Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Keep Busy and Look Cool

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Three clips from Thursday's all-new Grey's Anatomy shed light on the new interns' mindset.

Meredith and Cristina observe that they were once like these youngsters, and it's true. They talk a good game, but only to mask their various insecurities, and their competitiveness sometimes trumps their solidarity.

Sometimes, even the brightest of know-it-alls run into situations that leave them flustered.

April Kepner may be a "dud," but she can still put an intern in his place like nobody's business. Don't underestimate her poise as a doctor, no matter how many reasons she gives you to doubt her mental toughness.

Meanwhile, Camilla Luddington's Jo decides to run with Alex's teasing of her instead of fighting it in a scene that shows there's definitely a spark between these two, whether she chooses to embrace it or not.

Check out three clips from "Love Turns You Upside Down" and comment below:

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Isn't it strange that former Mrs. Shepherd didn't show when the plane crashed; and especially as Mark died? She could have called to give her condolence.


The current Interns do not have the charisma that Meredith, Cristina, Alex, etc. had when they were Interns or that Lexi had. The storylines are not exciting. April and Jackson just don't mix. I had always wanted to see Lexi with Jackson. I don't know why she had to die and you kept Keptner who is a dud. I don't know what happened to GA. I keep watching hoping it will improve. Please don't bring Izzie back either.


So excited to see Derek's sister she was on screen all of like 2 mins... :(


Alex's intern sounds and looks a bit like Lexie. Just wish Alex would meet and like a grown up.
I should imagine KH would be keen to get back in GA, her film career isn't going well. She made the top five in the overpaid film actors category, not generating box office returns for her films.


How many times did I say that Jo and Alex would get it on ?
But it doesn't mean she's necessarily his new person. They might just fool around, who knows. Lucy was great, they should bring Lucy back. As for Kepner, finally a scene where she doesn't look/sound like an idiot !


@ izzie back I don't want Izzie back, because Alex deserves much better. But ITA agree he needs some hot and grown woman, not one of these childish little intern girls.


I would like Izzy to comeback so she and Alex can get back together and they both LEAVE THE SHOW.


NNOOOO IZZIE!!!!!!!! She wore out her welcome and RUINED alex! how could anybody want her to come back just so she can break his heart again is beyond me!


Izzie back!!! Or a really hot actress for karev, a full grown woman who intimidates him at first. Not a girl !!!!


I really find the actress playing Jo to be so blah and boring and mediocre at best as far as talent goes. I think its her eyes. They never change. She can talk all the emotions she wants, but they never reach her eyes at all except very occasionally when she looks somewhat stoned. That combined with the complete lack of chemistry with Alex, and I really hate that that's who they are pairing him with.

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