Justin Bieber Sitcom: In Development at ABC

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Justin Bieber was raised by a single mother in Canada. He was discovered by a hip hop icon in America based on a few YouTube videos and has gone on to dominate the pop music world.

Sounds like the makings of a sitcom, huh? ABC sure hopes so.


The network is reportedly developing a single-camera comedy around the early life of this 19-year old icon, with Bieber and manager Scotter Braun among those who would produce it.

TV Guide first reported the news and says the series would center around Justin's "awkward teenage years and his unorthodox family."

Bieber, who has guest-starred on CSI, would not star on the show, but it's hard to believe he wouldn't make an occasional appearance.

Would you tune in? And, more importantly, would should ABC title this program?

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Leave It To Bieber !!!


Hell would freeze over before I watch anything dealing with that girlie ass boy


What the hell is up with TV these days. Good shows are getting cancelled and being replaced with this crap. I for one will NEVER watch it. That seems like pure torture having to sit through something like that


I hate that little fuck stain !!


Cancel it because Justin Biber is a creep. Keep all the good shows on ABC.


Got to be kidding.. You cancell a good series for this crap ?? To heck with ABC and all this BS programming... From the west side of NY maybe you should ask the watchers what they wanna see before you lose all your viewers. Not Tweens who can't Spend to keep your revenues. High but actual people who are breadwinners. Hmmm dee hmmm.. Think it over..


Without Justin as a star I don´t watch it. The Beliebers only tune in when Justin is playing the lead role. Bye Jessica


if it had no connotations to JB and it was genuinely funny then yeah, I'd watch but if they promote it as based on Justin beiber, and the character's name is Justin and all that then no...! But if it is simply BASED on his life and that alone then yeah, i'd check it out - i couldnt hurt


Wouldn't even want to watch if you paid me.


Other: The singer who can´t actually sing.