TV Ratings Report: A High for Hart of Dixie

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Hart of Dixie hit a season high in the all-important 18-49-year old demographic last night, garnering nearly 1.7 million viewers overall and increasing 17% from a week ago.

Even next week's guest star, McKayla Maroney, has to be impressed by the evolution of this series...

Hart of Dixie Season 2 Poster

8 p.m.
The Voice: 11 million viewers
NCIS: 16.9 million
Dancing with the Stars: 11.9 million
Raising Hope: 3.8 million/Ben and Kate: 2.4 million
Hart of Dixie: 1.6 million

9 p.m.
NCIS Los Angeles: 15.6 million
Go On: 6.3 million/The New Normal: 4.7 million
New Girl: 4.3 million/The Mindy Project: 3.2 million
Happy Endings: 4.7 million/Don't Trust The B in Apt. 23: 3.1 million
Emily Owens M.D.: 1.4 million

10 p.m.
Parenthood: 4.7 million
Vegas: 10.4 million
Private Practice: 3.6 million

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Spindae 2o

I'm glad for EO MD i like the cast! I think they need a bit more promo and they could pull out of this dump. Hope CW doesn't make the same mistake like with the SC! they neglected it after a while!
HoD is a good show!
I'm sad for PP, hope they pull it through and don't break it in the middle of the season.


omg, isnt new girl is doing bad? or atleast compared to last season? I know it did good the first half of season 1, but then it started to lose viewers.


omg, what abysmal ratings for ABC broadcast television is going down You're right Jarrod, ever since the announcement of PP cancellation people have completely given up on it. HATE NBC. With their Voice they killing everything, but most of it I hate them for putting football on Sundays.


Wow. I'm really proud of The CW. A rise for 90210 and GG yesterday and now a rise from HOD and EO,MD today. Perhaps Emily Owens might stand a chance if it rises. I no longer watch HOD, but I have hope it'll be back for a 3rd season. On another note, good ratings on the 3 week break return for Parenthood. Wish I could say the same for PP, but ever since the announcement of it's cancelation, people don't seem to be putting in the effort to tune in anymore. It's ratings have dropped over a million people per episode, respectively.