Castle Midseason Report Card: A-

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With the first half of the season behind us - and as we brace for Meredith's return in "Significant Others" on January 7 - let's take a look back at Castle Season 5 so far, shall we?

We've already submitted midseason reports for Once Upon a Time and The Mentalist, so read on and see if you agree with our grade for Castle thus far this year...

Caskett at Home

Best Episode: This category was quite difficult as we've had some wonderful episodes this season but the winner was "Secret's Safe With Me." Castle dropping Alexis off at college was incredibly sweet and Castle and Beckett shared one of the most sexy, romantic handshakes in TV history. Runners up: The great drama in "Probable Cause" and the scifi, campy fun of "Final Frontier."

Worst Episode: "Swan Song." I know some fans enjoyed the unique documentary style format but I hated it. The inside joke of characters either overacting or becoming wallflowers in front of the camera ran it's course rather quickly. It's one of the few Castle episodes that I was grateful to see end.

Biggest Improvement: Duh. Definitely Castle and Beckett finally becoming a couple. I don't think the show could have survived another season of the Will they?/Won't they? without frustrating it's fans past their tolerance levels. Now we are blessed with a fun, sexy, romance to go along with our weekly dose of whodunit.

Biggest Disappointment: Surprisingly there haven't been any huge disappointments this season but there were a couple of small ones. I wished the morning after scene in "After the Storm" could have given us a minute or two more of bliss before the real world…and Martha came crashing in. And all of the interruptions to Castle and Beckett's first romantic weekend getaway in "Murder, He Wrote" started to test my patience in an otherwise solid outing.

Hopes for 2013:

  • I'm dying for the past to resurface and have Kate admit to Castle that she almost went to the Hamptons with him at the end of Castle season 2… before he sauntered off with ex-wife Gina.
  • How did Beckett start reading Castle's books? Will we and Richard Castle ever know?
  • More girl time. Alexis and Kate, Kate and Lanie. And most especially Kate and Martha. There hasn't been nearly enough of these two strong but very different woman and since I'm a huge fan of Susan Sullivan I really want to see more.
  • Can Capt. Gates and Castle get trapped in an elevator and be forced to actually talk to one another?  I'm not sure what they'd say but I know I want to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.
  • More romance! A Castle crime mystery is always fun but after waiting five seasons for some lovin', there can't possibly be enough to satisfy.

Overall Grade:  A-

Now it's your turn, Castle fans. Give us your grade for this season of Castle.

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Best Episode: Murder, He Wrote. A refreshing episode. Rick & Kate had a nice Hamptons getaway (for a few hours at least), the murder was intruiging, and it was fun to see the pair try to hide their getaway from their precinct, and Ryan figuring it out.
Worst episode: The whole Christmas traditions story fell sort of flat. The dead Santa was so cliché, and Castle's jokes got tired quickly. There were two good bits; Gates's rant about her in-laws, and Beckett's story about Christmas, but they couldn't save the episode.
Biggest Improvement: Agree. Obviously.
Biggest Disapointment: The documentary format could've been done better. I would've liked Modern Family-style interviews.
Hopes for 2013: Your idea about Becket finding Castle's books is really intriuging. And we need more Lanie!


Yes to more intimate moments,beckett nd castle showing that they r actually in a 'romantic' relationship. Most of the past episodes have more 'almost kissing' instead of them actually doing it which was most frustrating.Hope forthcoming episodes have all the above mentioned criteria


Favorite was Secrets Safe With Me and Probable Cause. Worst was Final Frontier due to it not being my cup of tea. Loved all the Caskett moments but need alot more.


Christine, I have the same exact thoughts on the season so far.Same wishes for the rest of the season. I just want more passion and alotof girl time. Thanks for the review.


I'm giving it a A+++, for Awesome. it has been an Awesome season so far. But i'm totally backing your 'Worst episode choice' i HATE documentary styling episode and most off the time i just skip them. ( Didn't this time but should have)


I graded the show an A -- but two changes I'm not so sure about are Alexis and Martha. They seem to have less of a role this year. Child actresses grow up, so Alexis has to go to college or get on with her life in some fashion, but she only gets a line or two now, it seems to me. Martha was a fascinating character right from the start -- originally, I thought, an actress-before-anything-else-including-mother who maybe thought the purpose of a child was to bring her a martini (and go read a book or something but don't annoy her), which, to me, explained Castle's imagination and hard work and his own I-grew-up-in-Hollywood playfulness. Now she's got less to do, but they're sort of turning her into a more devoted mother than she used to be. I wonder where they are going??


Favorite/Best Episode: "Murder, He Wrote." Worst Episode: "Swan song." What made it so bad wasn't that it was such a bad joke, just that they did it over and over without let up! The romance this season brings some of the feel of back in the beginning, when there were card games and Castle had a career. The moments I liked best about the couple weren't the relationship heat, the big to do over working Christmas, suspecting him of murder, but Beckett grabbing him when he was too excited with Alexis (her costume), or the mundane nature of working on the case or minding their own business in "Murder, He Wrote," or her hiding in the closet and the forgotten under garments -- things that are funny but make them so likeable!


I agree that this has been an amazing season with more good things to come. I have to agree that "Swan Song" was not my favorite episode. I think "Probable Cause" was my favorite so far this season with "Murder she wrote" a close second.


Im back again. I wanted to add this. Andrew Marlowe said Castle is a love story so lets have some lovin!!!


Best episode:Murder He wrote,finally was a bedroom scene!!!! Especially liked the drive to the Hamptons Worse: none. Biggest improvement:looks like their a committed couple.Biggest disappointment: Not enough passion between Caskett. Hopes for 2013: Give Castle some problems so Beckett can be there for him. Beckett needs to show Castle how much he means to her. I dont think she realizes how important he is in her life. Happy New Year!!!!!

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