Gossip Girl Finale Sneak Peek: Which You Wrote This?

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In another sneak peek from "New York, I Love You XOXO," Monday's Gossip Girl series finale, Serena has found the envelope Dan clandestinely gave her at the end of this week's episode, and wonders if it's legit.

What he wrote about her, that is. Does he mean it? Or is this just another ploy?

Specifically, which Dan Humphrey is he, the one who professed his undying love for her (or so it appears) in the chapter he gave Serena, or the ruthless, conniving sellout whose work ran in Vanity Fair?

Our words, not hers, but that's the implication. Do you think he's being sincere?

Follow this link to check out the first sneak peek from the series finale, featuring Nate and Sage, if you missed that, then watch Derena's exchange and tell us what you make of it below:

With the last episode just days away, Gossip Girl finale spoilers are flying left and right, raising new theories about who ends up together, a big twist at the end, and of course, who Gossip Girl is.

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Who is Gossip Girl?

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OMG, so we had a Nate/Sage preview, now a Derena preview, how about a CHAIR???? For goodness sakes!


... as good as it use to be. hopefully it goes out with a bang! xoxo


i've been re-watching the first season in prep for the finale, and seriously the writer's really screwed serena and dan up! the pilot was basically focused on their relationship and the chemistry between the two of them was undeniable (course the actors were dating at the time). these two have to end up as a couple if the show is going back to its roots! its just such a shame that the writers ruined them so much, specially with the dan-blair thing. i mean i'm a chair shipper so i guess i'm bias, but their relationship should have remained as best friends because i did truly believe that they cared for one another it just didnt need to be romantic! anyway rant over ha. i cant wait for the finale, all the spoilers are getting me mega excited! on another note, thankgod they did something about nate's hair from the pilot! hahahaha he looked hilarious, all hail manbangs! also, jenny was such a cutie at the beginning...what happened?! sad to see GG end, but it really did stop being as good as it use to be. hopefully it goes out with a bang! xoxo

Spindae 2o

i love the chemistry between this 2. It's real and I see emotions there.
Really hope they give them a romantic closure a real one. . .