Revenge Review: Changing of the Guard

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It was father versus son on this week's Revenge, as Conrad and Daniel put in their final efforts to win over the board of Grayson Global.

Unfortunately, not every pre-calculated decision by the schemers of the Hamptons can predict how something will actually play out. Both Victoria and Emily failed to get what they really wanted in "Revelations." Let's break down the fall finale by storyline:

Emily and Aiden Photo

Grayson vs. Grayson: Despite her many well-documented flaws, one of the only things Victoria Grayson truly does care about is her son's safety and well-being. So when the omnipresent Initiative called and threatened to take a greater interest in Daniel, it put Conrad and Victoria into overdrive. Did Victoria really think that sending a social climbing floozy, who can't even walk in her Louboutins, to seduce Salvador was going to push the board in Conrad's favor? 

I would hope these billionaires would take a little more persuasion than a night in the sack with a glorified hooker, but judging by today's news scandals I'm probably wrong. If anything, a smarter businessman would've realized that if Victoria and Conrad were desperate enough to send Ashley to his room, they were obviously up to something shady. My real question is: why didn't Emily just send the video to Daniel directly? It would've saved Aiden the trouble of getting involved.

Daniel obviously has his own misgivings about Aiden, aside from the ones Ashley planted in his head. After all, once Daniel won the top position at Grayson Global, he ousted Aiden from the board anyway. This is after Aiden did him the immense favor of helping him land Nolcorp. Maybe Daniel is really just jealous of all the PDA between Aiden and his former fiancee Miss Thorne.

Nolcorp takes a Nosedive: We debated the way Marco would act on last week's Revenge Round Table and we didn't have to wait long for our answer. Marco told Daniel about the missing $500 million, but he didn't say who it went to. Not only did Marco do Nolan dirty by ratting to Daniel, but now he's using the leverage of the other half of the secret in order to get a primo position at Nolcorp. Let the love triangle ensue!

I only hope that Padma is more trustworthy than Marco was. After all, Nolan let her in on his plan to pull a Trojan horse move on Grayson Global when he didn't even tell Emily. I feel like if there is anyone on this show that Emily can truly trust, it's Nolan - and vice versa. In fact, even though Aiden has aligning interests to take down the Initiative, and I'm totally attracted to him, I'm still unsure how trustworthy he is. 

You don't have to keep secrets from me. It's okay if you want to, but you don't have to. | permalink

Reassuring someone that they can trust you always just sends up a red flag to me. It's almost too good to be true. I want it to work, but I'm dubious. As Amanda said, Emily is always going to have an excuse getting in the way of her happiness.

Porter's Past: After the Thanksgiving flashbacks, we learned exactly why the Ryan brothers had such an interest in The Stowaway. After a lovely little Christening, the guy who really killed the Ryans' father gave Jack a heads-up. Then they beat Matt to a pulp. Good thing Jack knows a thing or two about keeping a poker face. I was completely creeped out when the brothers showed up at the end with their faux concern.

After Jack pried up those floorboards, it turned out the eternal good guy has a few secrets of his own. A murder weapon stowed below the floorboards? Jack Porter just became a whole lot more interesting!

A few other tidbits I loved from tonight's episode:

  • Charlotte's speech at the reception poking fun at her parents.
  • Conrad's eye-rolling response to Victoria yelling at him. It's like "now what?"
  • The downfall of Davenport. She had the option to stop slutting herself out that night at the Russian club when Emily gave her the money and saved her from being pulled into sex trafficking.
  • Seeing Daniel's face in the creepy clock camera at the end. What an ominous closing to the episode!

So... what could Victoria possibly have to offer Emily that is going to form some unholy alliance? How will Nolan save Nolcorp? Is Aiden trustworthy? Let us know all of your thoughts on the fall finale in our comments section. We'll see you in 2013... and remember:

Don't do anything Emily Thorne wouldn't do.


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Totally hooked on Revenge! Adore the show and the characters but really love Emily and her ally Nolan. I'm holding out for true love and that's Emily (Amanda) and Jack. The faux Amanda is a murderer lest we forget. I hope the writers keep true to the origins of the show and don't get all bogged down like LOST did which finally lost a viewer who couldn't figure anything out anymore. IMO. Come on January!!


Really hate Daniel and Ashley so I was so happy to see that Daniel kicked her out. I just hope that is the end of Ashley. She is such a slut. And i really really love Daniel and Emily so i was so happy that daniel kept the pics of him and emily. Hope they get back together


I know I know BUT i felt sorry for Ashley


Victoria is going to warn Emily of the Danger that may fall on Daniel now that he's the head of Grayson Global, so Emily will be asked to get together with Daniel. Aiden will hurtfully agree on this, cause he's not on the board and now Emily will have the scoop.


Wow, what an episode! I was thrilled to see Ashley get tossed out, she's such a slut! And I loved Nolan saying that he's going to be the Trojan horse and get things turned around for Nolcorp. I wouldn't trust either Padma or the former accountant rat-head, who is just an opportunistic creep. I am worried about Nolan, and I hope he asks Emily for help if he needs it, because he certainly has helped her a great deal. The whole Porter mess feels overdone to me, overwrought and really ridiculous, as it was obvious those two guys were bad news right from the start. I hope that Jack is able to get rid of them before harm comes to his wife and child. Salvador is a creep, too, and I hope we have seen the last of him.


Daniel and Emilyyyyy!


Still hanging on to Emily, which is probably why he screwed Aiden lol. Oh that was obvious, I mean even his reasoning for kicking Aiden of the board did not sound solid he might as well have said "I just don't feel like having you on the board. Thats all"....And he saw how close those two are getting....duh he was jealous!


But then that would be the end to this whole clearly happiness is not on the menu for Emily...I think even after she gets her revenge. The promo sounds sorts promising but I am not liking the aspect of Emily and Daniel reuniting so soon...he is being a total rat and showing the true Grayson id. Hope there is a good reason for all this and Ems knows what she is doing.


Good episode, but not as thrilling as I hoped it would be. None of the sls had that WOW effect I was hoping for. The Porter sl is still vaguely interesting and I was disappointed to find out who the man with the bloody hand was. I thought it would be Dec or Jack at least. Daniel's rise to power felt a bit over-played...I am also curious as to how he managed to get rid of Aiden being on the board so easily...isn't Takeda a big investor? Something is not right there...there were only two good things for me in this episode, no 3 actually: - Ashley finally got kicked out of the Grayson house
- Nolan's plan to destroy GG from the inside
- Emily and Aiden talking about the possibility of being happy in the midst of all this revenge. Shipping aside, I think Amanda really did leave some message in Emily's head about maybe it is time to stop and find her own happiness. But then that would be the end to this whole clearly happiness is not on the menu for Emily...I think even after she gets her revenge. The promo sounds sorts promising but I am not liking the aspect of Emily and Daniel reuniting so soon...he is being a total rat and showing the true Grayson id. Hope there is a good reason for all this and Ems knows what she is doing.

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