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Not one of the usual hard hitting episodes, but what do you expect for a Christmas episode?

Tony Sr. was totally wrong in what he did. I, too, wonder why they couldn't have went RIGHT ACROSS THE HALL to the woman's place. I don't blame Tony for his reaction to that.

I was laughing at Tony and McGee when it was revealed that McGee was a school mascot......

I didn't like Ashley Winters....but I somehow think we haven't seen the last of her.......


I thought it was a great episode, especially at the end when tony opened the box and it was a family ring, and gibbs brought his father back to ncis to have apple cider. It was sweet to me


PS) on Sr's behavior.. What did you expect him to do? He tried to be the 'dad' Tony wanted, but Tony did what? pushed him away, repeatedly.. (it is the exact same storyline that Gibbs and his father went through albeit with some subtle differences, when Jackson came to Gibb's house for Christmas).. Tony pushes him away, says 'stop that', this is 'my house' my rules, blah blah blah..so Sr says fine, I will just be 'who you think I am'.. Was it wrong, of course it was.. but in some ways it was good too..at least that stupid twin bed is burned! And as for Kate.. the only good thing about that goldfish will be to watch it flushed.. ugh already.


Did I enjoy the episode yes, very much.. However, did anyone else see the episode titles for Jan? Shabot Shalom, followed by Shiva.. oh boy.. I have a very strong feeling that our Ziva will be going through some horrible pain quite soon.. As for last night's episode, I thought it was a typically wonderful NCIS episode for Christmas -- again we are seeing characters on a personal level making peace in a variety of ways. Tony's goldfish "kate", seriously!?!? But his apartment was stellar , with an exception of the twin bed, which thankfully he will now burn.. many great lines, and Tiva moments set up.. Well done 3 out of 5 caf pows.


I LOVE that the Goldfish name is Kate kinda of make you wonder if Tony still love Kate that was nice of the writers to do that for us I love when show respect their History I too love Ashley Winter I think she and Tony would make a cute couple.

Mcgee seening his former classmate like that I wonder if it made him think he could of been that guy, All In All this was 100 time better then last year and with it being the time NCIS ever what a way to go.


it was wrong for Tony SR to have sex in his sons neighbor and in his bed but I liked the episode the ring was a the best part.


Anyone notice Tony's Geek Pic was taped on to Ziva's computer...how long has that been there???...


I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only one who found DiNozzo Senior's behavior appalling. It's one thing to decorate the apartment and bake snickerdoodles, it's quite another to have sex in your son's bed, a place where even *he* doesn't bring anyone else. If Senior was going to have sex with the neighbor, he could have at least had the decency to do it in her apartment, which was literally right across the hall! Criminy! Tony was well justified in kicking Senior all the way back to New York, and really had no reason to feel guilty at all.


I don't understand why Tony got his panties in a twist because the old man shagged the horny neighbor across the hall. BFD. I guess they had to present some sort of confrontation so they could have the great reconciliation at the end. Otherwise, I thought it was a pretty good episode, by and large. The case was interesting and it makes you wonder if the Treasury Department really IS planning on distributing new Ben Franklins in the near future. And up to nearly the end I was convinced Secret Service Agent Whatsherface was in on the whole deal; she spent most of her on-camera time smirking, like she was hiding a secret. Not bad, overall.

Happy Holidays, everyone.


OK...I'll start...and I'll say it: Sex with your son's neighbor in your son's bed? White trash much, Papa?

As for the rest, the gift of the ring was touching, and the McGee thing was funny. Plot wasn't as intense as usual IMO, but maybe that was intentional. Oh...and NICE digs indeed Tony!

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