Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Love Turns You Upside Down"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Last week's Grey's Anatomy review broke down "Love Turns You Upside Down" in great detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff members Sean McKenna, Christina Tran and Courtney Morrison have assembled for their weekly Q&A discussion.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Courtney: My answers are always pretty obvious. Cristina always takes the top prize. Her calling her interns by the dwarf names continuously cracks me up. Especially when she threw in “Doc.” Classic

Sean: The return of Neve Campbell as Derek's sister. I mean she was in Wild Things and Scream, so she's a pretty big deal. Good to know she's there to help a brother out.

Christina: Best scene was at the very end as the interns watched in awe of their residents just being the rockstars that they are.

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2. What was the most interesting case of the week?

Courtney: I really enjoyed Alex and Jo’s case. It gave us a chance to learn more about her and see Alex do what he does best.

Sean: I liked April and Shane on the lumps and bumps. It wasn't the prettiest or the most unique, but it was nice seeing them work together. Plus, Shane got a chance to show a bit more of his personality and character this week.

Christina: I liked Cristina's cases with the babies. However, I didn't care too much for Grumpy and Perky's immature behavior.

3. There was a big focus on the interns this episode. Who is leading the pack as the intern doc?

Courtney: Shane Ross. From the moment Gaius Charles signed on, I wanted him to be the best and according to Callie and Avery, looks like he is leading the pack.

Sean: Definitely Shane Ross. He seems focused, excited, and willing to learn. I want to see a lot more from him, but really, most of the interns just aren't floating my boat interest wise. 

Christina: In first place, we have Shane. Following him close behind, there's Jo. Shane seems very genuine, and I feel like Jo's compassion is going to keep her moving right along.

4. We’ve always been told that one intern won’t make it. Who will it be from this group?

Courtney: Leah. Pretty much because I just learned her name and have no interest in her whatsoever. I can’t be alone in that, right?

Sean: Half the time I can't even remember their names. Grumpy, Lumpy, I don't care. I guess I'm hoping it's either one of the two that were fighting this episode (Leah or Stephanie, I think?)

Christina: You're definitely not alone, Courtney. I just don't have a good feeling about Leah (almost Doc).

5. Shane is going to help out Callie and Avery on Derek’s surgery. Will it be successful or is Derek done operating for good?

Courtney: Either way, the arc will be interesting. Derek’s return back into surgery will be filled with pressure and tension. Can he live up to his name? If for some reason it doesn’t work, he can now be a teacher (which I am starting to enjoy) and be home with Zola and the *hopefully* new one on the way. Please Shonda. No miscarriages. My personal hope? Successful.

Sean: It will be a success for sure. The story arc is interesting in the prospect of what would he do if he couldn't perform, but I just can't see the show taking that big skill set away from McDreamy.

Christina: The surgery will be a success. McDreamy will be back in the O.R. better than ever before. Mer will have a flawless pregnancy. They'll live happily ever after! Hey, a girl can hope, right?!

What do you all think of this week's Grey's Anatomy? Share your responses in the comments below!


enjoyed learning more about jo.. at first i didnt really like her but i suppose she's getting better.
i loved the scene at the end where the interns are in awe of our new attendings


Jo should file a harassment claim against Alex the condescending jerk. How dare he call her Princess. He'd be in trouble in my office for talking to someone like that, especially an intern. I hope they don't pair them. He's way too old for her. He'd be better with an older actress.


1. The scene at the End with Neve coming in. I think of all Derek's sisters Lizzy is the one Derek wanted the least to be there because she's prob a know it all shrink.
2. The baby case was the most interesting and heart wrenching of all The parents we're just weird.
3. Charles Ross. He is irritating but funny and clearly the most willing to learn and be a good surgeon.
4. Both stephanie and leah must just be fired. But also Tina Majorino's character has basically been a lackey and personal assitant and hasn't shown any medical skills.
5. Yes she will. It will be a long road and hopefully we'll get a Derek centric episode at some point that focuses on his return to surgery.


I like all the interns( Shane & Jo mostly). My favorite scene was when Callie and Jackson were picking a intern for Dereks hand surgery. That was funny. It was stupid we did'nt get to see Derek's long lost sister until the episode. I really liked April in this episode. I hope they dont pair Jo and Alex together. Alex is old and disgusting. He's the type of person that would pick in his nose and eats what ever he finds in it.


1. Well, since there were no April and Jackson scenes, I guess the April and Shane scenes. I did also like Cristina giving out dwarf names and ambushing the interns at the start of the episode.
2. The musical chair game aka baby donor heart storyline, I guess. Sure you could see it coming a mile away, but still…
3. Shane. He appreciates April. �
4. Leah. All she has is the unhealthy obsession with Alex and the competition with Stephanie that got them put on probation. It feels as though the writing is on the wall. Kinda seems to me as though the actress is showing us that trouble is brewing through the character’s facial expressions.
5. Successful, I think. I have the impression that the damaged hand storyline is meant to be temporary.


1. Best scene: Alex being a rock star surgeon, and Cristina and her dwarf names. Love these two.
2. They shot Big Foot! LOL
3. None of them. They're all poor imitations of the originals. As if Grey's isn't repetitive enough. Now they're copying whole characters as well as recycling stories.
4. How can any of the interns fail while idiot, incompetent April still has a job?
5. Don't care.


1. Didn't fully enjoy any scene of this episode, maybe the babies cases. 2. The babies, it was nice to see parents fighting over a heart while at the same time they need each other's support. 3. Shane is leading but I personally like Heather a lot. She reminds me of Meredith in a way. 4. Leah has no real personality except being the stupid one that is obsessed with Alex. I hope she goes soon. 5. Of course it'll be successful ! Hello, it's Callie Torres we are talking about. She's gonna fix Derek's hand one way or another.


5.I can't see how Der would be in another fortyish episodes and not be in the OR. The interns haven't really appreciated Der's rock star surgeon status because to them he teaches when they'd rather be in an OR.


1.Mer's trying to stop her intern letting slip that Mer is pregnant. But Callie heard and there's obviously gonna be a comment at the wedding when Mer refuses alcohol.
3.I'm trying to figure out whether we're supposed to develop an interest in three or five of the interns. The episode suffered cos it was so intern centred.
4.Don't know their names.
5.I can't see how Der would be in another fourtish episodes and not be in the OR. The interns haven't really appreciated Der's rock star surgeon status because to them he teaches when they'd rather be in an OR.

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