri's body? is she's eaten by that fat zombie? all of her? or maybe carl didnt shot her mother, then maybe carol found lori and stitches her and save her (she knows what to do)? and they we're in a safe place.. is that possible? i just dont get it why there's no lorri's body at all?


Never mind, I just answered my own question about the pregnant zombie Rick kills.


As for my questions:
1. Why was Maggie suddenly so clean?
2. How cute was Daryl's shawl?
3. So they attack and kill all these zombies, but what happens if the blood gets in your mouth? Or suppose your eye, like that scene from 28 weeks/days later? Shouldn't that be enough to change you?
4. The walker Rick kills, has he started hallucinating? Cause if it was her, shouldn't Lori's stomach be all bloody?
5. Who the hell was Jacque? (That was well done bytheway. Reminding us of all they've lost.)
6. Why does it make me so insanely happy that a dog has survived?
7. The journal Michonne finds is a kill list?
8. What are the experiments?


The daughter's introduction was also very well done. You can obviously start guessing she's a walker from the noises and growls, but it's made clear when her hair is pulled off her scalp? Brilliant.
I agree that Carol needs to come back soon, or stay dead. (Please don't stay dead. I need to see what Daryl is like in bed.)
Andrea's clearly an idiot, but I will be very upset if Michonne's amazing revenge from the comic is given to her. That's Michonne's. It should remain hers.


I'm just so so so so so happy at how amazingly they've incorporated the comics into the show! As most comic readers know, the phonecall was a pretty interesting storyline, and they've brought it in early, but then I think they needed to.
I thought Michonne was amazing in this particular episode. Those subtle shifts in her and the Governor's faces when they're having that conversation? How the Governor is horrified when she bring up Penny (that's his daughter), but then how he smooths back in once he realizes she thinks Penny is just some chick he's banging.
Rick. Ohmygod. Rick, I'm loving Andrew this season! He's brilliant.
AND DARYL. I will run away with him. I will drop my whole life just for a few weeks with him..okay perhaps I will lock him up so he stays mine...


The govener needs to Rape Andrea or something,because at this point he's nowhere near his Maniac counterpart in the Comics.


You've only JUST noticed the tension between Andrea and The Governor? I've been waiting to jump one another since day one. There is tension and something blooming there, but do I wanna see it? Not at all.
As for the baby, it would have been good to see Rick holding her at some point and accepting he has another child. After the 8-9 jump month, I'm positive that the baby is defiantly his and not Shane's baby.

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