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Calling it now. It's William van der Woodsen. If Dan knew all this time that would explain why he wouldn't come after GG. This kind of power is something he needed all along but outing GG would hurt Serena. Also William was in NYC for a portion of the series and never went to see Serena. Kinda strange for a dad...

I would like to also know who Chuck's mom is, because it's still kind of unclear in a way.


I totes understand you man. If you love Dair or if you point out what is wrong with the show, then you just simply cannot be a Gossip Girl fan. That's the logic of most of the fans. Guess what? Dair was a part of Gossip Girl, whether you liked it or not and pointing out the wrongness of the show displays that we care about it (or used to, in my case). When I say one thing against GG, I'm immediately tagged as a bitter Dair fan (so you do acknowledge that only Dair fans are able to see how bad the writing is? Interesting) and my words are disregarded. Take a step back from your shipper fantasy and see for yourself. Everything is laughable right now, even your idolized Chuck Bass. Chair has never been more of a joke and if I were a fan of that couple, I'd be insulted by the way they handled them this season.


Whoever GG is, it is said to be a character that has been there since Season One, so that rules Juliet out.


Logically, it would make SO MUCH SENSE if Nelly Yuki was Gossip Girl. She's someone who has always tried to fit in and GG has never blasted Nelly (at least I don't think she has)

I'm sorry, but if GG is Eric, I think it would be a sellout. I don't think such a minor character could be GG, although with the writing, it would not surprise me. Jenny would be an interesting choice, however, I'd like them to explain it.

Blair, Serena and Chuck are obviously not GG. That leaves Nate, Dan and Dorota (why Dororta? That would be sort of dumb)..

anyone have any thoughts?


#1 " he's never gone up against Blair Waldorf and her bitches" -Blair
#2 I think she'll be back
#3 I'm not of a Sage fan or Georgina since end of last season, but I liked them all plotting and scheming together in true GG fashion
#4.Bart, glad you're gone and hope its real this time,never cared for or about you
#5 undecided
#6 Cuck and Blair get married as do Dan & Serena, Lily & Rufus, and just like On DH, Bart's death will be ruled accidental or self defense and charges against Chuck dropped
#7 I have no idea but can't wait to find out


The last 2 minutes of this episode summed up seasons 3-6 perfectly, a joke


Gossip Girl is totally William van der Woodsen.


I agree with Steve about this last death scene. I was literally laughing tears at the ridicuoulness! But still the ep. had good parts...all Goodbye scenes left me teary eyed as well in an emoional way...Chuck kissing Blair, S. hugging B. and even the last scene between Dan and Serena felt honest, even if I'm still frowning about the thought that a few months ago Dan was head over heals with Blair...then again I remember Blair saying something like:"I told Chuck he hadn't my heart anymore" They really shoudn't have gotten into this Dair-thing...it just kind of cheapens the ral stuff but well harms done...But as I said I really liked the Derena scene and loved how S stayed firm and left anyway. I must say I'm kinda glad it's over next week still I can't wait for the last episode. I can't explain myself my weird love for this show! Sometimes it feels like a car crash I just can't look away.


I loved this whole episode- finally gg was exciting and funny again.
Although it was a little cheesy, I did love when blair asked chuck to do one thing for her, to kiss her. It was nice to have see them kiss again finally!!
I loved blair and her bitches- their scenes were clever, funny, and amusing:)
My favorite ever gg scenes are the entire pilot, everyone hangin in the hamptons, the end of season 2, the original cotillion, the bar mitzvah scene with chuck and blair, and when serena and dan are together for the first time and she makes the snowstorm for him haha.
On who's gg- I really hope that the big reveal lives up to it all. I would LOVE if it was either Dan or Eric. I have a feeling it might be nelly yuki or bart though.
I'm excited to see how juliet will possibly fit in to the episode... I have no idea what her role will be.

Next week should be good!!!!


Gossip Girl is probably both Jenny and Eric. I thought it was Jenny but then Eric was brought up during the Thanksgiving episode and it seemed out of left field. Why bring up Eric now after a whole season has gone by? Also, I wished for Serenate but my hopes are totally dashed. Ever since Vanessa left it was like Dan was the odd man out.

Serena and Dan just don't have that chemistry that Serena and Nate did... Oh well.

I liked the girls getting together, that was fun. Although, I would have preferred Juliet and Jenny to be included instead of Ivy and Sage. Those girls were way more vindictive (and more fun) than Ivy or Sage. If the writers had Juliet and Jenny then everything really would have come full circle. Unfortunately, compared to Jenny and Juliet, Ivy and Sage are lightweights.

I loved the fab four (Serena, Blair, Nate, and Chuck) together again and having Ivy surrounded by them at the bar. It was only fitting that the fab four got a final scene together.

What were a few of my favorite scenes of the series? All of Season 1 especially the end when the 'Core 4' the 'Non-judgemental Breakfast Club' teamed up against Georgina. In Season 2 I enjoyed when 'Queen Serena' took over high school and made Dan a social outcast. I loved Serena and Nate in Season 3 (all seemed right with the world). Also, the whole first part of Season 4 especially when the 'Core 4' surrounded Juliet to tell her that she was officially 'Done' . That was fun and exciting ;D


Prediction(s) - Chair wedding and mini-Chuck is all I care about. Oh, and Nate has to be on top again. Especially since all the dreams for Serenate are being pushed away by the return of Derena (which came soooo out of nowhere if you ask me).

Who is GG - I agree with Steve, Dan would make the greatest twist EVER. But clearly that's not where the writers are going with this. Whoever she (he?) is, I just want to be shocked.

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