Hawaii Five-0 Review: Rumor Has It

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"Ha 'awe Make Loa:" Death Wish

In his slow progression from being my least favorite character to making the top three, Max made a lot of progress this week, thanks in part to his quick thinking to help and injured man and his adorable new girlfriend Sabrina (Rumer Willis).

I actually feel a little bad for the Willis (the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore), as she was put into an episode with the acting talents of C. Thomas Howell and sexy super model Behati. Talk about a double whammy. How is she supposed to compete with them?

Thankfully, she didn't have to. She just had to look cute with Max and not flinch when he melted ice chips on her lips. Setting aside how touching that gesture was, would they really need to give her water by mouth if she’s only been out a few hours? Last time I was in the ER I got an IV of fluids and didn't need to drink anything for two days.

But I'm no doctor, so I'm willing to go with it. 

Danny Protects a Model

For the record, I know she couldn't have been out very long, because Max was still in his bloody shirt and nobody seemed to think that was weird. Hey, Steve, next time you go to the hospital to get Max’s statement after a shooting, take him a shirt would ya! 

In a rare “double case” episode, Danny had the horrible job of protecting three Victoria Secret models from a stalker all of whom took a strong interest in Grace. Best part about this story is Danny was not grumpy once. In fact I don’t think he stopped smiling the whole time, even after shooting the stalker. 

And of course for those of you playing the recently created H5O Foot Chase Drinking Game, it was a banner night as we got two different chases with several things knocked over, a person car-jacked and knocked down, one suspect tackled, and I’m giving a bonus drink for the naked chase as where else would we get awesome Hawaii Five-0 quotes like this:

Kono: Male suspect traveling on foot, south on Koka Street. What's he wearing? Nothing, that's right he's bare ass naked. | permalink

Overall, this was a fun episode. I’m guessing C. Thomas Howell got a new agent, because he has been in everything lately. In fact, this appearance gives him the trifecta of Monday night shows, as he was on Revolution and Castle in the last couple of months. So I’m giving this episode 4.5 cute bank tellers in honor of Max and his new girl. 

What did you think? Do you want to see Rumer Willis with Max again? 


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I know many people are tired of seeing Doris. I believe that we are suppose to dislike Doris because I bet peter idea of Doris is that one, viewers to hate her, because of that things she did in the past and lie to her kids. We are not suppose to like her. As much as there are times when Doris character really p**s me off I believe her character is important to know more about Wo Fat and the ties she has with him and if there is any link to Steve dad murder, who knows!! Remember that Wo Fat is a character that will stick for a while


the december 3rd episode of hawaii five-o was great Max having a secret girlfriend that nobody at work knew about!! way to go Max&sabrina!! these two would make a great super couple on Hawaii five-o!! the mystery about how the robbers were headless that was great& how charlie explained it to Kono!! the stalker was a great case for the models! Kamekona & his friend impersonating Steve& danny & how he negotiated a deal that was hilarious!! how two men that were the same age could meet at a cancer treatment center & hatch a secret plan with the bank,along with his ex& little girl was touching .. but when daddy pays someone so you can redeem yourself in a dishonest way is below the belt for any father!! kudos to the entire five-o task force &max as well!!


ditto what Tess said! my thoughts exactly. and i thought c thomas howell was great.


Yes, Yes!! Just when you think Alex O'Loughlin couldn't possibly get even more handsome than he already is.... well, he sure as heck just keeps getting
better and better, and......etc....and the guy can act!!! I mean how can you find anything wrong with this show when you have Alex - he's 'top drawer' --
I'm also in favor of seeing a little more of Catherine -- they are great together and do the old "lovey thing" perfectly --- And please stop barking about Doris...you must know by now she is critical to the upcoming storyline surrounding WoFat....this week's episode was excellent -- couple of storylines going on at the same time -- don't know about you, but I found it interesting, exciting, looking forward to lots more of this fantastic


well, i enjoyed the show too. obviously a plug for VS show tonight, but... i don't think there is a straight man alive who minds being around half naked, young beautiful, if too skinny, women. also, you guys are way harsh on mom mcgarret and catherine. i like them both! any personal relationship is interesting i think, or more interesting than formulaic police drama. max kind of bugs me, but. just too geeky for me. and yes, alex does look even better than he did before, if that is possible...


Good point denise--a 9-year-old girl has no business at a lingerie fashion show and Danny letting her get made up wasn't the smartest parenting move.


Any episode without Doris and Catherine is great in my book. Can't stand either of them. They're both totally useless, and they just detract from the team chemistry that makes this show. Loved Danny with the models, and thought they did great with their roles. Loved Steve leaping out of the window without even looking, LOL. Loved Grace with Danny and uncle Steve at the end. Kono was fun. Not enough Chin, as usual, but loved Che Fong. The main case was silly, but after all the boring and stupid Shelburne tedium, this was really, really enjoyable.


I agree with Tuki. It was so evident that the storyline with the VS models was a lame attempt to grab young male viewers to raise their demo up. It was out of place in the episode and just plain dumb. I felt bad for Scott because they made him look like a teenager drooling instead of a grown man with a child. The models couldn't act and sorry, they looked emaciated, not attractive. CBS wanted to promote their VS show for tonight.It didn't work and the ratings dropped back down one million viewers and back to a 2.2 demo. The ratings continue low. They feel better when you see 9 million viewers, until you compare them with the decent ratings they used to get at 10-12 million viewers in previous seasons. The viewers who came from Castle when it was not on last week either returned to Castle OR watched the special instead. And the special won by a landslide because it had a demo of 2.8 which is far more important to the advertisers who pay for the show than the # of viewers. And the # of viewers was comparable; high 8 million for the special and low 9 million for H50. They need to start finding different story lines as they keep repeating the same ones; bank robberies, chase scenes, heads cut off, etc. They depend completely on their elaborate chase scenes which go on too long.I did enjoy Max's scenes.


Continued good news with the ratings. H50 won the time slot with 9.15 million viewers to 9.0 for a Blake Shelton Christmas special on NBC with Castle last at 8.4 without its big lead in from Dancing With The Stars.


Hi: Okay, guess my age will show, but what was Grace doing at the fashion show. Not for little girls. The whole VS part was one big commercial. They may not be jumping the shark yet, but they're getting close. Can't stand the Doris story line, like the actress though. Settle these mommy issues now.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Chin: I reached out to an FBI contact that recommends we try vascular mapping.
Steve: What is it?
Chin: It's when you isolate a suspect vain pattern and running it against the Federal database, just like a fingerprint.

Male suspect traveling on foot, south on Koka Street. What's he wearing? Nothing, that's right he's bare ass naked.