NCIS to Air "Very, Very Abby Episode" in Early 2013

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That sound you hear is 20 million NCIS fans collective cheering. Or at least nodding approvingly.

Pauley Perrette revealed at Sunday's Trevor Live benefit in L.A. that she and her fellow cast members are currently shooting “a very, very Abby episode,” one that “people have been asking for… for 10 years.”

In it, she teases, “we actually go back and find out about Abby’s past and childhood.”

Abby S.

Before that, there's the big Christmas episode December 18, and Pauley tells TV Line that when fans finally get to see where Tony DiNozzo resides, you’ll find “a lot of Michael Weatherly” in his bachelor pad.

Michael, she says, “picked out a lot of stuff ... he has amazing taste."

"His [real-life] house is decorated so immaculately and with a lot of class. There are couple of very Michael Weatherly things in the apartment ... and one really big surprise.”

What do you think that might be? And are you excited for the major Abby episode? Discuss!

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I think the photo is Ziva in Paris and I do not think pet!!


For those that seen the picture of Tony apartment did it remind you of the West Wing almost


Well since this is an ABBY thread, we'll focus our talk about HER, and the upcoming Abby ep: I look forward to this episode! But I just hope it has more "meat" to it than just all about Abby. Sometimes Abby-centric episodes turn out to not be as exciting as Ms. Perette tells everyone they are. Abby is better in, "smaller doses"..much like the other team members (except for Gibbs - he's the only one that can carry an entire ep). I hope we get to learn more about her deceased parents; I've always wondered about that.


This week's TV Guide has a sneek preview of DiNozzo's digs...


For Tony's apartment what I would like to see is:
That picture of kate he has
all the awards he has taken over the year from basektball to NCIS
I think it be cool if he did not have a bed if he sleep on a softaw like gibbs.
Since Michael Love shower be cool if he had a sweet looking shower


Sounds epic! Can't wait to see Abby's past. All we know (that I can remember at the moment) is that she has a brother, and deaf parents (can't remember if it's both or just one). And as for Tony's apartment- super excited. I bet his pet is something like a hamster, or of such, because we'd have heard about a dog by now, cats aren't his type, and fish...nah.


I wonder who they will get to play her mom and dad that what I love with NCIS which actor from the past they get to play their character mom and dad they been spot on escape for Tony.


Yes finally I've always wanted to know what her life use to be like before ncis when she was younger.

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