Grey's Anatomy Review: Cold Feet, Warm Heart

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Maybe it's me, but I've noticed more recently that winter finales have become bigger and more pivotal in their dramatic turns, much like season finales. There's always something major in store, except luckily, we don't have to wait as long for the return with the consequences and aftermath.

Which is a good thing, because while "Run, Baby, Run" had a lot of buildup, its final moments packed a solid punch of WOW.

Lizzie on Grey's

Neve Campbell was fantastic as Derek's sister Lizzie and that's not because she's a Scream queen or a Wild Thing. She possesses a lot of charisma without being over the top, and her sisterly determination makes her feel less pushy and more sensitive.

I was glad that she was willing to tell Derek that it didn't matter if the procedure worked, it was trying it that counted. Similarly, I was pleased she told Meredith that she wanted to be more like sisters with her.

Sure, Meredith did seem extremely hesitant and uncomfortable, but it was great that in the end, she opened up to Lizzie about the pregnancy and family. That's a huge step in their relationship, but also in the sense that Meredith was willing to share something that she hasn't been the most optimistic about.

And it was a little weird that both Cristina and Meredith didn't tell each other their big news. Does that really mean that things are changing for them or is that just a bump in the "BFF" road?

If anything, it looks like things are headed in a positive direction for these two girlfriends, which is a good thing after so much tragedy has fallen on them. But can you believe Owen and Cristina jumping each other?

These two characters have always had great chemistry, and even when they were fighting, you could feel the passion and sentiment between them. They've always felt like a real couple.

Yes, the will they/won't they relationship has been going for a while, but it's been obvious that Owen still holds a flame for his sharp-tongued love.

Getting a divorce to help the settlement, while feeling the heavy heavy burden of being the one that chose the crashed plane, is a lot for the guy to handle.

So, in the end, I am happy that these two are willing to give it a second try. Should they? Can it actually work? I'm hesitant to shout "happy endings," but it was a nice surprise that they've fallen into each other's arms again.

Which makes me wonder about the intern Jo and Alex. Is the show trying to push them together romantically?

I don't know if I like that direction, and I certainly couldn't believe she told on Alex because she thought she was going to get fired. I get the "deep end" feeling, but going behind his back is definitely a way to burn those bridges.

Although, I get the sneaking suspicion that these two are only just getting started.

Bailey's Wedding Dress

But the big shocker of the night came down to Adele's emergency and Miranda skipping out on her own wedding to help her friend.

It makes me wonder what the outcome for these two will be when we come back. Will Adele survive? Will Miranda's relationship?

I know that she had cold feet and feelings of doubt, but it would be unfortunate that it all ends under the circumstances. It's not like Miranda actually turned into a runaway bride. She was simply helping Richard. I just hope that she and Ben can work it out and not have him calling off the wedding and their marriage.

But holy awesomeness to how well all the doctors looked out of their scrubs! Sexy dresses for the ladies and sharp suits for the guys is a look they should try more often.

I'll admit the beginning got off to a slow start, and I kept waiting for something bad to happen after Meredith's voiceover about stresses and running. And I'm still not a huge fan of the interns (but maybe that's because we've had so much time to get to know the main Grey's Anatomy cast.) 

Ultimately, though, the ending threw so many good moments to leave fans wanting more over the holidays that it's got me wondering about the fate of all the characters and where everything will go from here.

That's a great way to send off a winter finale, Grey's Anatomy. Well done.


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I'll never see the appeal of Cristina and Owen. I hate how he sets her face off everytime they kiss. And neither are anything to look at.. I Think it's more like they deserve one another then mfeo cuz they are the most dysfunctional disaterous couple on the show. I wish it was Owen sitting in Lexies seat on the plane.


I don't like how the Alex/Jo storyline is being written out. I hope these two become friends instead of love interest because I don't like them together. I don't see any chemistry between the two. Jackson and April on the other hand have indeniable chemistry imo, I hope they find their way back to each other. I was also happy that Christina and Owen got back together (or just kissed I don't know). I always loved them and believe they can overcome the obstacles between them. Christina has grown while in Minnesota, I think she could make compromises about not wanting kids. I think she is probably scared of not being able to take care of them. The more we got to know this character, I think we were able to realise that she is not a selfish person like in the beginning. She has grown and has opened up to Owen the way she hasn't before with Burke. These two are clearly meant to be. She has changed with him for the better and will continue to change, I believe.


@Jarrod Mitchell, just because Meredith has acknowledged Lexie's death doesn't mean she's done grieving. It takes several months up to a year to go through all the stages. And Meredith has always delt with things her own way at her own pace. Like many I feel like Adele will die coming back in January. Though predictable it doesn't make it less emotional and I'm sure Shonda will write that departure in a way that will leave everyone heartbroken.


Seriously shut up about hating on Az. You're whining about her is *getting to me. Jessica is Hot as hell and shes amazing on the show. So is Sara! I find it funny how TV Fanatic always seems to leave them out if the recaps and discussions. I'm sorry but Calzona' make the show SO much better.


This was one of the best of Grey's. Totally good. Derek really great, Meredith great, Bailey great, Korev great, Torres and Arizona great! The only thing, were there more commercials than usual and for longer periods of time? Maybe the advertising for Grey's has to pay for PP and Scandal too.


@Clara: If I recall, Meredith "moved on" past Lexie's death when Cristina showed up at her door drunk and said the following: "Lexie's dead" while letting off a gentle nod and smile. So I'm not sure how she could still be "emotionally guarded" over it.


... Callie ripped into Airzona again too, her constant whining is still getting to me. Why she wasn't take in the plane crash still gets to me these days. And please, don't get me started on Jo. I was glad Alex went apeshit at her, because after what she pulled, I really hope she drops out and dies from a drug overdose. Adele in ER at the end? Smooth moves Shonda. I can see why you've labeled it your "favorite episode ever!". Seems like a sadist would be looking forward to potential death.


I kind of have to agree with @Tiff about that. Though Meredith and Lexie only knew each other for 4 years, it seems to me that their relationship didn't even mean anything at all to Meredith. I get grieving, I do, but Lexie was always willing to be there for Meredith, it was Meredith who just never looked to her. I get that is just WHO Meredith was, but she did change and so did their relationship. The way she even acted this episode for the first 20 mins was just so many seasons ago on how she would have behaved. I'm not saying go on and on about Lexie, but it's as if she's never really existed. How hard is it to speak good about your sister who YES - would have walked through fire for you.
On another note, was glad to see Lizzie, Derek and Meredith interaction. For some reason I was excited for the Owen/Cristina reunion even though I haven't really been a fan. The April/Jackson thing has really just lost interest to me seeing as I do not care at all about Lexie/Mark 2.0. Was glad Callie ripped into Airzona again too, her constant whining is still getting to me. Why she wasn't take in the plane crash still gets to me these days. And please, don't get me started on Jo. I was glad Alex went apeshit at her, because after what she pulled, I really hope she drops out and dies from a drug overdose. Adele in ER at the end? Smooth moves Shonda. I can see why you've labeled it your "favorite episode ever!". Seems like a sadist would be looking forward to potential death.


@ Tiff, You clearly don't grasp emotional depth. Why does she say that Grey's aren't sisterly like that? It couldn't be because she doesn't want to talk to Derek's sister about something that still makes her heart hurt. She's not lying, she's emotionally guarded. Duh.


Shonda and the writer made Meredith a tell a lie about Lexie. Meredith knows Lexie would have walked through fire to save her. And Meredith knows Lexie was not like the other Greys. Lexie was the only Grey who give a darn about Meredith and truly LOVED her.Lexie would have give her life for Meredith "IN A HEARTBEAT". Why are Shonda and the writers continuing write stupid stuff when referring to Lexie. Totally dissing her memory. (Killing her wasn't enough for Shonda)

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