Vegas Review: Meeting In the Middle

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The Mistress rung twice on Vegas this week, as Vincent Savino's old flame took a job at the Savoy and upped his "Exposure" in the process.

I kept wondering if Rizzo knew and I'm just not sure. Diane Desmond was gorgeous and the most popular singer in Las Vegas. Bringing her to the Savoy to boost business made him look the hero. And although I'm sure he'd love to make Vince squirm by parading his ex-mistress in front of his wife, I'm not sure his ego could handle picking up Savino's hand-me-downs, so to speak.

Vince's Ex-Mistress

Diane was playing a dangerous game, taking Rizzo's expensive furs yet making a play for Vince. Savino was right when he told her in this Vegas quote:

 It's bad manners to jerk a fella around like that, especially one like him. | permalink

If Rizzo found out, he might find a place for her out in the desert and I doubt she'd be as good about sneaking out of town as Henry was.

Speaking of Henry... poor guy. The moment Rizzo asked for his name I knew his days were numbered. I was really hoping to see Mia stand up to her Daddy and tell him she would handle it, but perhaps that was too much to hope for. She may be his favorite daughter, but Daddy Rizzo's still damned intimidating and doesn't like to be told no by anyone.

I loved Laura in this episode most of all. She's nobody's wallflower. She wanted Diane gone but could see that Vince's hands were tied with Rizzo in charge. And Vince was pretty convincing as he begged her to believe that there was nothing presently going on to be jealous of. Still, she's no fool.

Laura deciding to keep her friendship with Catherine going in order to protect her husband and her marriage should produce some interesting consequences in the future. The men may think they're in control but these two women may change the game.

The murder was more of a side note than the main event. I enjoyed getting to know a bit more about Lamb's military background and the entire experience definitely opened old wounds. The copies of the report from his wife's fatal car accident from 1946 were tough to look at, especially since it all took place while he chose to stay overseas.

Once again my favorite scene was watching Lamb and Savino banter over a bottle of whiskey and who saved whose life. Michael Chiklis and Dennis Quaid have the chemistry to make their scenes pop. It's what makes me want to tune back in to Vegas again and again.


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Laura's the best. I like that she figured out Vince/Diane from Vince wanting to have sex at 3 PM. Great developments between Laura and Catherine. Catherine is underdeveloped. The writing for the case was especially poor. I was ahead of the case the entire time.


Great review - I liked this episode a lot! That Diane was bad news from the start. I was almost proud of Vince when he didn't hand over his wife's necklace. Lamb & Savino's scenes are the best. You're rigt about the chemistry. I like how they have a kind of respect for one another, even though they could never be friends. Speaking of friends, I'm interested to see how Laura & Catherine's friendship plays out. I can tell Laura wants Rizzo gone.

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