Hawaii Five-0 Review: Armed Gunman Survival Badge

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"Huaka'i Kula:" Field Trip

It looks like the Aloha Girls will need to add a few new merit badges to their count in order to cover all of the new skills that Gracie, Lucy and the other girls learned on Hawaii Five-0 this week.

Gracie earned a Burrow Like A Mole Badge as she was able to get out of the shed through a small tunnel she and the other girls dug and unlock the door to let Danny and the others out of the makeshift prison in which Tom Arnold's Ron locked them.

Lucy, on the other hand, earned a combination of badges, starting with my favorite Lucy in the Jungle With Diamonds Badge for managing not to lose any of the diamonds while earning the other badge, Run from Armed Gunman Badge. Technically, Steve earned this badge as well, but since he’s not a real Aloha Girl, I’m disqualifying his entry.

Finally, Riley showed full knowledge and demonstrated her skill to earn the MacGyver Repair Badge for cobbling together several cellphones and getting a signal out to get help. I can’t even make a call from my house half the time. Good Job!

Danny & McGarrett Chaperone

In all seriousness, the entire camping and surviving the gunmen story was a lot of fun. From Lesley Boone as Madeline - the Aloha Girl Leader who knew how to remove a bullet and track prey through the jungle - to Riley explaining (repeatedly) to Danny in more simple terms each time that she could make a phone work, I enjoyed it.  

However, I’m with Danny: are there bears in the jungles of Hawaii? I knew large boars were possible, Steve even pointed that out.  But seriously... bears? The answer is no, right? 

On the flip side, we had the return of Adam Noshimuri and the introduction to his little brother Michael Noshimuri, who we learned was not as warm and cuddly as his big bro. I’m not sure if there is going to be a changing of the guard in the Noshimuri family or not, but clearly Michael is up to something when he took Kono’s gun and returned it.

I do have to ask, if you’re a cop spending the night at someone else house, do you leave your sidearm on the nightstand? 

Somehow, that just seems like a recipe for disaster. I could see it at your own home, maybe. I realize that I have a spot I put my keys, my wallet, hell even my cell phone goes the same place each night. But since I've never carried a side arm as part of my job, I don’t know if you get so casual with it that you just put it on the nightstand any place you go. 

Overall, I’m giving the episode a solid 4.3 Aloha Girl merit badges for a fun hour that reminds us why camping is best done in the living room with pizza delivery. 


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The episode will not make it to my top 10 list it was ok for me. My thoughts about it. Come on show Steve is a SUPERSEAL there were easily 3 or 4 opportunities where Lucy was well out of Ron's reach, when Steve should have been able to safely take Ron down. I want the old Steve BACK!! Really liked the little girl playing Lucy her scene with Steve were cute and she want to marry him when she is grown up awwww your not the only one Lucy. but I was waiting for the moment Steve came back for her like he promised. and I loved the Aloha Girls leader she had great chemistry with Danny. Big fan of Danny and Gracie they always are adorable! Didn't know Danny finally found a decent house was great to see it but I was hoping uncle Steve would joined them in that last scene. Kono is being naive I get she trust Adam and that he is willing to change but to assume Micheal will do the same is silly. Why leaving your gun on a nightstand when you just met the guy. Wonder who he shoot or killed to frame Kono but I guess we have to wait till the finale to find out. The writers had a hard time to write Chin in this one we hardly saw him. I really miss Catherine!! Thank God she will be back next week.

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