Homeland Episode Preview: "Broken Hearts"

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Roya is in custody. Abu Nazi is still out there. And Quinn is... a hired assassin of some kind?!?

Where can Homeland possibly go from here, following the events on "Two Hats?"

Look for problems to arise between Brody and Walden on tonight's "Broken Hearts," while Dana and Finn reach an understanding and Carrie learns she may actually be out of the loop in some important ways.

Watch the official Showtime teaser now:

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p.s yes, the word is nuts and I will simply enjoy it as I usually do.


Maybe Brody is doing exactly what Abir wants him to do. Can't see why Brody would pray with him otherwise or ask for his good wishes. Perhaps Carrie is so unstable she thinks Brody really will end up with her...maybe he will although I can't see a highly irrational and neurotic secret agent who lives the fantasy of thinking she is a fsnatically loyal USA citizen living with a tortured brainwashed Western man who has come close to being President in a couple of months while thinking he is a loyal Muslim and who never actually works as anything other than taking car rides. Can they live the American dream? Mmm! SOOO...maybe they both get killed or Brody's wife kills Brody after suddenly waking up to what is going on while she makes cakes and getting beds mixed up in the night..or Dana actually tells somebody her dad is a Muslim-something she seems to have forgotten-or somebody we least suspect like the dog is the leak..Anyway I shall try to take the cushion away and stop driving myself nuts and just enjoy it as I usually do.


After watching the episode I cant stop saying, oh my god... oh my god... oh my god... This better not the the series finale!!!

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Homeland Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

I'm killing you.

Brody (to Walden)

Carrie: You're never gonna leave this country alive.
Nazir: I know, and I don't care.