Gossip Girl Finale Preview: Stephanie Savage Teases the Last Chapter

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After more than five years and 120 episodes, the last chapter of Gossip Girl airs tonight, and executive producer Stephanie Savage is here to preview some of the twists, turns, returns and reveals.

Will the Chair "endgame" live up to expectations? What about the identity of the title character? Who else will end up together? And what about the many familiar faces from the past showing up?

Here are five things to look out for when the series takes its final bow tonight:

Gossip Girl Season 6 Cast Photo

1. The reveal of Gossip Girl wasn't necessarily planned - at least not from the onset.

"When you're thinking about a finale, you go back to the pilot, you think about everybody's series arcs and think what is the premise of the show? In this case, 'Who is Gossip Girl?' is a big part of the show."

"We had a thought in the back of our minds who Gossip Girl was, but we were never sure if we were going to reveal that. Was it something the audience wanted to know, or would they rather not know?"

"We kept it very open. Then last year, we did a lot of storytelling with Gossip Girl and it felt right that this year, she would be revealed."

2. It surprised the cast members themselves, but in a good way. "The actors were really excited and surprised," Savage says. "Everyone has had many theories over the years. I think they liked it."

3. The writers agreed on which couples should end up together. "When you create a series," Savage says, "you have an idea in the back of your mind where you think everybody is going to end."

"But you have to be very open to the road the actors and characters take, which I think we really tried to be on Gossip Girl. In the end, I think I always felt I knew who I wanted to be together."

"By the time we were at the end of Gossip Girl Season 5, the writers were all united."

4. They have no regrets, about anything, unlike some of the CW show's viewers.

"There are too many things to think about what you would do differently," she says. "That's one of the good and bad things about TV, you have to keep going and you can't second guess yourself."

5. A Gossip Girl movie could maybe happen ... somehow, some way, and some day. "It's funny we've never talked about [a movie] seriously until the show was actually ending," Savage says.

"We've never had any legitimate conversations about doing a movie until we were saying goodbye. Then we said, 'We'll do a movie, Broadway show or reunion show, right?'"

"Even though we are likely to see each other again it's not like we'll all be working together again, so that's where the fantasy starts."

So say so long to Gossip Girl tonight, then visit TV Fanatic for a full review and analysis! For now, check out these Gossip Girl clips and share your predictions and theories of what we can expect!

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With at least what, 6 sneek peak and secrets revealed over the last week, we wont have any HUGE surprise, except the identity of GG, which is the only reason why i will watch it tonight. CW needs to stop spoiling their shows like that imo...


Just want to say that I think it's silly and unrealistic to expect fairytale endings or perfect weddings on Gossip Girl. The show is all about chaos, dysfunction, betrayal, manipulation and irony. Every happy event gets sabotaged, every good-hearted character has a deep dark side. That's what makes the show great. And it will surely end in the same chaos and dysfunction. I'd expect nothing less!


Well yes, I'm a (or I used to be) a fan because I think that Dan and Chuck represent both sides of Blair and I believe that a relationship based on friendship and mutual respect better works than a relationship based on passion and destruction (I think Blair and Chuck hurt each other way more than they love each other). So yes, in my opinion the relationship between Dan and Blair was way more realistic.
And FYI, Dan and Blair was originally planned to already happen in season 2.


@ Lala
Well said. Agree 100%.


Chair may not be the fairytale ending you would want for your best friend, but it does make the most sense in the context of both the story and characters. At least, they obviously love each other. Blair's not phoning it in like she was with Dan.


Dair was great as friends. Once they made them a couple it was just wrong. The only thing that was remotely good with them, was the elevator scene. They didn't have the romantic chemistry. As much as Chair is a flawed couple, the actors just had better on-screen chemistry. Simple as that.


We can only hope that its time to move on from the non-sensical Dair and that after tonight people will put it to bed once and for all. They never worked as a couple. They used that storyline at the wrong time and ruined any chance of the couple ever being believable. There was nothing sweet about Blair betraying her best friend or Dan loving the girl who ruined his sisters life. They had no chemistry and were dull to watch. They should have remained friends and only friends as at least their friendship was mildly believable. Chair work because they are the same and they have great chemistry. If you've been watching the show and understand the characters, then you already know why Dair isn't realistic. That journey was writer/producer fan fic at best. Lets hope that we've seen the last of it. Blair was barely recognizable in the last half of season five. Chair may not be the fairytale ending you would want for your best friend, but it does make the most sense in the context of both the story and characters. At least, they obviously love each other. Blair's not phoning it in like she was with Dan.




DEAR "FAN" You're insane .... stop cluttering the boards with the nonsense. We don't know what's going on yet, but let's PRAY they do go back to season one couples....the ending should really be for the loyal viewers who stuck with them for 6 years--....sit back and relax a bit, just enjoy it--don't be such a sour puss, you must have WAY too much time on your hands.

Spindae 2o

@Fan Dair is the true Happy ending! But The writers backed down to the pressure of the fans! The only thing bugging me is the writers maybe converting Dan into GG! the blast from the past pic(Dan And Chuck in high school time) probably shows us that Chuck did something to Dan what made him GG! OR maybe the much much better solution is Chuck harassed GG and Dan stepped up! and at this moment GG was created!

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