The X Factor Results: Fair or Fowl?

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Following a Thanksgiving-themed performance show, The X Factor moved right along tonight, family time and football be damned.

The Fox competition eliminated two more singers, knocking its number of finalists down to eight. Did you agree with the cuts? Were they fair or - pardon the obvious pun - fowl?

Read on and then vote on the results...

Arin Ray Elimination

The results were in early and the contestant with the fewest numbers of votes overall was... ARIN RAY! He received the early boot, as mentor Britney Spears did not even offer her crooner a warm embrace.

"I think you should just take this as a learning experience," she simply said.

Following a performance by Cher Lloyd, it was then revealed that Beatrice Miller and CeCe Frey were in the bottom two. Their showdown songs? "Because of You" for Frey and "White Flag" for Miller.

With only Britney casting a vote for Miller, she became the second finalist sent home.

"I just want to tell my sisters that I love them and I'm sorry," Beatrice said to close the evening.

So... did the right acts go home? Sound off now:

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Since cece first audition I never liked her she should have went home instead of beatrice I think that out of everybody left in the show carly is going to win her voice is crazy good I also like dimond and 5th harmony.


I think they are saving Cece as some have said because of the drama she brings. In the auditions I was fully expecting a REAL RIVALRY between Cece and Paige......but it hasn't happened. Cece should have went home...I DO NOT see her winning this competition......I think she'll be gone next week. She's been saved 3 times now...and that's enough. I felt terrible for Beatrice.......She seemed really heart broken about leaving......... And YES The Voice has been 100 times better than XFactor this cycle......Xfactor is overproduced and needs to get rid of Khloe Kardashian......where The Voice actually does focus on the talent of the artists......


Both Arin and Beatrice were much better than CeCe, and far more marketable than half the remaining contestants. It's becoming obvious that most of the show's viewers aren't fans of popular music, and that's why XF will end up with an irrelevant winner. To me, Lyric 145 was the only contestant or group in the competition worth a 5 million dollar deal. However, I'm guessing that Tate, Carly, Douchebag 3 or those 5 girls who sing better alone, will probably win. Carly is amazing but I can't get a sense of who she is as an artist, in contrast to Beatrice, who has a distinct style, is soulful beyond her years, and looks like someone who's been writing songs ever since she could write! The 3 Douches are talented but they keep trying to project an image that clearly doesn't fit their background, in contrast to the Lyric 145 people, who were the real deal. The Voice has done a much better job of keeping their best contestants.


Cece should have gone home!


P.S. I think Beatrice was worth 4th spot or so in the end. And it should be among Carly and Vino to win this.


In my opinion it was not fair to let Beatrice go, while Paige and Cece, both of which can't sing all, are still in this competition.
Judges saved Cece's ass for the 3rd time, it's obvious voters hate her guts, but the show (Simon) won't let go of her. I suspect that producers do that intentionally, they want the drama Cece creates among viewers, they must be getting also much more votes due this.


No way CeCe is Awful I don't know what everyone else is hearing but she can't sing! This years X factor is a crock! Simon is desperate to keep show alive here in states! The Voice is where it's at!


I don't get that 13 year olds can compete in this competition. Beatrice showed that kids that age just aren't ready for something like this. All over the world the minimum age is 16. Why don't they higher the age in the US? Arin should have left a couple of weeks ago. Beatrice's voice was given up this process was to hard for her. Based on last night Cece didn't deserve to be in the bottom 2. I believe it's time for Paige to go because she is just not a good singer. Off all the act I only actually like the top 3 (Carly Rose, Tate and Vino) because they are the only ones who can sing! Maybe everybody should pull the wax out of their ears because most of these acts sound terrible!


Beatrice should have stayed.....I really don't get what people see in Cece and even Paige for that matter.