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Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: The Best Day of Damon's Life?

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Elena knows. Stefan is aware. Fans have been discussing it in our Vampire Diaries forum and everywhere online:

It's all over for Stelena.

But Damon will hear this news for the first time on Thursday's "My Brother's Keeper." How will the man who has desired Elena for so long react? In a mature, rational, respectful manner... until Stefan comes right out and tells him to stop pretending. This is clearly the best day of Damon's life.

Watch these brothers interact over their shared love now and let the countdown begin to the 2012 Miss Mystic Falls pageant:

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First @Munapac17 - You should be a bit more respectful here. If this was the Stelena tag on tumblr, then maybe it would have been fine, but people that read here, like both ships. Or, like me, just like good storytelling. And right now, Delena is the good storytelling. Just like Stelena was in S1. As for the clip - that was REALLY uncalled for. Damon was being really nice, which is strange, I know, but still.. Stefan was just being an ass. And although I have been praying for S3 Stefan to come back back and be snarky and amazing, S3 Stefan had class, this was just childish and mean. Damon actually asked him to hang out.. I don't know, I didn't ike this at all..


Idiots most delena fans are idiots how would you feel if the love of your life left you for your brother or sister. How would you feel after all you have done to save your brother he keeps on pining for your girl, how would you feel if all your brother want is the girl you are on bin with 1st it was Katherine the elena then becca and now back to elena like stefan said in season 1 woteva demon wants he gets so it was a matter of time and demon has no right to take stefan out for a drink when he is the cause of this breakup


Do you think Stefan is leaving town?


OK people. If i had to choose, i would prefer elena with damon. but quite frankly i dont like the heifer. know why? because she's selfish and she has entitlement issues. for the past three seasons she felt like she had to "make a choice"?? last time i checked you were stefan's girl. so even though damon made all those passes and they spent so much time together and stefan pushed her away, etc., there should have never been a choice to make. it annoys me that she really feels like the world revolves around her, and a lot of people have suffered because of that. but i do like her and damon together because they are who they are with each other and have fun. but what will make me happy is for damon to turn her down! he loves his brother more than he loves elena so he's not going to just get with her while his brother is heartbroken. and regardless of how much damon loves her, he's not going to jump when she say leap.

Leon alexis

No! I was talking about Amie. She's russian. I call her russian girl. And I Don't like Damon!


@ Amie - sorry for "most of us" my bad;
@ Leon Alexis - if you meant me, I'm a very proud Romanian, you know, Dracula's homeland and all that
@ tina - it's my second post here :), or anywhere else regarding TVD... and I'm 33, mother of two. But I like the show, is an escape from fighting and screaming. And not my kind of thing either, being second choice - as Damon is for Elena- but when it comes to matters of the heart, who's entitled to judge?


Okay, so I'm playing catch up. Started watching the show last season. Went on a particular site when because of the comments I thought it was an Ian S site. I was wrong it's a TVD's site as a whole. Then I realised that it was literally 5 people commenting over and over again using different names. After reading the comments I've also come to the conclusion that the people doing the comments were teen girls. At least I hope they were because it would give them an excuse to sound so umm, how shall I put it. Niave. Anyways, This is a great show and I enjoy all the cast and stories. As for this clip, it's funny that Damon has been after Elena since Kitty Kat gave him the boot and now he's acting all sweet. Stefan obviously is hurt and feels terribly betrayed by his brother. The only part I'm not a fan of is this whole sharing ex's thing. Way too sloppy seconds/Jerrry Springer for me. ha ha ha


And regarding taking side, well, I always took Damon's side, even when he killed Jeremy so now, I can take his side too! I am hopeless when its come to Damon. I love him. I am biased for him. I watch this show for Damon. From Season 1. The bad boy glory works for me, I am more for fun then typical Stefan type boring Romance! (My personal choice! No offense to anyone!)


From my POV, Season 1 to now, Damon has grown up so much and become a very nice MAN! An actual MAN who does whine about humanity and all crap. Coz, he has admitted the fact that he is a vampire now, even though he really did not want to become one in the first place. And, then so called Stefan, from season 1 to now, his graph is so low, he started as good man and become ultimate Ripper and now again, trying to mend things! I have only one question though, if Stefan became vampire and after so many years, why in the hell he can't accept it move on? His brother helped him once, coming back from Ripper mode so why can't he just take his help again and become a nice vampire like Damon. For me, Damon is way more better than Stef, and right now Stef is being an ASS! Thats it!

Leon alexis

Right,russian girl!

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Let's not pretend like this isn't the best day of your life.


I'm not depressed. I just wanna rip into someone's artery and feed until I can't feed anymore.

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