How I Met Your Mother to End After Season 8?

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This season of How I Met Your Mother may be very well be its last ... or not.

The CBS comedy hit, now in its eighth season, is looking to establish sooner rather than later if May 2013 is really the end, and while negotiations are reportedly underway for a ninth season, it's far from a sure bet.

Its unique nature - it's told in reverse from the protagonist's perspective - poses a challenge. More than perhaps any other show, HIMYM needs answers so its creative team can set the show's final stories in motion.

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According to Deadline, 20th Century Fox TV, which produces the series, is talking with CBS about a renewal and discussing new contracts for creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas and the show's five stars.

However, of those stars, Jason Segel, is "unlikely" to return for another season, and Thomas and Bays say they "never ever" want to continue the show without all five regulars ... so that could be a problem.

On the flip side, Segel hasn't pulled an Angus T. Jones and trashed the show publicly, so he could be enticed to return. If the network needs HIMYM badly enough, it could shell out big bucks for the fab five.

If negotiations fall through, however, expect that to happen soon and not drag into the spring. Word on whether How I Met Your Mother is wrapping up, or not, should leak within the next couple of weeks.

While you hate to see any fan favorite go, the fact of the matter is that these things do happen, and there will be time for the show to go out in legend ... wait for it ... dary fashion, whether it's this spring or next.

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I think it's time to end yes, cause this season has been a shame compared to others. Yes there are some funny episodes and some funny quotes, but the spike is not there anymore, and it's lacking global direction. It feels like the writers are trying to fill the time. It's time to reveal who the Mother is. I love the show and I'll be sad when it does end but it can't go on like this. It's not fresh anymore.


My first message got cut off for some reason. This was the ending sentence, "In any case, I'm still loving this season and this show."


What is it with people hating the new season? I'm currently enjoying it. The humor is still there and the acting is just as good as it's always been. Things do seem to be moving faster to the end though. I thought Barney and... I'm sorry I forgot the stripper's name, were going to stay engaged longer. Meaning that Season 9 would be the last season. But that's alright. Because I'm still loving this season. Some great moments have happened in this. It shows they're all changing now. Especially with The Last Page. I thought that was amazing what Barney did. And with what happens at the end of that episode, I believe this will be the last season. But I would like to see a 9th one with all the cast. If they can't get everyone, I wouldn't watch it. But I digress. So please, someone tell me why you think this season is awful? Aside from things moving faster than before, I can't see a single thing wrong with it. Perhaps that's it. Maybe they don't like how rushed it is. I don't know. In any case, I still love this season and this show.


i'd love for them to continue but if the gang's gonna be incomplete, i'd rather not

Drea xoxo

It seems only OTH knew how to end the show. whoever were their executive producers are needed on this failure of a series ASAP. the show has forgotten its concept and why it was started! i just want the mother to appear and have some episodes with her as to why she was the one. the wedding needs to hurry up. the patrice scenario is a complete joke! let snot insult the programme now with this farce! fastforward to the wedding and the umbrella and you'll have a fan base back. another series they propose!? DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH! only want another one to correct their wrongs in this current series thats all. writers these days aye where do they find them??? and i though plec was bad


Obviously renewing is out of the question if the show continues as per the past few eps. Then again CBS is only worried about the numbers watching so it may very well get renewed. Either way hope for a far better performance than what we see currently. Not a really a fan of extending this show.


Even if they get one more season I doubt that they will show much of the mother. If they get renewed they'll probably end this season with the mother getting on the train and Ted losing her. And if they don't it'll probably end this season with Ted walking up and talking to her and we get a glimpse of her face. The show is called How I Met Your Mother not How I Dated or Married Your Mother. Which in my option would just piss me off. They need to make a mini series about one of those shows with just Ted and mother with occasional visits of his friends.


Yes please end this show already! I LOVED it when it started but now I just sit there and watch EVEN more ridiculous shenanigans and over acting that is just RIDICULOUS in a very unfunny way. They just need to unmask the Mother and give us at least 2-3 episodes with her and then end it. BANG!!!!!!!!!
That two eps with Joe Managaniello was torture. Absolute torture. He cannot act to save his life. His 'good' looks will only get him so far.


Just because segel wants out does mean it will end, there have been shows in the past where the entire cast has talked a cast member into staying for one more year. Hopefully we know one way or another by January, my only concern is the last few episodes feeling rushed.


It not a will they/ won't they because we know Robin is Barney's wife it more when because apparently the wedding happens within a year. I am enjoying it and I am one of the few I wanted at least a season with the mother as a main character. I think they need to worry about NPH and CS too.


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