Gossip Girl Finale Spoilers: Flash Forward Ahead!

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There will be a flash forward on the Gossip Girl finale.

Many of you no doubt heard this rumor a long time ago, and it's now confirmed to be the case. How far will the finale flash forward, when it will air during the episode and what it will the glimpse into the future entail?

That's still under lock and key, but theories abound (a notable one involves Chuck and Blair's son Henry), and we're sure you have your own ideas about what will - and what you'd like to see - happen December 17.

Heading Out

Think it's true that after the final season concludes in the present, we'll see the married couple a few years down the road, living happily ever after? Are we in for some additional surprises no one will see coming?

Check out the Gossip Girl finale photos if you haven't seen them, then share with us in the comments below: What will the flash forward show, and what is your ideal ending for the show's sixth and final season?

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It makes sense to me that Dan and Serena find their way back to each other in five years. Dan published the negative S. chapter because he realized that unless Serena faced this fatal flaw of hers and trusted the process, her Daddy issues would always get in the way. Serena defines herself by her current beau (aka caretaker). Unless that changes ( and only she can work through that herself) Dan and Serena will meet the same fate as Lily and Rufous. My guess is that Serena spends some time single, maybe goes back to school or does some humanitarian work, something that she drives and owns. She needs to find herself. She tried to do that over the summer but found Steven instead, and that set her back.


In the flash forward, Serena is not wearing white at the wedding and Dan is not dressed like a groom. Schwartz also ended the OC with a flash forward. The OC finale was terrible and it went 15 years into the future. I guess when Schwartz is done with a project he likes to really be done with it.


b: hm where does lily wearing a corsage? i only see that she is wearing a purple dress. i think its the derena wedding. and rufly reunite by this wedding there. i hope it lol.
the derena wedding happens in the flashforward.. 5 years later.


besides, as you said, producers can't have spent so much money just for a dream (you know, I think that getting back both Jenny and Eric had been quite expensive...), so the marriage is likely to happen in that flash forward. I really hope so, because I want that little kid to be Chuck and Blair's son sooo badly!


@Zoran, I know it's been a while since I last commented, but I was so busy lately! I started first year of university two months ago, but I still come home very tired, so I'm not really in the mood of commenting... it's like my comments get "dry" and sort of nasty and I don't feel like posting them... lol! Thank you for worrying, anyway! :D
In any case, well, waiting for 5 years doesn't forcely imply that Serena has to marry other guys...maybe they will just date and see what happens for a while and then decide to finally tie the knot... I don't know, as I previously said, it wouldn't be very plausible if after that fight they had in 6x08 (which, as I saw in the producers' preview, will continue until at least the beginning of 6x09), they can get past through it just in a few-months time and marry in this short time... besides, as you said, producers can't have spent so much money just for a dream (you know, I think that getting back both Jenny and Eric had been quite expensive...), so the marriage is likely to happen in that flash forward. I really hope so, because I want that little kid to be Chuck and Blair's son sooo badly!


If the pictures of Eric escorting Lily down the stairs is indeed part of the derena wedding why is Lily wearing a corsage and why is Lily being walked to the isle in the first place I can't help but think it Rufly wedding


Then, in the second half of the two-hour event, "in a fashionable farewell to remember, our favorite Upper East Siders join forces for one last soiree, and the shocking identity of Gossip Girl is finally revealed." It's been confirmed that the Chair wedding is real and it's going happen but after they say their I do's Chuck is taken away by the police it's the last soirée the UES join forces for a last minute spur of the moment wedding for Chair


Because if the wedding of Serena and Dan would happen in 5 years then this is a dream, and I do not think that the production of a series recorded dream wedding that will not happen! I think the story of Dan and Serena's wedding in 5 years released dissatisfied fans of Serena and Nate and Dan and Blair! And what about Chuck of all these 5 years, if he is in jail since police takes him? I understand that it is necessary the audience to see what happened with Serena and the rest for 5 years, but then both weddings Serena and Dan and Chuck and Blair are in 5 years! I think it's too many fake spoilers, and like you said we'll have to wait and see!


@ Elisa, I'm glad to hear you, it was long ago that you commented anything! If it is true that time jump is 5 years, then such a development does not make sense, then they should not have to reconcile Serena and Dan in 6x06 and 6x07 if Dan and Serena will end up like their parents! All that Serena and Dan are said to each other in 6x06 and 6x07 does not matter if the marriage between them will be in 5 years! So Serena will after several failed marriages decide to marry Dan, and Dan after the one or two failed marriages to accept to marry Serena - so as Lily and Rufus, and the point is to be the opposite, that Serena and Dan does not make the same mistakes as Lily and Rufus!


How do we know Blair doesn't die? In the flash foward we only see Chuck with their son. Not Blair :(