Gossip Girl Finale Spoilers: Flash Forward Ahead!

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There will be a flash forward on the Gossip Girl finale.

Many of you no doubt heard this rumor a long time ago, and it's now confirmed to be the case. How far will the finale flash forward, when it will air during the episode and what it will the glimpse into the future entail?

That's still under lock and key, but theories abound (a notable one involves Chuck and Blair's son Henry), and we're sure you have your own ideas about what will - and what you'd like to see - happen December 17.

Heading Out

Think it's true that after the final season concludes in the present, we'll see the married couple a few years down the road, living happily ever after? Are we in for some additional surprises no one will see coming?

Check out the Gossip Girl finale photos if you haven't seen them, then share with us in the comments below: What will the flash forward show, and what is your ideal ending for the show's sixth and final season?

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Oh no! Don't tell me that flash forward is S marrying that d-bag Humpfreak!


@Zoran, I'm quite sure that the time jump will be of 5 years (or, at least, it's what I've read)... why do you think that then the Derena wedding is a dream? In my opinion that would be the only plausible way to sell this wedding. It's quite impossible that just in a few weeks/months they get so close to decide to get married. I know it's quite frustrating for you as fan the fact that you won't be actually able to see how they got it, but it really is the only way...
I don't know, I still can't figure out what scene will be a dream... my optimistic side says: "Bart's death (he will just be imprisoned) and Chuck being taken away by the police", but I don't think that it will be the case, since it's quite sure that someone will actually die... this time in two weeks every doubt will be cleared, so I guess we just have to wait!


that lily is only lily is not the sign. and the pictures from finale are real. and kelly in twitter confirmed one thing too.. that lily is not dead.


@ B, is it possible it is Chuck? I mean I read the e! article too and they say you won't know who it is until the final ep, so maybe Blair dreams they are married? Idk, and it's killing me! What I can say is this is the only Mondays I have ever looked forward to! All I am going to say is I want Chair to have their fairytale and lil Henry! Cause I could see maybe the Derena (gag me) wedding is real and Chair a dream. Ugh! Chair 4eva!!!!!


Can people not understand that the writers filmed scenes and released pictures of said scenes to throw fans and everyone else off. I believe Josh and Stephanie referred to these fake out scenes as foilers the only thing from the pictures we know happens for sure is Chuck an Blair's wedding it's the last soriee the upper east differs join forces for other than that anythings game


I said that because I've read that they shot alternate deaths for different characters because of the roof top confrontation being spoiled and because ever character is referred to by their full name Blair Waldorf for an example but Lily is just Lily


I get the point some are making that every season has a flash forward- but these have had a purpose of setting the scene for the next season, propelling the story forwards. Don't need that for a finale, and shouldn't need a 'future' scene to give us closure, the final season should get to a satisfying end point all by itself.


@b, Why do you say that is Lily, when you know very well that Bart has already bought a ticket to eternal resting place?!


lily does not die!! can people not read it or see it? there are pics from flashforward and lily is definitly there and she is fine. the same like rufus too.


This season is similar to the third. The only difference is the third season took 3 to 4 episodes to set the characters plots and storylines in motion this season the plots were established during the previous season's finale sure some of the plots have dragged but with only ten episodes and this shows track record it's a miracle that things have played out the way they have especially considering the writer's usually burn through plots faster than you can say xoxo

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