Castle Review: Secret Santa

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The holiday season is upon us, Castle fans, as this ABC favorite kicked off the month of December with its Christmas-themed episode,"Secret Santa."

There were traditions being broken, new ones being started and a dead Santa crime to solve. Time to discuss...

Kate & Rick's First Christmas

Santa Fell From The Sky. The weekly case centered around the murder of a man who worked as a Santa during the holiday season. He had taken the job after giving up his Wall Street life because of his company’s actions. It had inflated mortgages, causing many families to lose their homes and Santa Edmund decided to take it upon himself to help one of those out.

Dressing up as Saint Nick is pretty much the perfect disguise. Working a holiday party, Edmund planned to get documents from his old company to prove the case for the families...  until he was shot... by his ex-wife. Talk about a holiday downer! 

You have to give credit to the man, changing his entire life around to make someone else’s better. This is definitely the kind of message you want to hear this season. Even if it is wrapped up in a murdered red and green bow.

First Christmas. The holiday marked a big occasion for the best detective couple on TV. Castle had invited Beckett to share their first Christmas, but she instead decided to work. At first, this was a bit annoying. The couple makes these forward movements and then pause because of pressure. Turns out Kate always works because the holidays remind her of her mother (totally acceptable). Time to change it up, though, girl. And change it up she did, by showing up at Castle’s door. Could they be any cuter? 

The writers have found a way to keep the relationship solid and enjoyable without making the entire show centered around. The two work as a couple and as partners and that even balance is what is still bringing so many viewers to their living rooms on Monday nights.

Side note: how awesome were Castle’s Christmas decorations?!? Any way I can get him to come decorate my house?

Moving Forward. The tradition of a six-pack and video games between the best bromance on TV was broken now that Ryan is married. First, let me say that this sounds like an awesome tradition and I know I am not alone in thinking so. Second, the conversation between the two about Jenny wanting to have kids and Javi telling Ryan he is ready was so genuine. These two characters really seem like the perfect best friends. Plus, Javi’s dance with Jenny’s gift was hysterical.

Espo continues to make his presence felt. The character has really evolved since being a background player, thanks to some great writing from Marlowe and company. The relationship between Lanie and him used to be something to root for. These days? Not so much. This character has earned himself a real relationship and screen time to back it. Showing up at the family’s door to return their clock was so sweet. I even found myself hoping for a holiday hookup between him and the mother. That was a long shot.

Overall, an enjoyable Christmas episode from Castle. It was as light hearted and fun as possible, considering it revolved around a dead Santa. “Secret Santa” had some great lines you can check out on the Castle Quotes page and, as always, don’t forget to return later in the week for our Castle Round Table.

Looks like no new episodes until after the holidays. While this may be a complete bummer to us Castle-rs, it gives us the entire month to predict what will take place in the second half of Castle Season 5. Until then, TV Fanatics.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


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I think the reason Backett lied was because she didn't want to ruin his Christmas spirit, but then he found out, and she told him. And ANYWAY, she came to him at the end ! Loved the Episode, 5/5 as always


The convenient lying by Kate must come to an end. I'm married and would love to have a patient man like Rick! :) he needs to man up and tell Kate to stop making up stories when things beome stressrful in the relationship. If she wasn't ready in the words of Castle....just tell him. Where is Dr. Burke when you need him? How is it possible to develop trust with a woman who lies when things become a little uncomfortable/awkward (sea2x24) I agree with a previous poster who indicated the relationship needs a little spice and I do not mean angst. If Rick gets kate to the altar without 10 backsteps by the therapy starved Kate then he deserves a trophy and an oscar. Other than that..I loved Secret Santa and applaud Marlowe and crew for their Christmas Submission. Marlowe we need a one and done for Javi


castle isn't as good as it was before caskett....


Was I the only one who knew right away why Beckett said the holidays were different for her? I thought the tension and confusion on what to do on Christmas Eve all around were believable.
All of us who have lost someone important know that holidays will be forever different.
Furthermore, when your life changes drastically, it's possible to think that you're dealing well with it until the holidays come around. Then it's like they depicted in this episode...awkward trying to fit old traditions into your new life. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


I think Beckett needs to keep seeing her shrink LOL Castle is the most patient man on earth. Goodness. I need to find myself a Castle. All Kate had to say to begin with was "Rick, the holidays are different for me..." Geez. But she's making progress, little by little. But I agree with previous posters - Beckett needs to step it up a little. The case was okay, but a little too convoluted. I like how the writers are keeping the relationship and the casework balanced, but I think they need to spice things up a little. The relationship needs to make at least a slight difference in how they work together. Ryan and Espo - one of the best bromances ever. I really felt for Espo.


loved this episode no relationship is 100% nothing is perfect but caskett rocks roll on 2013.


yeah when I heard Kates line I thought "I'm sure they were over this type of crap" but no.
Honestly Rick should have manned up looked her in the eyes and told her no more lies, thank you. The SNAG type guy all understanding and stuff just ain't working.
Flat out lying damages that relationship anyways.
Liked their kiss in the end though :)


@cheryl- I totally agree with you. Why couldn't Beckett have just said "the holidays are hard for me?" How can they have a relationship if she can't have honest conversations with Castle? And why can't Richard just say, "wait a minute-- be honest" Grrr. BUT I still think that the relationship/ partnership works. Sparks are still there. Kudos to the writers and the talent.


I thought Caskett being together would be more of an improvement. Most of the cases aren't written well and I'm tired of the same old character drama.


Come on...was 1 sweet moment between Rick and Kate. And to start with all the lies that have almost destroyed them and then she lies to him. I understand what Kate is saying about her mom. But come on they have NO future if she can't quit living in the past. And just once Rick...Man Up...I get the writers want him to be understanding but come on...Just 1 time let him Stand Up and show how he can hurt 2. Yea Rick loves Kate and has said it. I just don't get why she can't say it. I gotta admit....losing alittle faith in them. Don't get me wrong....I love them together but I wonder if Rick got upset with Kate's getting close then pulling away and walked away....would she GO after him? Just saying Rick seems to be the 1 giving it 100% with Kate seems to be only giving maybe 60%. Just my point of don't hate me 2 much.

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