Hart of Dixie Review: The Ship Is Sailing

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On "Blue Christmas" there was major heartbreak - but also major love!

From Crazy Earl turning not-so-crazy Earl... to Ruby breaking up with Lavon, this Hart of Dixie Season 2 episode was definitely one of my favorites to date.

Zoe's Christmas

Let's start here: Wade and Zoe FINALLY got together!

Zoe's speech to Wade at the end was ADORABLE and you have to admit that it was even if you ship George and Zoe. I really enjoyed how she maned womaned up and came to her senses. Wade HAS evolved and is definitely worthy. Now that they're on the same page, it's working out great. The tension they've played up to the past few episodes paid off here. Big time.

Since I missed last week and didn't get to review "Sparks Fly," I will take this part to talk about how I DO love Tansy and George. Except every time I see Tansy I think of the actress and her role in Magic Mike. Anyone else? No? Just me. Okay. Anyway, George looks happy with Tansy and he's changing too. He is going outside of his "good guy" box, which is something that needed to happen. 

I was so proud of Lemon tonight, putting aside her personal feelings to help Lavon keep the current love of his life in Bluebell. I am astounded at how much Lemon has grown in these 10 episodes of Hart of Dixie. This is how character growth should be done. Ruby just needs to learn to keep her mouth shut and bad things won't happen. (I still love you, Ruby)

That said, I adored the immaturity between the both of them tonight. I was laughing so hard at their scene at the cookie contest. They hate each other so much and are not afraid to show it, it's perfect. I really will miss these scenes between Ruby and Lemon. I will also miss Ruby. I don't believe we've seen the last of her, but I do believe we won't see her for awhile. I was actually surprised when it was revealed that Lavon was going to be proposing, but I am glad it didn't work out. I'm sorry, Lavon, except that I'm not: you and Lemon are meant to be. 

Elsewhere, Brick has a new and much younger lady friend! What a HYSTERICAL add the end, I was not expecting Brick to come up from the covers. Last week, Brick was dreading going on a date with her because of her cell phone obsession and look how that turned out! I love it. Get yours, Brick, it makes me love you more. 

Back to Zoe and Wade. After watching last week's episode and this one, I have to say that Wade is becoming a very likable and lovable character. In the beginning and at times he can be a real ass and very immature. Now it's the opposite. He has become this sensitive and down-to-earth guy ever since Zoe and that is what love is folks. Love changes you and "evolves" you. That is exactly what happened to them both. Crazy Earl said it best. Those two are in love. 

Move over George and Zoe, endgamers, Wade and Zoe is where it's at. I'm on this ship and I will sail with it until the end!

Overall this episode was definitely top three if not my all-time favorite. Unfortunately, we have quite the break before Hart of Dixie returns. Hopefully when that takes place, we will see more of Rose and Annabeth, my two underused favorites. 


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With regard to Ruby, I'm not all about kicking her off the show. She's just a character that happens to now be a part of the show to me BUT (if I'm completely honest) I do notice I find myself doing very small fast forwards through her scenes. I hate being critical like this... her voice. Is that the character's voice she's created or the actors? It's like a slow whisper or something and it detracts from her scenes. I feel like she does it for the character because she's meant to be slightly stuck-up and a little fake whilst she's also had scenes with Zoe where it hasn't been so pronounced and I've found them much more enjoyable to watch...


Love this season through and through... Here's my breakdown on the characters' relationships... I really love seeing Wade and Zoe together because, on one hand, you have Zoe, who challenges him, and on the other, there's Wade who pulls Zoe back to earth when her head gets too far in the clouds. Both keep each other interested and that's where the strong spark comes in. I've honestly grown to love Wade more than George (my original favorite) because overtime he has shown viewers so many different dimensions, while George, although sweet and handsome, hasn't changed too much. George and Tansy...not gonna lie, still not seeing it, but I guess it works as a temporary fling. I'm going to have to agree with Wade on this one: George will realize that his brief connection with Tansy is still nothing compared to his strong feelings for Zoe Hart. Lavon and Ruby...glad that it ended, although I did not see Ruby as much of a villain as others' in this forum. In a nutshell, she'd outgrown Bluebell and unlike George (Season 1), wasn't able to ever re-fall in love with the town enough to say. Of course, I see Lavon forgiving Lemon somewhere down the road. Time heals all they say. And when the time comes, they will make a beautiful couple. This show and its homey cast has grown on me immensely. Can't wait for it to be back post winter break!


ITA with Mel. In this episode I got the feeling that Wade realized the only thing keeping them apart was Zoe and her head. At the beginning when she said that she was happy, he told her that was fine if that was the story she was telling herself. He knew she wasn't happy and that she was lying to herself and him. Also in the church I felt sad for both of them because it felt so hopeless. Going back to 209 all Wade was asking for was a chance for them to see if what they had could develop into more. He really wasn't asking for much. I never thought it would take much from her for him to come around. At the end of the day he is in love with her and wants to be with her. He isn't going to let pride stand in the way of that. He just wanted her to acknowledge him and what they had and to give it a real chance instead of looking past them and onto George. She gave him that finally.


@ReneeM This in one of the reasons I love this couple so much. They are believable. They are just two people acting on their feelings, good or bad. There were no Chuck and Blair "we can't be together because..." pacts *PUKE*! Zoe said the right words and Wade did the right thing... They are awesome and I really, really hope they are endgame because they can really grow together.


@ReneeM I think that Wade was really hurt with how Zoe reacted to George knowing about them. IMHO and as Zoe stated he really did put himself out there when he asked her out. Not everyone could do it. I guess he knew that they could be something more, and the whole break-up came from the fact that she was unable to see it and treated him like he was a placeholder. As it turned out, she was able to see it but she was to afraid to admit it.
It didn't surprise me that he was so willing to put it all behind when she came to him. He is not a bitter person. She acknowledged him and that was enough.


@T You said it perfectly about how I feel about Ruby. I don't want to dislike characters on this show that for me is a feel good show. Sure I go through my moments where one of them may not be acting their best, but usually I can understand why. With Ruby all I see is meanness. At times she was ok like in 209, but then she is back to being downright mean without any depth. @MM That is what I think Jonah is going to be. He seems to be the new Ruby at least for me.


This is just a hunch, but I get the feeling that with Ruby's leaving, the newest Breeland in town, Jonah, is going to be the new antagonist in HoD. Since Zoe gets on fairly well with Brick and her and Lemon have a somewhat civil relationship now


@John: I'll take my chances with wishing Ruby gone. I'm not a big believer in the Every Show Needs a Villain argument, especially not when that requires the intro of a temporary character instead of one we at least know and care about. If this were an action or supernatural show, maybe. It's not. It's a show about regular people's lives and relationships in a somewhat irregular town. For good writers, there's enough drama in that without having to create it. Even last year's "antagonist" Lemon was allowed to have depth and sympathy. I don't see that with Ruby at all. It's completely uninteresting to me to have a character whose apparent SOLE purpose is to cause trouble and heartbreak. If we must have someone stirring up things, there are MORE than enough characters in Bluebell already that can be developed more. At least one of them I'd consider rooting for, instead of tuning out every single scene.


John, I like Ruby and I like Lavon better with her than Lemon but probably because I want her back with george. Conflicted bcuz he's great with Tansy too!


I loved this espisode...particularity Zoe for once she was not acting self absorbed. I saw growth from her and I hope she continues... She was struggling w her feelings and it showed. For once she owned up to her mistake. Iam sooooooooooooooooo missing Shelley.

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Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Tansy is short for Lemon. Crazy, southern ways.


Zoe: Wade did not break with up with. I am so much happier without him because now I can focus on more important things. Like trying to figure out how to redirect air traffic with my mind.
Lavon: Your mom is almost here?