Nikita Review: A New Quieter Division or Death

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Ryan's big bad secret is finally out. And no one flew the Division coop. Phew!

However, if Ryan had his way, the President's threat to wipe Division off the map - everyone included - would still be under wraps. It was rogue agent Markov that let that shocking reveal out in "The Sword's Edge."

Nikita Captures a President

I'm surprised that none of the team was upset that Amanda and her rogue agent, Markov, knew more about the New Division and Ryan's agreement than they did. What else is Ryan keeping from them? Despite his secret, they decided to continue to support him as their leader and help keep Division a secret. Now that they understand the pressure that Ryan's under and the importance of quiet missions, their actions will be more stressful - but they will all be working towards the same goal.

The quest to bring in the Dirty Thirty led the team to a rogue agent, Markov, who was able to get himself elected as the President of Uzbekistan. What is it about Nikita and Presidents of former Soviet Republics? Cassandra's husband was the President of Belarus and he was replaced by a look-a-like. It's too bad that prior mission wasn't at least referenced, but I guess Michael and Nikita were rogue at the time.

One huge confusion of the episode: When did Division headquarters go from being below a remote farm to being within a secret passageway to the White House? It's certainly convenient, but since they are in the same facility that Percy and Amanda ran, it's an odd change. But, okay, I'll go with it. It should create tension and drama going forward.

The Markov capture really was just a means to reveal Ryan's secret deal with the President. It didn't really accomplish anything else, though the mask technology was quite impressive. I hope we see that again. Was the team right to keep the assassination attempt and their success a secret from the President?

They fulfilled their goal of running a quiet mission, but why wouldn't they want the President's gratitude? If she knew what they were capable of accomplishing, wouldn't she be less likely to exterminate them? At the same time, perhaps, she would be tempted to use them as an active black ops force, which they don't want to do any more.

Alex was assigned to look for the mole within Division with the technical support from Birkhoff and Sonya. Her search initially sent her to Owen, but he was just looking into answers about his past. Even though Nikita was able to forgive Owen for his actions as a cleaner, not everyone will. Someone he hurt tried to kill him with an explosion. Will this be the last time he has to watch those around him? Not likely.

Through the investigation, Owen and Alex have started to bond. Are their butterfly tattoos a coincidence? Or, is there more to them? Now that Sean has pushed for Alex to leave Division and Nikita behind, will she push him away and become closer to Owen? I was a fan of Sean and Alex, but his pressure on her to leave is not what she needs. I'm definitely open to her pursuing love somewhere else.

Another Dirty Thirty member captured, Amanda and Ari are still on the loose, and Division has a mole. Their job is not getting any easier.

Were you surprised the team agreed to still work with and support Ryan? Are you committed to an Alex-Sean relationship? Or moving towards Owen? 


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I did keep thinking to myself that isn't Division in New are there underground tunnels? Random...I am not for a Alex Owen thing I really prefer Sean, esp since part of his plea is for her sanity and the fact that she is already having drug issues without him there.

Carla day

@Evi Uzbekistan is definitely not in Central Europe. What I meant to say (and didn't) was they were both former Soviet Republics. Corrected.

Carla day

Re: the tunnels. One moment Ryan is walking w/ Alex down the Division passageways talking about the search for the mole, next we see the White House and him walking in the tunnels. When he gets there, Evan asks "Anyone see you enter the tunnels?" I took that to mean anyone from Division. That's where the confusion came in. They also used the tunnels to get in for the mission and get Markov out. If not connected, they needed better transitions to explain movements.


Wasn't Alex having a drug relapse during the last episode or did I miss something? I thought they should have looked into it more. Also isn't it weird that her and Sean were getting some much closer 2 episodes ago then last episode he gives her an ultimatum and now she didn't even mention him? At least to Nikita they have such a special bond that I thought she would open up with her but NO nothing!
Also I agree with whoever asked if division was in New York, that's what I thought as well and a trip from NY to Washington DC under ground would be a long walk!! Something isn't clicking in my head, I'm so confused!


Central European presidents? Sorry, but Uzbekistan is in Asia and Belarus is in Eastern Europe.


Good development this episode.


what's the thing they put in Markov's ear called?


Great episode. I loved the story with Owen and Alex was great story and I hope we see more of them together. We already know that Owen tattoos things that remind him of his victims and we know the butterfly on him is of the girl he fell on love with when he was with division and they killed her but we never found out what Alex's butterfly meant and I hope they go into explaining that a little more. Can't wait till the next episode.


★★★☆☆TV Ryan was becoming a Percy 0.A0 with his secret, and he was getting really annoying. Hopefully that stops and he becomes a true member of Team Niki. @ Sa'ad702 , I don't think they meant to imply that the tunnels were connected. Unless I missed it completely , which is known to happen. I can't wait for this show to rev it up. ,'/


I liked this episode: it managed to tie the standalone story about Markov to the bigger plot of the President holding a gun to Division's head. This way, it was more than just another "baddie of the week" episode. It's probably my second favorite S3 episode so far, after Consequences.

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