Gossip Girl Review: Tag Teams and Takedowns

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What an hour. Gossip Girl aired its penultimate episode, "The Revengers,” this week and it took us viewers all over the place. There was scheming, crying, a possible death and even an arrest...

Bart, Bass & Beyond. Taking the stage in this installment was none other than the evil Bart Bass. Seriously, I have watched a lot of TV... even a lot of bad TV. These shows have been full of corrupt characters - but still, Bart takes the villainous cake. He possesses layers of evil and it doesn’t help that he is so smart with his crimes. Could you imagine having a father worse than BB? Yup, don’t think there is one.

Chuck continued his battle with his father and it finally started to peak interest again. These two had been having a tug of war for far too long. The fact that Bart would try to convince his son to leave the country and never come back is just crazy. What’s more crazy? The fact that he tried to kill his own child in a plane crash. 

Looks like this war is coming to an end. The scuffle between the Bass boys ended with Bart falling off the roof of the building where his Man of the Year party was still going on. Not that this hasn’t been entertaining, but I personally will be glad to get rid of the real Basshole.

Bartholomew Bass Photo

Like Father, Like Son. Nate, having played both teams of the Bass war, ended up in jail just like his Daddy. What kind of prison is this that his high school girlfriend could just pop in and talk to him? Regardless, it brought back The Captain and that's always enjoyable. Nate shared some sweet father/son moments and gave him the inspiration to move forward...with the help of Sage.

Nate still has all of research on the identity of Gossip Girl. Is he finally going to take her down? He better, and hopefully he will use Blair Waldorf and her b*tches. If not, at least his mug shot made it on to TMZ...

Best Team Ever. This isn’t the first time the friends of GG have teamed up for a serious scheme. But I must say, Blair and the girls were awesome. They did just enough to creep out Bart and all get along, even if for just one night. Not to mention, they all looked flawless. Sage has grown on me, Ivy’s raspy voice is always welcome (when she’s useful) and even Georgina was likable. 

The GG fans have made the Georgina argument as tension-filled as the Dair/Derena/Serenate/Chair fights. Is she a welcome character or is she just a little too nutty? Has she worn out her welcome in the UES? Most appearances by G are entertaining, but they have started to grow thin. Does anyone else think this or do you wish she had been a full time character throughout the series?

Dan On The Move. Humphrey is moving on up! Dan made the bold move to get an apartment in Serena’s building, after admitting he still loves her and going against Bart. Is it enough to get S to stay or is she really heading to the sunny skies of California? He slipped an envelope into her bags; has to be his nice Serena chapter, right?

Serena and Blair on GG

Will Derena get back together just in time for the show to come to an end? I hope so, or there are going to be some seriously angry shippers.

The End is Here. With only one episode left of the series, what can we expect from the writers? There have been Gossip Girl spoilers all over the place for the past several weeks. Looks like there may be some returning characters, some saying goodbye and maybe some saying something a little more important. Will Gossip Girl be revealed? Will Serena leave the UES side for good? Will Lily reappear? Will Serena really leave? Leaving behind her BFF would really put a hole in the heart of this show. 

It’s going to be a long week waiting for the series finale. This gives us time to look back at the Gossip Girl cast we’re getting ready to say goodbye too, as well as reliving the best Gossip Girl Quotes over the past six seasons.

Until then, sound off below and let us know what you thought of “The Revengers.” Did it live up to final season expectations or was it a let down considering there is only one episode remaining?

Check back for the Round Table of the week and make your predictions for the end of Gossip Girl! We've also posted the series finale promo below. Until next week, GG Fanatics. XOXO.


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Noticed this dialogue from Serena during the Finale Promo: "You have the power to reveal Gossip Girl's identity all this time." Here's my guess who is Gossip Girl: ----It's Georgina!---- Why? 1) The story how she had Gossip Girl's laptop on the 100th episode was not anymore explained. Probably there's no story to tell there as she's always been Gossip Girl.
2) She mysteriously disappears, most probably to update her blog.
3) She's never been a subject of GG.
4) Dan probably knows its Georgina all the time she's spending time with her.
5) The smile on Georgina's face on the promo probably saying my job here is over.


@Regina Phalange I agree with you. It feels like a big serving of just desserts for Bart. Since he came back, he did nothing but moan about how Chuck isn't a real man because he has feelings but, in that moment, the only thing that could possibly save him was Chuck's mercy for his father... Looks like Chuck just passed the Bart Bass Diploma for 'how to become a real man'. (Hopefully the sarcasm here is clear but, for the record, I do think that Bart's ideas about what defines a 'man' is incredibly warped and everything Chuck said to him on that rooftop was right)


@ToBe, Of course not, but I thought you were being sarcastic, or maybe you forgot relationship of Dan and Georgina from season 3, and nothing more! And my commentary about this episode it will be, take time!
@Fatin, Again calling me for no reason, and then they were wrong when I answer to them! You do your job and I'll my - you continue to hate the way I defend Serena and Dan, and I'll defend Serena and Dan more and more!


@Em I see what you mean. Chuck had a few seconds to make a choice, and after everything Bart had said to him in the previous moments, he couldn't have done anything differently. It goes without saying that he comes out of all this (and is indeed) the better man, since he didn't kill Bart (or anyone else, for that matter); he just didn't save him. I just thought that all the build-up around Bart's storyline, when it was all leading to his death, was, as you say, the easiest option. On the other hand, it did make sense to me that in the end, what didn't save Bart (and made him lose the battle to Chuck) was the thing he always said made Chuck weak: compassion.


"in what paralel universe does a guy write that much shit about the woman he loves and thinks it´s ok to publish it just because in his head his point of view is the universal truth? and in what altern reality does that woman marry him after he had the guts to play with her feelings and publicly call her "nothing" (among other things)? and you think him writing nice and nasty things about Serena simultaneously justifies it? what sane person do that to someone he cares about, let alone love? and for God´s sake what woman with the tiniest bit of self respect marries him? Nooo writers just no!" so true...


[continued] Is anyone really surprised that, in those few seconds Chuck had to make a decision, he didn't try to save him? I'm certainly not. I probably wouldn't feel any compassion for Bart Bass either. (So whilst I get the point that it would have shown Chuck to be the 'better man' if he'd helped Bart, that isn't necessarily how emotions work - people don't always do the right thing).


I think the writers created a bit of a problem for themselves with the Bart storyline in that they made it seem like he was indestructible. He clearly had to go, else no one would get their happy ending, and killing him off was the easiest option. I didn't like that they brought Bart back in the first place so I don't care that he's gone, but I feel like it was a waste of ten episodes just for the sake of OMGs (which were much more NO-MG than OMG anyway). They could have done something else instead. As for whether Chuck should have helped him - probably. Would he have been able to save him - probably not. Does it make Chuck just as bad as Bart that he didn't help? Absolutely not. Bart ruined (and even took) lives. Chuck didn't take Bart's life, he just made no attempt to save it. Bart tried to kill him, threatened his girlfriend, had his best friend thrown in jail, and his stepmother was clearly scared for her own safety (as well as everyone else's). Is anyone really surprised that, in those few seconds Chuck had to make a decision, he didn't try to save him? I'm certainly not. I probably wouldn't feel any compassion for Bart Bass either. (So whilst I get the point that it would have shown Chuck to be the 'better man' if he'd helped Bart, that isn't necessarily how emotions work - people don't always do the right thing).


I WANT in the Blair Bithces team!


I think in a way it was the right decision not to save Bart. If Bart lived he would just still keep torturing Chuck and Blair. It was the only way for them to get their happy ending. A man that paid someone mom to stay away and then tell their son that she died is not a good man. Bart had no reason to do what he did so you all need to stop saying Chuck should have save him because Bart was never going to change. Death was fit for Bart!!!


I may have missed the first 20 minutes because I was frosting christmas cookies, but Blair calling Ivy a goat was the best! Not sure of the context, but awesome!

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