How I Met Your Mother Season 9: Confirmed!

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Thanks to a last-second change of mind by star Jason Segel, How I Met Your Mother fans have an extra reason to cheer this holiday season:

The sitcom has been renewed for Season 9.

Barney's Strip Club Circuit

Rumors about the future of the series has been running rampant for weeks because the contracts of creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays and all the key How I Met Your Mother cast members are up after this season.

The producers had been pushing for an answer from CBS in order to plot out the rest of the show, which is finally building toward the Mother reveal.

Now, with his fellow stars on board, Segel has decided to sign on for one final run of episodes.

As for the next chapter of How I Met Your Mother Season 8? Bays has teased that it will have a lot to do with Barney and Robin and their future as an engaged couple.

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This has been one of my favorite shows since it started and I'd keep watching it if it had 12 seasons. I do think it would be cool if they came out with a "How I Married Your Mother" or something like that, but as far as just, "How I Met Your Mother" goes, season 9 is a great place to end it. This way we can get to know the mother a little bit. Which after the way Ted's built her up throughout the story, I'm pretty excited about it.


I really like this show, but I really wanted to end it with eighth season.


Anyone else think they are stretching too much this show? At least they could name season 9 as "how I impregnated your mother with both of you" or something like that.... Really, really tired of not seeing the mother


Here's what I don't understand... CBS isn't announcing their fall lineup until May. Barney and Robin's wedding date is May 25 2013, which is when Ted meets the mother. Based on the last one or two episodes of season 8 (I forget which) it looks like they go through with the wedding, the original band bails, and Ted runs into Cindy who gets the band of her roommate (who we all know to be the mother) to play. Ted looks at her, she's playing bass, whatever. Doesn't make sense.


I love this show so so so so so so so so so so so so so much!!! I don't want it to end sooo bad! They should make more and more seasons!!!

Drea xoxo

fair enough show is called how i met.... but as a viewer invested for 8 years are we now not owed time with the mother and see how she became his wife!!!!! i mean COME ON!!! we are so close yet so far away. stop with these stupid theories that its robin!!!! please stop! she can't have kids and has always wanted barney likewise him to her! the mother is the roommate who remember he said ticked all his boxes and their near chances meetings. we know this is mother but are yet to actually meet her........i just want next season to be like @kasey described so that it can end on a high note and not forced like this season


*cont. I am just as excited to find out who Ted marries along with everyone else but I will continue to laugh, cry, and share in all the joys of new beginnings with the characters until we do.


I could not sum it up better than Kasey has with her post on December 30th. I was truly upset not to find out who the mother was at the end of Season 8 along with everyone else but at the same time, I melted and swooned at the engagement of Robin & Barney. With every season, we get to further enjoy the development of the characters with each turn of the pages and chapters in their lives. We all had a lot of laughs in Barney's "suit up" days but now we get to share in the joys with our favorite people with a baby in the picture. I couldn't have imagined the series without a little Marvin Waitforit Erikson. I hurt for Ted when he had to finally let go of Robin to let her be happy with Barney. We know Robin isn't the mother as he always refers to her as 'Aunt Robin' and you see pictures his kids draw of 'Us & Aunt Robin at the Zoo.' I am just as excited to find out who Ted marries along with everyone else but I will continue to laugh, cry, and share in all the joys of new beginnings with the characters until we do.


Im sorry but i love the show. But come on we all know that robin is the mother. Smh the kids look like it could be hers and teds kids. And yes i feel the same way they are make us wait all time to find out and im getting mad to but i do enjoy the wait. I just hope when they done show the mother they can start a new partbof the show. U know turn the show around on the kids. And have the kids , kids sitting on th couch and do it over again. Omg that would so different and we wouldnt see it coming lol. And who ever said they dont care no more whos the mother be the first one on the.couch.watching the tv when they tell us who she is ROBIN.LLS cause i know thats who it is lol.


I'm dissapointed by the fact that it is renewed. Thery're taking way too long to tell that story. For all those who don't care for the main story season 9 might be a good thing, but since I do, I'd rather have seen the show run 6 episodes than nine.
It was as early as after the first episode of the very first season that I knew how this show is going to end. The constelation of characters made it pretty obvious. Still, it was interesting how they would get there.
The first three seasons were perfect, then they got off track...

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