Dexter Review: All He Wants For Christmas

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Maybe it was all the Christmas decorations scattered throughout "Do You See What I See?," but I feel like Dexter just gave us the gift of one of the best episodes of this season.

It wasn't without its flaws, like Quinn searching for Nadia only to find she's run off to Vegas, or gratuitous Masuka as an elf, but tonight's installment of our favorite serial killer drama had me looking toward Dexter's future as much as he did.

A Dexter Christmas

The opening scene tonight was Dexter, aged 15 years, living happily ever after with Hannah (who hadn't aged a bit) and Harrison, still killing when he needs to kill. It made me think "Could he do this forever?"

Sadly, the answer to that question is no. All things--good and bad--must come to an end.

Like Dexter's relationship with Hannah, which was both good and bad.

I found myself moved and saddened by his interactions with Hannah tonight. He's finally found someone who accepts all of him, but it can't last. It may be odd to say this, but it was almost touching when she basically congratulated him on finally having the opportunity to kill Hector Estrada. It was just a casual acknowledgement that this is what he does and she's okay with it. She accepts it.

But it was clear that her conversation with Deb wouldn't lead to anywhere good for she and Dexter. Deb and Hannah, the two women in Dexter's life, have been circling each other like animals before a fight all season long. Hannah decided to strike before Deb got the chance but perhaps miscalculated, thinking too highly of her skills.

All Dexter wanted for Christmas was for the truth to reveal that Hannah hadn't done what he knew she was capable of doing. Maybe he's been a bad boy this year.

Even if it turns out that it wasn't Hannah who poisoned Deb, and I'll admit to hoping for a twist like that, Dexter will never be able to trust Hannah. Not completely. He knows what she's capable of, has always known, and her method of killing, unlike his, is a little harder to see coming. Dexter wouldn't take that chance with Harrison or himself.

I'm not supposed to root for serial killers to be happy, but I did. However, the future Dexter and Hannah wanted was one based on the two of them being normal, everyday people, and the two of them are anything but.

It was almost heartbreaking to watch him turn Hannah in for the murder of Sal Price. The thought that she knows his dark secrets and is alive to possibly tell them is interesting as we look toward the finale and next season.

Dexter believes that the only moment in which he can live is the present one. That the future is too uncertain for thoughts about it to be entertained.

Well, he better start entertaining some thoughts because La Guerta is on to him in a big way, even after the evidence discovery in the abandoned boathouse.

I knew that she wouldn't give up her quest to prove that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher after finding the evidence in the shed. It was too easy. She's nearly as rabid about discovering the truth as Doakes was before he died, which does make for a nice parallel.

Having Hector Estrada released from prison was a genius move on her part. She knew that if Dexter were the Bay Harbor Butcher, he wouldn't hesitate to take out Estrada. She's seen the kill room wrapped in plastic, which few have seen before, and knows that Dexter would have wanted him dead. He escaped, but what happens now?

Dexter's future is looking awfully grim at this point, but I'm excited to see if our protagonist will prevail.

What did you think of "Do You See What I See?" Were you sad to see the end of Hannah and Dexter?


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Also, from the promo, I don't think Hannah gives up Dexter's secrets. She's probably trying to use them to gain leverage over Debra. But since he handed her over to the police, I don't see a future for them in anyway now. She'll probably get killed or something?


If Deb's car accident wasn't ruled suspicious, there'd be no reason to test the water in the car or check the car itself.
Exactly my point, how convenient it is that Deb only got enough of a dose to cause no permanent damage. Without any permanent damage, nobody, other than Dexter, would really question anything. But Deb knew he would suspect Hannah straight away even if it was a little accident.
It could have been Arlene, but she looked like too much of a mess to get things done.
Plus there was something ominous about the way they showed her pills today, not in the she gets poisoned by them, but in a she may have done so herself way.
I really do want it to be Debra. I want to like her again. Her doing this kind of bring her up for me. Even if I LIKED DEXTER AND HANNAH TOGETHER DAMMIT.


While it is true that if Hannah wanted Deb dead for sure, it would really happen, she could have also just told Dex that to place doubt in his mind. Either way, we have seen Dex make the choice he will always make: His family is more important. He didn't have to give Deb that pen that would incriminate Hannah. She could have continued her follow up with Arlene. Wanting to stay out of prison, remain sober and keep her kids would trump saving Hannah. Perhaps Arlene had something to do with Deb's accident? Either way, Hannah knew that Deb knew the information she thought had gone when her father left. She wants Deb out of the picture because she knows Deb won't stop doing her job and it will get back to her. Hannah was pretty much asking Dex in a subtle way to make that choice: Her or Deb.

Miranda wicker

I like the idea that Deb poisoned herself, and if so, well done Deb. However, in the hospital it felt like Dexter planted the seed in her mind that it was Hannah who had poisoned her and not Deb planting the seed in Dexter's. I'll have to rewatch that scene, but on my first viewing, it definitely felt like Deb was caught off guard and questioning herself, and all season long we've seen her reaching for the bottle of pills making the idea that she could do something like this on accident seem plausible. (Though I don't think it was accidental. She was definitely poisoned.)


The fact that deb framed Hannah is just about as obvious as last seasons big twist, that the professor guy was dead the whole time.


Dexter has made plenty of mistakes before even though he'd like to think differently. Hello random wedding picture! The cabin Doakes was killed in belonging to someone that was part of Dex's mom's death. Et cetera. All in all, I enjoyed the episode.


If Deb's car accident wasn't ruled suspicious, there'd be no reason to test the water in the car or check the car itself. Otherwise, her car would have been looked over with a fine tooth comb by professionals. As for the beginning of the ep, it's obvious why Hannah didn't age in Dexter's 'future pov'. She'd either be dead or just not in it at all. Deb had good leverage on Hannah with the information Arlene could provide her. I don't see why she'd drug herself to botch that all up. The scene between Hannah and Arlene was too obvious. However, if it was Deb that did frame Hannah, here comes the repercussions of keeping somebody around too long that knows way too much about you. Hannah can talk a good one about love, but how much will she hold on to that sentiment if she could easily sell Dexter out? LaGuerta as super cop is annoying. The comment made towards her having a thing with Doakes made me laugh. Dexter has made plenty of mistakes before even though he'd like to think differently. Hello random wedding picture! The cabin Doakes was killed in belonging to someone that was part of Dex's mom's death.


I thought this episode was stupid, and as with every show starting with an intelligent character who does something evil, he suddenly turns stupid without reason to.
What? He couldn't wait a month or so to kill his mother's killer? Did he very obviously not figure out Hannah was framed? Hannah was right. She's not stupid enough to make that obvious a mistake. The water in the car would have been tested anyway if something happened to Deb because the obvious suspect would be Hannah.
I also don't like how LaGuerta's suddenly a really good cop.
But I do appreciate that Deb's stopped whining and moaning.


Maybe that's setting for next year's storyline: Dexter in prison? Overall, great episode. I loved this season, we got to enjoy several story arcs instead of the regular chasing-of-the-serial-killer-in-twelve-episodes-and-killing-him-at-the-end season.


I agree that Deb might have set her up. But the fact remains that Dexter could never have completely trust Hannah. Sad to say, but their relationship was doomed from the start. Dexter can never have a normal relationship, unless he stops killing. Laguarta releasing his mother's killer: never saw that one coming. Glad dexter figured it on time, but it might have been too late, because now she saw the plastic-wrapped room. Dexter did the right thing by turning Hannah in. I too wonder if she'll try to seek revenge on him. Like the reviewer said, she knows everything. Maybe that's setti

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