Grey's Anatomy Clips: Jitters Abound in Seattle

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It's shaping up to be an emotional week on Grey's Anatomy.

Four clips from Thursday's mid-season finale hit at the tension building on several fronts. Bailey's anxiety is building up before her wedding, as April finds out the hard way, and Callie devises a strategy to counter.

Meredith, meanwhile, tries to play up her familial connection with sister-in-law Lizzie (Neve Campbell), only to be shot down fast by Derek's sibling, who chastises her for keeping her distance from the family until now.

Also caught off guard? Cristina, by Owen's request to move forward on their divorce proceedings quickly. If there's any hope for this estranged couple, Hunt does not appear interested in finding it here. At all.

Watch the scenes from "Run, Baby, Run" below ...

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Sucks that Meredith is getting the blame from Lizzie over this. That's not just who Meredith is - she grew up as an only child and isn't used to having a family. Besides, I blame the writers for not introducing Derek's family earlier. It's all fans have been complaining about since the mention of 4 sisters, 9 nieces and 5 (6 if you include Amelia's anencephalic baby) nephews back in season one.

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