Gossip Girl Finale Promo: It Comes Down to This

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One week. That's all that stands between us right now and the end of Gossip Girl. Forever.

Next Monday night, the finale event begins with the stars and executive producers bidding farewell to the Upper East Side in a look back at some of the many unforgettable moments taking place from 2007-present.

Then, it's the final chapter, with many loose ends to be tied up, In a fashionable farewell to remember, our favorite UES denizens join forces for one last soiree, and the identity of Gossip Girl is finally revealed.

Here's the CW's promo for "New York, I Love You XOXO" ...

What will be the fallout from Bart's fall? Will Chuck and Blair tie the knot and end the series in style? What about Dan and Serena? Will the GG reveal possibly live up to the hype? What will the flash forward entail?

For more on the events leading up to this point, check out our Gossip Girl review and Round Table discussion of "The Revengers." Then share your predictions for the finale in the comments and vote in our poll:

Who is Gossip Girl?

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As long as Chuck is sent to jail, Lily is scolded somehow by Ivy and Serena is killed off, I'll be happy with the series end.


I just hope the twist won't be evey character was GG at some point in the story, over the seasons: That would be ridicuolus! And of course Blair-Chuck(and have a son) and Serena-Dan get married like we don't know already...other couples I don't have idea.


At this point Id rather prefer GG turn to be somebody else... Dan, Nelly, Jenny Georgina or Juliet will be to obvious! I'd like if Nate is GG given him some purpose in here. And I don't like the idea somebody said once one of the parents is GG or hired some blogger is to plain...IMO.


i thing blair and chuck get married so she cant testify against him


@ xoxo: word. 100% agree.


I really hope the writers had the sense to give the show a proper ending and not the it was all a dream, someone reading or writing a book and or a book being turned into a movie or TV show. Those endings would cheapen the series as a whole and after the mess they've made of things maybe that will be their explanation of things since they can't, won't, or don't want to be bothered giving fans any plausible explanations.

Spindae 2o

Nelly Yuki! Why would she come back this way!? She is a writer! and remember the look she gave Dan when she hit on him in the bar, after the succsess of his first chapter when he left her hanging!


As long as Chuck and Blair end up together and it's doesn't end like Atonement with Dan giving them the ending they never got or being a book, movie, or a dream I'll be perfectly happy

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