Grimm Midseason Report Card: A-

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Grimm is on an especially long hiatus, not returning with new episodes until March 8.

So what better time to stop and take stock of what we've witnessed so far on Season 2? Following in the tradition of our Once Upon a Time report card and Vampire Diaries report card, read on for one fan's evaluation of the Friday night drama...

Monroe & Rosalee Are Shocked

Best Character: I gave this honor to Monroe on last year's Grimm report card, and while he’s still quite awesome, let's hand it to Nick for 2012. This character has really come into his own as a Grimm; he’s built a team of allies from the ground up; and he’s resetting the rules of what it means to be a Grimm. And he's doing all of it while his personal life is crumbling down around him.

Worst Character: Juliette, again. While she is a much stronger character compared to last season, her story arc here is much of the same: slow and dull. Her perpetual state of forgotten memories of Nick and her feelings for Renard are so stagnant that they end up being boring rather than intriguing.

Best Episode: This is a twofer, as “Bad Teeth” and “Season of the Hexenbiest” are the strongest cases of Grimm’s quality writing. The former answered many of the questions we’ve had regarding Nick’s heritage, his ability, the royals,and what’s at stake. The latter brought Adalind back to Portland as a fun, but ruthless adversary while setting Nick and Renard into each other’s crosshairs.

Worst Episode: While Grimm would seem like a natural fit for a Halloween outing, “La Llorona” just didn’t fit very well with the themes of the series.

Biggest Head Scratcher: The need to drag out Juliette’s condition with almost no developments for nearly 12 episodes.

Hopes for 2013: Mama Burkhardt is still out there in Portland somewhere, and it’s my hope she’ll be back before the season is out. I hope to see a resolution with Juliette sooner rather than later. Finally, I want Rosalee back and Monroe out in the field (to the extent he can be) with Nick.

Overall Grade: A-

Your turn, TV Fanatics: Grade Grimm Season 2...



Fashion Stars! Really NBC are you tring to kill this show off!


Article on the net by TV: Trim the budget characters shows need to lose! Juliette Silverton (Bitsie Tulloch), Grimm During the first season, Juliette was hopelessly useless as the girlfriend who knew nothing about her boyfriend Nick's calling as a Grimm. In Season 2, she still knows nothing, but is also under a spell that gives her the hots for her boyfriend's boss. Ew! How is she helping to fight the good Wesen fight again? Writers give Juliette something to do besides getting on the fans nerves!


What is going on at NBC? 2/22/13
So, how did NBC fall from first place in September to dead last in February? Here are four missteps: Delaying NBC's real hits: Rather mystifyingly, the network postponed the return of several of its bona fide hits until March. Remember "Revolution," the sci-fi drama that had people talking last September? No? That's because it has taken a four-month hiatus. "Grimm," another one of NBC's hits, was given the same break and hasn't aired a new episode since November.
And if you don't stop the boring Renard and Juliette storyline you will loose what fans you have left!


Has anyone seen the promos about Grimm returning? Is it just me but: The Captain doesn’t look all that excited AFTER the big sex scene between him and Juliette? After the wild sex that has been promoted so much they are not hugging and kissing after? He looks worried and she has her back to him! Please reboot Juliette because I use to like her but now I can’t stand her. Also please bring The Captain back to his old badass self. He is such a boring wuss now. I don’t care how handsome Sasha is and how many times you show him with his shirt off this storyline is turning me against him. Only ten more episodes this season please stop this mess, all the other characters are great. Please show more of them and less of The Captain/Juliette mess. Monroe and Rosealee now that is a great couple! I am so against Juliette now I don’t even want her back with Nick. He deserves better! Also bring Kelly back.


Shame on NBC for halting this series return until March....Shame on the writers on making Juliette's charactor such a boring boring mess, please end her storyline.
IMHO I give the midseason grade as B- due to the Juliette/Renard storyline and the wasted amount of time the writers used up on it.....removing that storyline would leave the series grade as A+....all the remaining charactors storylines have value and intrigue.....
Again Shame on NBC!!!!! grrrrrrr


I never understood the reason for the spell being put on Renard regarding Juliette. I remember that Adalind's mom gave Renard a potion (I don't know why, he drink it, kissed Juliette, woke her up and BAM, they became obessesed with each other. Maybe I missed something. I love Hank and the way that he has been able to embrace Nick's ability (now that Hank knows that he is not crazy)and work with him and Munroe. I hope that the writers bring Rosalee back really soon. SHe and Munroe are good together.


Stop the madness writers. End the Juliette and The Captain storyline on the first show in March are you are going to lose fans. Everything else on the show is great but Juliette and The Captain...boring. Showcase Nick and Moroe, Moroe and Roselee, Nick and Hank, Nick and Kelly, more of Serg. Wu, Eric and Adalind and sorry Bitsie but Juliette needs a major reboot or she needs to go. Also reboot The Captain to his old badass self and not the wuss he is now.


I love this show but am not happy with the boring Juliett and Captain storyline. The Captain was such a badass last year and this year he is a total wuss all because he wants to sleep with Juliett! Really! End this storyline already. All his plans from last year are on hold so he can sleep with boring Juliette. Can we please get Nick a girlfrind that is more his speed. Also NBC made a big deal about the Captain and how many times have they shown Eric, maybe 3 times? More Eric please! Talk about hot couple...Eric and Adalind are great together. Juliett's character is so boring and Adalind is great. More Adalind less boring Juliett, sorry Bistie but Juliett is boring. Also show more of Hank please. I love Hank and Nick together. Need to work him in on more Grimm action please. Bring back Nick's mom Kelly already. Waiting until March is really stupid NBC! You are losing fans with this Juliett and Captain mess and now we have to wait until March to see Nick kick the Captain's butt and kick boring Juliette to the curb. Really NBC! I really liked Nick and Juliette last year but this! She is so rude to Nick and could care less about him. Sleeping on the couch and you live in a big two story house. You only have one bedroom?! Nick I love that you are a nice but you are a Grimm act like it! More Monroe and Roselee. Now that is a great couple.


Pretty much agree. I understand why they're dragging out the Juliette thing -- because it's tied into Nick finding out who his boss really is and the rest of us learning Renard's plans, including why he wants a "pet" Grimm. I still agree that it's a drag that needs to end ASAP, hopefully in the first two episodes after the series returns. And, probably like most of the rest of the folks here, it would be fine with me if the resolution resulted in Juliette leaving town (with apologies to the actor). The worst outcome would be Juliette getting back together with Nick and being kept in the dark again.


Grade: C

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