Private Practice Review: Keeping Up with Cooper

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Did anyone feel like they were watching Saved by the Bell instead of Private Practice? I did, as “Life Support” focused on our leading doctor pulling a Zach Morris and speaking directly to us.

Love it or hate it, the narrative style sure made for an interesting take with storytelling. Tonight’s installment was written well, though distracting at times, giving us the opportunity to really just hear Cooper out.

Like most Private Practice fans, I have been looking forward to this character-centric installment since the beginning of Private Practice Season 6. If you’ve been following along, you already know that I’m an absolute CharCoop fan.

Now, I’m even more convinced than ever that I’d be totally on board with a spinoff featuring the Freedman family.


Every passing minute reminded me how much fun it has been to watch Cooper grow as a doctor, husband and father. Most importantly, I have loved the way Charlotte brings the best out of Cooper and vice versa. Their love has always felt real and romantic in such a special way. 

While Cooper was both as nervous and excited as he could be, Charlotte was seemingly nonchalant and reluctant to consider the possible complications of carrying and delivering triplets. Cooper’s anxiety was causing Charlotte to become even more easily agitated than usual.

From disagreements with religion to actually discussing “what if” scenarios, Charlotte and Cooper weren’t exactly on the same page about much at all. However, Cooper patiently let Charlotte make the decisions and they agreed that selective reduction was not an option even if it would reduce risks.

We found out that the Freedmans would soon be hopefully welcoming three little GIRLS! I definitely loved how Cooper yelled, “Girls are awesome!” Although Charlotte again wasn’t too excited, you couldn’t expect any less of her than to fight to keep every one of her babies and to try to stay strong for them, Cooper and Mason.

Then, a few "curve balls" were thrown their way. An emergency situation, involving some distress for the babies and for Charlotte, kept me glued to my seat as one of the babies had to be delivered immediately. At 26 weeks, the little one needed surgery right away. Her chest wall to cover her heart hadn’t yet developed, and the surgery was a success thanks to Sam. That scene with Cooper in the O.R. when the baby girl’s heart nearly twisted underneath the graft was incredibly difficult to watch. I couldn’t help but tear up as Cooper felt terrified and entirely lost.

Unfortunately, the medical crisis was not fully resolved by the hour’s end. Charlotte would not deliver her other two babies until week 32. There’s still a risk for blood clots and headaches. The worst part of it all is she won’t be able to see her little girl just yet. To say the least, I cannot wait until Charlotte’s episode! I’m dying to find out what happens next.

Elsewhere, Violet consoled a friend who was being advised to take a loved one off life support. I struggled with having any interest whatsoever in Violet’s sub-plot in the midst of Cooper’s story.

Other Thoughts:

  • I thought the fruits for the size of the babies with the passing weeks of Charlotte’s pregnancy were a nice touch.
  • I loved that we revisited the moment when Charlotte first told Cooper that they were expecting.
  • Sheldon was the last to know about the Cooplets. Somehow I’m not surprised. Poor Sheldon is always left out. 
  • It was so like CharCoop to get kicked out of Lamaze class. Of course they snuck off to do what got them there in the first place.
  • I laughed a lot tonight – all thanks to Charlotte’s antics and Cooper’s commentary.

Overall, this was definitely another strong chapter to an already stellar final season.

So, what did you think TV Fanatics? Also, don’t forget to return later this week for our Private Practice Round Table.


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I loved this episode. I actually appreciated the fact that Cooper got to fill in the blanks for us. I also enjoyed being able to see the progression with the growing family. I also commend and appreciate the fact that there was a problem with the baby when she was born. It would have extremely unrealistic for the baby to be born and just show in the next episode being a healthy toddler celebrating a birthday. I had a baby at 26 weeks and he experienced a very similar fate. At One pound what little person wouldn't. I knew that Addison was leaving but I did not know that the show was ending. I would like for Addison to get pregnancy. Amelia to move forward with this other doc. Sam might actually be able to have a follow up show. Cooper and Charlotte can kind of move forward with their family ( I see Cooper being the stay at home mom) Charlottes motherly instinct is going go into overdrive but she still will be bad behind Charlotte. Sheldon is ill and I think that when that comes to light it will all but destroy the practice. Violet, is still Violet.


I like Charlotte and Cooper, but hated this episode. I thought it made it made Charlotte and Cooper look bad. They were so rude and hateful in it. Bad writing!


I wrote already but seems my article was "held for moderation". Don't know why. I didn't say anything bad. Anyway I love Cooper and I don't find that he cannot carry a show. I wish there is a spin off with him and Charlotte, Mason and the triplets. That would be awesome. I can't wait for Sheldon's ep as he is also one of my favorites. I like him. I found Violet's sub-plot ok and it gave me chance to see Marianne Jean-Baptiste from Without a Trace. I could never have enough of Marianne and consider a great actress. I'm also looking forward to Amelia's slot and hope she and the cute young doctor end up together. They'd make a cute couple, and she deserves some happiness.


It was great. Some parts were really funny and sad!
@Isa I agree with Sara. Addison was great!


@Isa What are you talking about? She was not. She smiled and was happy about the 3 girls when she did the ultrasound. She was concerned Charlotte wasn't understanding all the risks. She was in doctor mode trying to get the baby to breathe and sew Charlotte up so she wouldn't deliver the others. She updated Cooper on how Charlotte was doing at the end and touched his arm saying she was sorry. This episode was okay.


I'm not a fan of fourth wall breaking (it usually feels like a forced one-sided "conversation" with the audience) but I did enjoy Cooper's "Girls are AWESOME" and about Judaism's less glamorous traditions. And I wish they had knocked off Violet's superfluous subplot altogether so more time can be devoted to CharCoop, Mason and their 3 ever-larger produce babies.


Was I the only one who found Addison strangely cold and unpleasant throughout the episode? Seriously, by the end I was dreading seeing her again, getting the impression she was mad at Charlotte all the time. The Addie I know gives her whole heart to her patients, especially her friends, so I really don't get why she would lose that all of a sudden. Are Henry and Jake all she cares about any more?


I agree with CJ. Found the episode incredibly boring and I guess it's a good thing I didn't watch "Saved by the Bell" because the "talking to the camera" technique just annoyed me. I don't think Cooper is a strong enough character to carry the whole show. Ultimately I only got through about half the episode before falling asleep or zoning out out of boredom.


Having had a c-section to give birth to my premature son at 31 weeks, I was totally glued to the screen when Charlotte went into labor. My water broke when I was in bed, too, and my husband said "Oh geez, you just wet the bed, honey, go back to sleep" LOL. Little did he know he was about to become a father! My boy was only 3 and a half pounds, and his lungs were small enough that he had to have extra oxygen pumped into his incubator for two months in the NICU, BUT, once he got home, he was fine, and he's now a big, robust 13 year old young man!So I could identify with Cooper and Char and their fears and frustrations...I found the lamaze/childbirth classes ridiculous, too.I hated Violet's storyline and thought it was worthless in this episode.


Gotta say that I've been looking forward to this episode for months now but was sadly disappointed, the whole storyline was nothing but predictable. A premature baby is born. Baby not fully developed. Baby need immediate surgery. Something goes wrong in the surgery. One of the shows favourite doctor saves the day. Baby lives into another episode... Can anyone honestly say they were surprised?
Also I thought the whole Violet story was unnecessary and just distracting from the main point of the hour.
To end on a positive note, Charlottes comments about pretty much everything were hilarious!! How heartbreaking was it when she asked Coop if their daughter was dead? I nearly cried, KaDee is an AMAZING actress!

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Cooper: Girls are awesome!
Charlotte: What the hell am I going to do with girls?!

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