Gossip Girl Episode Preview: Have Faith in Me ...

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With just two episodes to go, Gossip Girl is building toward an epic conclusion.

Will it be an epically tragic one? Next week's promo hints at the possibility ...

Following last night's Thanksgiving episode (see our Gossip Girl review of "It's Really Complicated"), the penultimate chapter awaits, and if this week's events are any indication, a ruthless Bart will stop at nothing.

Meanwhile, Dan and Serena came out of "the best Thanksgiving ever" in a far different place than where they started. His next chapter should be awfully interesting, especially after Nate cleaned his clock.

So what's on tap? According to the CW synopsis for "The Revengers" ...

  • After a run-in with a paranoid Bart, Blair grows alarmingly concerned for Chuck’s safety.
  • Confident that his father will never hurt him, Chuck makes a potentially life-changing deal.
  • Wanting to help Chuck, Blair devises a plan with the help of Serena, Georgina and Sage.
  • Nate's  financial dilemma finally lands him in a place that he never thought he would be.

What do you think will happen next week, and how do you think it'll set the sage for the grand finale December 17? Share your comments on last night, the promo above, and all things Gossip Girl with us below!

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Do any of you know the song that is played in the promo of 6x09?


Chuck and Blair's wedding takes place during the present and Eric is featured in the flash forward which explains why Lily is wearing two different ensembles not that it's unusual for the characters on this show to do so


Also those released wedding photos are weird. If you look who is standing around them, you see Lily, Dorota, Eleanor, and Jack Bass, and then on the other side Dan, Serena, Nate, and Georgina. But in other photos you see Eric escorting his Lily down a stair case but he is not at the wedding that appears to be in Central Park. Also a police officer at one point is rushing them out. And why the heck is Georgina there? And why Dan? There is also a lot of envelope passing, perhaps Dan doesn't write the chapter about himself but about Bart and perhaps he lets Nate run the story in the spectator saving the paper. One last thought, did the writers just decide to let the Ivy/dr van der woodsen story die out?


Dan writes the final chapter about himself, startling and candid. ( after he realizes becoming Bart bass is not for him, and because of his genuine ability to be self critical Serena forgives him)


I don't think Dan would willingly help Chuck. I think he's attempting to prove his worth by being as ruthless as the Upper East Siders. He probably thinks the chapters he's written are similar to the tips the others send to Gossip Girl. Of course there is a difference but from his point of view he doesn't see it. At this point the only end I can see making sense for him is for him to end up alone unless something drastic happens and soon there is only 2 episodes left


Dan wants to be as powerful as Chuck, in fact, rather like Bart, because the plan referred to by Dan is likely to emerge in the season 2 when Dan wrote the story of Bart, and spent some time with him, learning from Bart how to run the business! Now I do not know if all this what happened to Dan in the episode 6x08 was setup that Bart caught in the a trap? It is interesting that Nate now with his fist strikes Dan, not when Dan published a chapter on Nate, and all this in front of Bart, who immediately approached Dan to draw him to his side! Maybe it is not everything presented, when Dan and Chuck and others have agreed to make a trap for Bart! We saw pictures for the next episode, Dan and Bart will connect, and I hope that Dan will not lose his soul, and he will at some point decide to help Chuck! I do not think that Dan in the last chapter would write that he is GG, more likely chapter will be a kind of Dan’s memorandum of itself, Serena and to all of them!


Chuck is obviously faking his death so he can get to Bart without Bart suspecting anything.


Chuck fakes his death to prove Bart is ruthless killer. Dan is GG or at least makes amends in his final chapter by showing that he does care about everyone and that they should all work on being better people and stop scheming/lying so much. Not sure if that Derena wedding is real though...


Also Imdb shows a picture of Sheikh Hassan's daughter Iman Hassan talking to Bart. Maybe she takes revenge on Bart? Or maybe Bart's last killing will be of himself?


@Marco OMG you're right! I just checked imdb and Chuck is in episode 10 but not Bart! Omg. Good job at finding that! You're awesome!!!

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