Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Run, Baby, Run"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Last week's Grey's Anatomy review broke down "Run, Baby, Run" in great detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff members Sean McKenna, Christina Tran and Courtney Morrison have assembled for their weekly Q&A discussion.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. Are Alex and Jo meant for each other, meant to be friends, or never meant to be?

Christina: The writers are definitely setting it up for Alex and Jo to get together. Otherwise, how else would you explain why she gets so much screen time compared to the other interns?

Courtney: I agree with Christina, that it is all in the writing. I'm hoping they do get together and Alex has a chance at a real relationship. He deserves that after all these seasons. Plus, Jo is the least annoying of all the interns.

Sean: The writers are definitely setting it up, but I'm not really a fan of going that direction. Can't they find someone else for him, who hasn't been running behind his back to tell on him? And I don't mean one of the other interns. I just don't want to feel like their relationship is being forced together.

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2. Are you glad Cristina and Owen are giving it another shot?

Christina: No, not really. I once liked Owenstina, but they still have major underlying issues. If they are going to try again, they need to get down to the root cause of their problems. Owen cheated. Technically, Cristina did, too. Cristina left! Owen wants to a baby; Cristina doesn't... the list goes on.

Courtney: I enjoy these two together and they really do have great chemistry...but there are so many problems! On top of the baby/cheating issues...he is now her boss that signed off on the plane that she was on and this lawsuit resulted from. It's just another layer of complicated.

Sean: Well, yes and no. These two have great chemistry together, but they can't simply ignore all the other problems they've had. They'd really have to be on a new path and willing to change in order for it to all work out. I'd like it to, but I'm afraid their past arguments will resurface and tear them apart again.

3. Will Adele survive?

Christina: I hope so because so many people have died recently. How much more pain can our SGMW-ers handle?

Courtney: I'm predicting... no. I love the character of Adele and she has been a highlight of so many episodes. But Richard has moved on with Catherine and let's not forget Adele's "friend" at her home.  But I can be sure of one thing, Loretta Divine is going to put on an epic performance whenever her last episode is.

Sean: It'd be nice if she did survive, but I'm going to say no. In a lot of ways, Richard has already moved on. Not that he doesn't still love her, but he's already hooked up with Jackson's mom and been okay with it. It might be time for him to fully move on, unfortunately it might be this tragic moment for him.

4. Will Ben understand Miranda's reasons for ditching the wedding or will it be over for them?

Christina: Tough one, especially for Ben. He seems like a very patient man, but I can't help but wonder if Miranda could have just taken a few seconds to send a text or call him or anyone at the wedding party. Surely, the driver would have even had his phone on him if Bailey and Webber didn't. I know time was pressing, but still! I hope Ben hears her out and forgives her.

Courtney: He will understand, he is a doctor. He's definitely going to be pissed but it's Webber's wife. He has been everything to Bailey and she needs to be there for him.

Sean: I hope Ben understands, because I really feel like the circumstances weren't about running away but saving a life. I know Ben had the mini congo about Miranda's cold feet and I can see him having a talk about her not wanting to do it, so they should just not. That said, whether she would or would not have run wash't the case. She was simply helping try and save a friend, and I hope Ben will realize that.

5. Anything you want to see happen when the show comes back in 2013?

Christina: I mainly want to see a resolution for the lawsuit (kind of getting old) and of course a healthy baby for MerDer.

Courtney: Meredith and Derek having a baby! I can't even process the thought of these two having a miscarriage.

Sean: I'd really like to see the interns develop more. As characters there's so much to explore, but I feel like they've been limited to either freaking out when a doctor yells at them or just fodder for comic relief. And I'd love to see Derek get back into the doctor game. Hopefully, there aren't any complications and he can return as one of the top surgeons.

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I thought this episode was one of the best, if not the best, of the season so far. I like the interns. They're the future of Grey's and I commend Shonda for phasing them in with the regular characters. The episode had a good balance of all the characters. I hope this continues the rest of the season. I only hope Jackson and April get back together and things work out between Cristina and Owen. Happy to see them back together.


I can't decide if this episode was more stupid or more idiotic...


I can't see the Alex/Jo romance. I can't see where they are meant for each other. He needs a real woman please give him a real woman. Jo is cute but she's not for Alex.


Ive also noticed that a lot of these reviews don't mention Calzona. I want to see a lot more from them. I want to see real scenes like the other characters get. Kissing on the cheek! Really? That is her wife for crying out loud!
And yes the Jo/Alex storyline is forced. Blah. Alex needs a mature woman NOT affiliated with the hospital or at least not in the same specialty.


1. Have been saying for weeks that they will hook up. But I don't know if they are MFEO. 2. Am glad but still don't see how they are going to overcome the baby issue. 3. No she won't, I'm sad to lose Loretta Devine ! 4. I think he'll be upset but will understand cause Bailey will explain the situation and will tell him she loves him. I hope so ! 5. I want to see Arizona and Callie getting back to each other and Mc Baby !


1. I adore Alex and want him to have a great story including a love interest. But he deserves way better than a whiny, tattle tale cry baby. And why must every male Attending - Derek, Owen and now Alex and Avery - bed students? So repetitive.
2. No. There's no compromising on the kid thing, and I don't want to see Cristina ruined to make Owen happy.
5. Stop forcing the new interns. Focus on the main cast. End the stupid crash law suit/story which has already dragged on forever.


Cdeno, it's pretty clear these round table "experts" are not fans of the Calzona storyline(s). They'd sooner talk about Jo because she's tied to Alex. But it's ok! I glance at these articles all the time just to have my theory proved right everytime. Seriously, read Wetpaint, Huffingtonpost, F
FemmePop, EOnline etc if you want truly fair & good reads. Oh & every scene that had Callie in it, was my favorite.


1.I expect Alex to treat Jo as a student,he can try to date Derek's sister
2.I'm so glad Cristina and Owen are trying again!
3.hope Adele can survive, we know GA will make someone die for the ratings sake, it's sad
4.Ben will merry Baily in the season end
5.see happen when the show comes back in 2013? Please Shonda and Co. give Kevin Mckidd & Sandra Oh more screen time, don't waste their talent


I have to say the Adele scene was the best it was so intense. I loved the Calzona scenes. Callie looks hot with are without makeout. Im not looking forward to Owen & Cristina can you say Dumb and dumber. It was really nice of Meredith to show Lizzie the ultrasound. Alex yelling at Jo was unnessary. I wonder where was Bailey's son Tucker we never see him. It would had been nice to see Zola and Sofia to.


Part II - Loved Callie in all the scenes she was in - first singing Here Comes the Bride to Bailey - that was hilarious - then she did tough love thing with Arizona re: the shoe issue & then performing surgery on Derek. If Ben does not understand why Miranda did not get to the Church on time, he should not be a doctor - he'll be fine - I predict they won't marry in the Church but will take off for a whole different destination - maybe Vegas, baby!!

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