Gossip Girl Questions Answered: Stephanie Savage Weighs In on Finale

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Monday night's Gossip Girl series finale was one for the ages.

With cameos galore, two weddings, a five-year flash forward and the mother of all twists, the Stephanie Savage-penned "New York, I Love You XOXO" sent the show out in style after six seasons.

Check out our Gossip Girl finale review, along with our video tribute to some of the best scenes. Then read excerpts from her interview with TV Line, in which she discusses the episode, below:

Chuck and Blair Wedding Photo

On deciding when Dan was Gossip Girl: "I don’t think we ever had another choice in our mind. It was always just a question of were we going to reveal it or not to reveal it."

"It was unclear if knowing Gossip Girl’s identity was something fans would want. Maybe it was more fun for everyone to not know ... to speculate and come up with your own ideas."

On the plot holes that revelation might expose: "We didn’t want to lean in too heavily to that ... It was nothing that we wanted to be part of Penn Badgely’s performance as Dan."

"We didn't want the viewers actively thinking about it. We held the reins loosely and didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that one of our main characters might actually be Gossip Girl."

On Kristen Bell and Rachel Bilson: "Once we felt certain that we could do Rachel and Kristen together, it seemed like you wanted to build more for them than just having them look at their phones."

"Josh Schwartz and I came up with the idea… Having Kristen on the show was very, very special. To be able to have her onscreen was great. And to have Rachel with her was icing on the cake."

On Nate ending up single: "Well, he’s single for now. The Nate story we wanted to tell was that Dan allowed him to break the Gossip Girl story, which helped jump start The Spectator."

"He didn’t have any crazy partners or distracting girlfriends. He's very successful. We’re seeing him come into his own as a young man and a real player in the New York scene."

On Rufly not ending up together: "Obviously, Rufus and Lily together complicates the Serena and Dan dynamic. But more importantly, we felt that Rufus and Lily gave it a real college try."

On why Chair became parents: "It seemed like the ultimate coming together of their union and their future. And wanting to see that Chuck and Blair could both be good parents."

On Henry's name: "That was what Chuck renamed himself when he was shot."

On whether Chair was always endgame: "I don’t know about always, but certainly by the end of last season when we were writing our Season 5 finale. We had a sense of the endgame."

On whether Dair was ever an option: "Um… nope! [Laughs]"

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You have got to be kinding me. Of course she would answer these questions that way, because she wants to kiss the Chair fans a$$. Im glad its over


What in the world!! The writers had no idea who GG was in the beginning and even the middle or else it wouldn't have been written the way it was. Stephanie Savage is a whore and a liar!


@ whateva. Well said
Dair should have always stayed friends, and there was a dynamic to their friendship that I missed this season. I wish they wouldn't have made them a couple.


That was because Dair was Josh Safran going all rogue and his baby and as you noticed he wasn't even involved in the retrospective (because it is his fault GG went to crap and he probably over there effing up Smash as we speak). So I would brush it off too because how they went about it was ridiculous. But SS shouldn't had left Safran in charge, so bad parenting on her part.

Spindae 2o

@Lalalala I agree! I get Chair shippers and I really love the 2 of them together but Dair was good. Maybe a bit to routine but the most fun scenes happened with them together over these 6 years. Inconsistancy killed the show since S3, after Jenny leaving they just broke and the storylines went rouge!
I never thought they would reveal GG to us and I mean they should've played it better. Something like PLP does now showing us how the BtS work!


It bothers me to no end that SS just brushes Dair off and laughs when they spent over 2 years with him in love with her and the whole series developing their relationship


How stupid to all of a sudden make Dan Gossip Girl. It's not like they planned it from the beginning! I knew the writers were lousy but this is a whole new level. I don't care that Dan's Gossip Girl but it's obvious this is something they came up with at the very last minute.


And here I almost thought it was "Henri"... as in Henri Bendel lol

Spindae 2o

The only thing they can't justified is the S3 final where Jenny sent the pic of Dan and S sleeping together to GG and the pic was posted! So did Jenny post it!? direct! And what the heck was wrong with the Juliet taking down S story where GG was "helping her"!?


You can actually see from the first episode that Dan is GG :D

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