Castle Midseason Report Card: A-

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With the first half of the season behind us - and as we brace for Meredith's return in "Significant Others" on January 7 - let's take a look back at Castle Season 5 so far, shall we?

We've already submitted midseason reports for Once Upon a Time and The Mentalist, so read on and see if you agree with our grade for Castle thus far this year...

Caskett at Home

Best Episode: This category was quite difficult as we've had some wonderful episodes this season but the winner was "Secret's Safe With Me." Castle dropping Alexis off at college was incredibly sweet and Castle and Beckett shared one of the most sexy, romantic handshakes in TV history. Runners up: The great drama in "Probable Cause" and the scifi, campy fun of "Final Frontier."

Worst Episode: "Swan Song." I know some fans enjoyed the unique documentary style format but I hated it. The inside joke of characters either overacting or becoming wallflowers in front of the camera ran it's course rather quickly. It's one of the few Castle episodes that I was grateful to see end.

Biggest Improvement: Duh. Definitely Castle and Beckett finally becoming a couple. I don't think the show could have survived another season of the Will they?/Won't they? without frustrating it's fans past their tolerance levels. Now we are blessed with a fun, sexy, romance to go along with our weekly dose of whodunit.

Biggest Disappointment: Surprisingly there haven't been any huge disappointments this season but there were a couple of small ones. I wished the morning after scene in "After the Storm" could have given us a minute or two more of bliss before the real world…and Martha came crashing in. And all of the interruptions to Castle and Beckett's first romantic weekend getaway in "Murder, He Wrote" started to test my patience in an otherwise solid outing.

Hopes for 2013:

  • I'm dying for the past to resurface and have Kate admit to Castle that she almost went to the Hamptons with him at the end of Castle season 2… before he sauntered off with ex-wife Gina.
  • How did Beckett start reading Castle's books? Will we and Richard Castle ever know?
  • More girl time. Alexis and Kate, Kate and Lanie. And most especially Kate and Martha. There hasn't been nearly enough of these two strong but very different woman and since I'm a huge fan of Susan Sullivan I really want to see more.
  • Can Capt. Gates and Castle get trapped in an elevator and be forced to actually talk to one another?  I'm not sure what they'd say but I know I want to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.
  • More romance! A Castle crime mystery is always fun but after waiting five seasons for some lovin', there can't possibly be enough to satisfy.

Overall Grade:  A-

Now it's your turn, Castle fans. Give us your grade for this season of Castle.

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Best episode is a tie between Probable Cause & Secrets Safe With Me. Worst was Swan Song but Murder He Wrote annoyed me because I expected way more romance.
Improvement...I don't think I could have held on one more season with the Will They/Won't They stuff.
Disappointment...Not nearly enough fun, romance, sex, etc. I expected a lot more. And it does feel like Castle's holding back but maybe that will change if Beckett ever says I love you.
Wishes...I know that we know Kate read his books to distract herself from her mom's murder but we've never heard the story from her and Castle deserves to hear the details. Would LOVE to have them talk about the season 2 finale. A big YES to more girl time & boy time for that matter. Seeing Esposito & Ryan grilling Castle would be a hoot. But mostly MORE ROMANCE & PASSION! That's why we watch & we're not getting enough!


Best Ep - Probable Cause. I loved the drama & the hug in the library. Worst- Swan Song.
Biggest Improvement-Finally, they're a couple. Disappointment- I expected more romance & passion. We saw Castle & Meredith, Castle & Ellie rolling around in the sheets. Why so little Rick & Kate when they're the ones in love? Plus Nathan/Castle almost seems like he's holding back this season where the love was practically oozing out of him before.
Wishes for 2013: Kate & Rick talk about why his marriages failed. He finds out she's always been a fan. Kate finally says I Love You! Rick finds how things went wrong at the end of season 2. More banter, more romance, more sex, more fun & a quick renewal for season 6!


Best Ep - Secret's Safe for the touching scenes when Kate explained the stick man and when Castle left Alexis at the dorm,and the handshake, but for the pure cleverness of it, I loved Final Frontier. Worst Ep - the documentary left me pretty bored even before the halfway mark, but I still find it interesting that most of the cast absolutely loved doing that one. Biggest Improvement - Besides the obvious of them being a couple, I've been very happy to see some honest and open communication between Kate and Castle. Biggest Disappointment - Like most others have said, I think there's definitely room for more passion. Hopes for 2013 - I hope they continue to communicate more openly with each other and that we get over the hurdle of Kate knowing why Castle's marriages didn't last. Ever since the show started, I've been wanting to see Kate take Castle to her mom's grave and 'introduce' him so to speak. I'm also hopeful that we can get past Gates knowing about them fairly soon. L


I kinda disagree! Swan song was my favorite episode. Jon was AMAZING. And I want more romance yes, but esecially more Esplanie...We already had lots of Caskett, hope Andrew will be fair to all the fans in the second part of the season :)


I forgot to give my grade....B+! Sorry!


Best Episode- Secret's Safe With Me. Runner Up- Probable Cause. Worst Episode- Cloudy With A Chance Of Murder. Biggest Improvement(still needs some romance)-Beckett and Castle. Biggest Disappointment- Beckett hasn't said I Love You. Hopes For 2013- The romance NOT to be so dry...more banter and spark like in Season 2,3 & 4. More Ladies Time...would love an episode where the ladies go out and talk while the Men are doing the same. Would LOVE to see closure to Beckett's mom case and see Castle's dad come into play. But most of ALL.....the banter and spark come back for Beckett and Castle. Writer's need to stop playing it so safe....I mean look at the love scene we got with Castle and Meredith,Castle and Ellie. The Fans deserve the same with our favorite couple....CASKETT!!


Overall B. We need some passion and physical expressions of love. Early phase of a relationship, they should be all over each other. They seem asexual at this time. Never thought that would happen when then finally became a couple. The chemistry is on simmer.


I agree with all the comments above. They{the writers] are being a little caution with t he romance. I hope they step it up toward the end of the season. Also, My friend reads the heat books, in one book she said rook took a bullet for Kate. I like when Kate is jealous or worried about Castle. I thought maybe not a bullet but a car trying to run Kate down and Castle jumps in to save her. He gets hit with the car and goes into a coma.That may be a good time for the three little words everyone is waiting to hear.


Best episode - Probable cause.
Runner up - After the storm, Murder he wrote, Secret´s safe with me, After hours (in that order).
Worst episode - Swan song (not much a fan of doc. style).
Big disappointment - Anything worthing to mention, just slight things.
Biggest improvement - Castle and Beckett being a couple, or course!
Hopes for 2013 - Yeah, some more ALONE time of Castle and Beckett! But, above all, keep the good work:) Grade: A- (because there´s always room for more)


Castle/Beckett together is better but hardly affects the series. Around other people, they're actually less affectionate/friendly than previous seasons. Grade C-

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