Gossip Girl Round Table: "New York, I Love You XOXO"

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Welcome back, once again, to TV Fanatic's final Gossip Girl Round Table Q&A discussion! Below, our panelists break down all aspects of the last Gossip Girl episode, "New York, I Love You XOXO."

In our Q&A session, TVF editor Steve Marsi and staff members Christina Tran, Leigh Raines and Courtney Morrison share their opinions on everything that went down on the season and series finale.

Weigh in with your take on the following topics after reading ours!


1. What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?

Courtney: If I'm going for the funny... definitely goes to Jack: "Come on out Blair, Uncle Jack is here to help." Other than that, I loved everyone gathered trying to figure out who was Gossip Girl.

Christina: Mad props to William for both: “Run along back to Florida and be the queen of the swamp people.” and then “You’re a lifetime movie called Nobody Gives a Damn: The Ivy Dickens Story.”

Leigh: Favorite quotes: Jack meeting Georgina. I wish these two had met sooner, their banter alone could've made a spinoff. Favorite scene was the flash forward. They used "You Got The Love" from the Sex and the City finale and that automatically gets me emotional. It was perfect to see everyone in a good place.

Steve: Hizzoner himself, Michael Bloomberg, reading his phone and saying "I thought it was Dorota." Let's just let that sink in ... they got the Mayor of New York City and one of the world's most powerful people to do that. Pretty awesome work, Stephanie. I also enjoyed the closing song, as Leigh said. Great symmetry with SATC and fittingly, Florence + The Machine did the honors in Derena's case.

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2. Were you surprised to find out the identity of Gossip Girl?

Courtney: Yes! I guess the signs were there but I had my money on Eric.

Christina: I was a bit surprised because I spent most of the time convinced that Jenny was behind it all. And actually, I think there would have been way less plot holes if the writers went that route.

Leigh: After reading speculation and articles and forums for the last few weeks I narrowed it down to the Humphrey family. Especially when people were saying that there was a key clue at the end of "It's Really Complicated." Dan said he's had a plan this whole time. Boom. I didn't like it at first and then I was like you know what? This is brilliant.

Steve: As the only one of the four of us to pick Dan in last week's Round Table ... I was still surprised the writers pulled the trigger on that, and pleasantly surprised. There's NO CHANCE it was planned that way from the very start, but it feels like there were definite clues dating back to Season 5 and possibly earlier.

3. Chuck and Blair got married and had a Mini-Bass. What was your favorite Chair moment?

Courtney: From this episode? The proposal by far. And seriously, how gorgeous did those two look for their wedding.

Christina: I liked the flash forward with Henry. He was adorable and I was just glad that Chair could finally get their happy ending.

Leigh: The proposal. "Chuck and Blair could never be boring." Also loved their old Hollywood kiss at Bethesda Fountain. However, the best was when Dorota said to Henry, look who it is and he screamed "Daddy" and jumped into Chuck's arms. That made me melt. Then when he was talking to Cyrus, he was looking at Blair adoringly. I wanted more of the Bass family!

Steve: I like that Chuck and Blair have a son and seem like good, happy parents. That to me says more about the long-term stability and strength of their relationship than anything.

4. In the flash forward, we learned that Serena and Dan were tying the knot. It's about time or big mistake?

Courtney: About time! These two have been at the core of the show since say one. Although, after realizing Dan was GG it seemed a little weird. But hey, he loves the girl and she loves him. Good for them!

Christina: What mistake? Serena's goal in life was to get married, and of course she ended up with the one person who was more obsessed with her than herself.

Leigh: Only Serena can decide what's right for her. They waited five years so I can only assume that they sorted all of their crap out. I think it was about time. I wish we saw some more Gossip Girl Season 1 Dan and Serena because that was them at their best. Serena doesn't care that she was written about, "remember you're nobody unless you're talked about."

Steve: She made peace with his role as Gossip Girl, and five years passed, so it's hard to call it a mistake. If they had rushed into it, that would be another story. Team Derena.

5. What was the best outfit featured in the finale?

Courtney: Toss up. Blair's wedding dress or her dress at Serena's wedding. Leighton Meester looked stunning in both.

Christina: B’s dress at the Derena wedding. I loved it!

Leigh: Blair's wedding dress and whole ensemble was beautiful. Also loved the flashback outfits, Chuck's scarf made an appearance!

Steve: Not really an outfit, but in a similar vein, Dan's buzzcut, flashback style. Feels like a lifetime and a million Muppet jokes ago. Honorable mention goes to Henry's bow tie.

6. There were blink-and-you-miss-it scenes with Jenny and Eric. Would you rather have had them come back and play a bigger role?

Courtney: I expected them to have a bigger part since their return was talked about quite a bit. I would have rather had them not return if their role was going to be that small. Did Jenny even talk?

Christina: Of course I would have loved more screen time with the younger siblings; however, the entire finale felt incredibly rushed as is. I’m not so sure how else they could have been involved.

Leigh: I definitely wanted more from Eric and little J. Rachel Bilson and Kristen Bell had more of a role, not that I'm complaining because I'm a fan of both, but we needed a little more Eric and Jenny.

Steve: It did seem a little pointless to bring them back just for that, although at least they helped end the flash forward on a happy note. However, Lisa Loeb was more noteworthy in that scene!

7. Rate the Gossip Girl finale on a scale of 1-10.

Courtney: I always want to give a series finale such a high rating. I thoroughly enjoyed the episode and discovering that everyone was doing so well in the future. There were definite plot holes, but there have been gaping holes in this show from the beginning. I'm going with a solid 8.

Christina: 5! It fell so short of what it could have been. Sure, there were plenty of answers and resolutions, but it just wasn’t what I was expecting. I'm going to pretend Gossip Girl Season 2 was the end.

Leigh: I'm gonna give it a 10. I'm SURE I will get a lot of arguments because you can never please a whole audience, but they wrapped it up the best they could and we said goodbye. XOXO.

Steve: I'd go much lower, but you can't punish the finale for some of the Season 4-6 episodes that preceded it, so I'll say 9. On its own merit, "New York, I Love You XOXO" was a lot of fun.

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I like how most of the people on the round table didn't acknowledge all the loopholes of Dan being GG? Just doesn't make crap sense.
The whole motive behind it all makes sense, but the way things went in all 6 seasons don't make it work.


i so wanted more CHAIR scenes! the DAN-SERENA wedding? WTF?? i hate it! if i rate it, only 7 unlike season 1 and 2 finale:(


..CHAIR ending was the best part of the finale...and these two were the only reasons for watching the show all along. serena and dan were a big disappointment though..turned me off big time. But who cares about thosre two...CHAIR forever !! P.S. does anyone know what georgina was carrying in that big box???????/ did I miss it or what :/


I give the series finale a 3 because even though Gossip Girl was finally revealed, it was a letdown to me BIG TIME. My favorite couple Chair got a happy ending but my other favorite couple Serenate didn't get a happy ending. Where was the love for us Serenate fans? You guys let us down in a major way.

Leigh r

@Tinkelbell90 Thank you! I just read the interview with Stephanie Savage where she answers every question. Dan was almost revealed as GG in the pilot so they had to do some editing. Also J for Waldorf on the bag was real. For the person who "weeps for humanity" because all of us liked the ending- get a grip it's a television show. We take it for what it is and look for the good. Get over the negativity.


Oh and I really liked Season 5, end of the affair and GG are my favorites, Ed & Leighton did an amazing acting job-I could feel the emotion!


This episode was a 10! I am 38 years old and obsessed with the show. I began watching it in the middle of season 4-as I watched 90210 with my kids and the commercials with Chair always intrigued me. I spend this past summer watching the eps I missed from the first 3 1/2 seasons. I thought it all ended splendid and who cares if Serena forgave Dan so quick, as we speak I am watching Season 5-G.G. and Serena just told Dan she loves him. So obvi they were meant to be together. She is always quick to forgive. The only thing I wish, they would have had less Carrie Diaries commercials and more Chair moments, especially with Henry. I loved in the Derena wedding, the pics of Chair and their life together (all of their pics were behind where Rufus and Lisa Loeb were sitting). I loved both of B's dresses, especially the wedding dress, it was 1000 times better than Serena's. I am going to miss this show so much. Now I will sit with my kids (whom are teens) and watch 90210 only to think after that, there is nothing, no more GG. I will buy the box set and I always have netflix to watch them on. Oh and the Bonnie and Clyde song in the beginning, is orginally French from Serg Gainesborg, but the Great Northern version in the final ep was really good. I love that version as much as the original. And the way Chuck was protective of Blair, just so sweet. To me, Chair made the whole series beginning with Victor,Victrola


LOL only in tvfanatic will you find fans and reviewers who actually thought this was a good finale. You guys are contented with the merest thing right? As long as Chair and Derena get to kiss, you'll never feel like this show insulted your intelligence (beginning to even doubt it exists). Come on, Serena marrying the sociopath who basically made her lifehell in high school. Must be love, awww. Despite that Dan being Gossip Girl is utterly ridiculous, it is still canon and yet, Serena just swallows it pretty well. Wait, I know what Derena fans will say about this: "Serena is the only girl who has ever loved him. She accepts him. That means they are meant to be. First love last!"
I weep for humanity.


well for me rufly got the open ending. so i saw it at end. so they are not over:)


Love reading all the comments! I didn't start watching Gossip Girl until THIS SUMMER. Seriously I'd never seen a single episode and watched Season's 1-5 all the way through, like 3 shows per day while I was nursing my son on maternity leave. From my perspective, the series got slightly stale in parts of Season 3 and Season 4, but I loved the dark themes in Season 5 and the Season 5 acting was great. Overall, I think people are wrong about consistency. All of the main characters (except Nate) have complexities that were quite consistent throughout the series, and all of them developed well. Character development isn't a one-direction trajectory - it takes twists and turns and even goes backwards sometimes. Just as we all do as we mature.

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