Nashville Review: Freakin' Deacon!

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In true finale fashion, the last Nashville episode of 2012 was filled with plenty of excitement, surprises, and cliff hangers.  "Where He Leads Me" led almost all of our favorite characters to limbo as their fates now hang in the balance while we wait over a month for the next episode.

Seriously, not since the season two finale of Las Vegas have the futures of this many people been in question.  I understand that Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, and a number of other series regulars wouldn't likely be leaving the show, but the fact that so many characters might be heading in a new life direction made every moment of the hour that much more interesting.

A Flower for Rayna

Let's begin with the Queen of Country, who seemingly had two sticky situations going on.  First, the Teddy issue came to a climax as Coleman leaked the photos of him and Peggy.  He didn't cheat, but he did embezzle a whole bunch of money, which is certainly awful enough to make Rayna question her marriage.

Combine that with the fact that the label is so happy with her and Juliette's duet that they want the two of them to go on a gigantic arena tour and you have a serious chance that Rayna might head out of town for a while.  She didn't say no to the offer, mostly since it now includes the two ladies alternating who closes the show, but I still highly doubt she could stand spending that much time with the Princess of Auto-tune.

Speaking of Ms. Barnes, boy did she throw a bomb shell at us to end the ep?!?!  Proposing to the QB is certainly one way of shoving Juliette's baggage in Momma Butler's face.

As much as I disapprove of that action, I can't blame her for doing it after what happened.  Jules must have been absolutely crushed when that woman said that about her.  What made it so much worse was that this was the most smiling we had seen from her in an episode multiplied by 100.  With her bf, with the sister, singing at church, and having dinner with the whole fam, she finally looked happy.  Way to ruin it lady!

So was that a serious proposal?  Will Sean take it that way?  Would he say yes?  And what on earth would that do to his family?

While we're on the subject of family, let's review what the big, happy family of Avery, Scarlett, Gunnar, and Haley got into this week.  Only one of the two love triangles was on display as Avery spent most of his time being courted by Wyclef Jean.  Yes, the fact that he was going to be asked to dump his band was obvious, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested in where his story is going.  He's off to Atlanta, and who knows when he'll come back?

The other three, meanwhile, were breaking up and making out all over the place.  He may be a good singer, a fine songwriter, and an all-around nice guy, but I still don't understand why either of these wonderful ladies are into Gunnar.  The dude is the worst.  Haley was right on the money when she sarcastically proclaimed "that doesn't sound possessive and weird, at all."

He IS possessive. He IS weird.  What's worse though, is when he's possessive of Scarlett, a girl he has no right to be possessive of.  I'm sure they'll get together sooner rather than later, but I know I'm not going to be a fan of their relationship.  It's too on the nose at this point.

Finally, we get to the man who continues to be one of the easiest characters to like on television.  Freakin' Deacon!  After a bit of thought, a couple of conversations with friends, and the realization that a newly sober all-star band might be the best thing for him, Deacon agreed to go out on tour with the Revel Kings.

Will he actually go through with it?  How long will the tour be?  And might it coincide with Rayna and Juliette's?

Around every corner of Nashville "Where He Leads Me" led us to another question.  What will happen next?  Who will be doing what the next time we see them?  The unknown always makes things interesting, which is why the break between now and January may seem like ages.

I might have to order my copy of the Nashville Original Soundtrack between now and then.  What did you all think of the episode?


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Juliette is STILL coming across as DESPERATE and still trying to pour on the "poor pitiful me" schtick ........she no more REALLY wants to marry that guy than I do...... Wasn't surprised Gunnar was dumped and that he immediately went to Scarlett .... I do wonder why Avery thought it necessary to go to Scarlett and tell her he was leaving town for a while......I think he just used the bottle of wine as an excuse.... Can't wait to see what happens with Rayna and Juliette's tour.....
Same with Deacon.....I do think somehow both tours will end up colliding........ Looks like from the previews that Rayna and Teddy are heading for a huge custody battle. I don't see how Rayna thinks she can win with her about to go on tour.......and I do wonder if the embezzling part of Teddy's scandal will go public........I kinda believe it eventually will...... I believe they said this will return January 9.......might be wrong on that.....

Sarah silva

I always right out my thoughts then I read the review and now I will sorry about posting 3 times! HA
Last night during commercials I went to amazon to see when the CD will be out and I will be ordering it today!
Personally I think Rayna will go on tour with Juliette as her marriage is all but over.
I still maintain that I like Gunnar. When you are into someone you may do silly things but I do not think anything Gunnar did was wrong.

Sarah silva

I think Avery will leave his friend behind.

Sarah silva

This was the best episode so far! I am glad I stuck with the show as the last 3 episodes have been great!
Now we have to wait a few weeks to see what happens next.
So I guess Deacon is heading out on tour! There seemed to be a little hesitation from him near the end so I hope it all works out.
I never thought I would say this but I love Juliette, what she told Deacon when he came to her house was perfect! I know he was doing what he thought was right by helping her out visiting her mom but I still think she was right in telling Deacon to fix himself first.
I felt so bad for Juliette when Sean's mother said what she said! I really hope that Sean says yes to her proposal.
I guess Teddy and Rayna are done, she is also done with her family. That was the final nail in the coffin for her and her dad.
I really like Gunnar and I think at the end Scarlett realized she liked him too.
I knew that they record label guy would only want Avery and I sure Avery will accept it and leave his friend behind.


I love Gunnar! In my opinion, he's just acting like a guy in love...the scene in the bar last week was clear jealousy which is totally normal when you like someone and his reaction to her possibly joining a band is just fear of losing her before he even has his chance with her.

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