Revolution Midseason Finale Report Card: B-

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With Revolution on hiatus until March, viewers have plenty of time to evaluate where this NBC drama stands.

What has gone right so far with the freshman hit? Where is there room to improve?

In our holiday tradition of grading shows at their midseason breaks (follow these links for our Supernatural Report Card and The Mentalist Report Card), TV Fanatic now turns its attention to Revolution...

Miles in Action

Best Character: Miles, hands down. He's a three-dimensional character with hopes, flaws, mistakes and humor. We’ve watched him find his place in a family and willingly go against his former best friend for the good of his family. Miles thinks rationally and is cunning when he needs to be in this guerilla war against the Militia, but we also witness a sentimental side when he wonders if he will be able to go up against his best friend, Monroe, to save Danny; or if his role in Charlie’s life is something he can live up to (see “The Plague Dogs”).

Worst Character: Nate Walker/Jason Neville. While it was quite the plot twist to find out Nate was actually the son of Tom and Julia Neville (two incredibly competent and cunning individuals), that’s about all he has going for him. Aside from saving Charlie in “The Plague Dogs” and “Soul Train," he has contributed nearly nothing to the story.

Best Episode: “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” finally began building up Revolution from all the potential it sequestered after the premiere. Swashbuckling and explosive action, the power of the pendants, reunions, a crazy cliffhanger and characters that were finally acting in ways that were rootable... this midseason finale had it all.

Worst Episode: “Sex and Drugs” offered a decently smaller moment that built good things between Miles and Charlie, but was that reason enough to use an entire episode to get that as an end result? Absolutely not.

Biggest Head Scratcher: Keeping Charlie in the forefront for so long. Charlie isn’t a very compelling character. She's better relegated as support rather than a main driver of the emotion and drama. Revolution began to take notice of this and gradually shifted her from the spotlight toward the middle as the older adults’ stories began to build.

Best WTF Moment: This is a tie with Grace and Flynn tracking the pendants and Rachel taking out Dr. Jaffe with a screwdriver. While the former offers an interesting twist on the mythology and gives me hope that there's life after blackout mystery is solved, the latter was just freaking awesome.

Worst WTF Moment: Oxygen-deprived tunnels with fresh air blowing in from an exit. I'm all for hallucinations, but let's at least try to make them somewhat plausible.

Hopes for 2013: Revolution suffered through some growing pains as it began shaping its arc, but as the stronger characters received more and more story, things started turning around. My hopes are to see Rachel, Tom, Miles and Monroe continue to grow; to receive a few answers (mainly what Grace and Flynn are doing); and for the mythology to deepen.

Overall Grade: B-

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: What grade would you give so far to Revolution Season 1?


There have been some comments from characters and looks between characters that have led me to believe that MAYBE Charlie is actually Monroe's daughter, and that will be what drives the story to whatever conclusion the writers have envisioned. I think Miles knows; I think Rachel knows. It's pretty obvious that Monroe does NOT know, and Charlie definitely doesn't know.


Report Card:
Overall Grade A Best Character: Charlie. She has evolved from a young, innocent woman to a tough, kick ass heroine. Charlie is the heart and the pulse of the show. Despite having to grow up fast and experiencing many life and death situations, Charlie has managed to keep her good heart and still have faith in the goodness of people. Overall Revolution has an outstanding cast. Miles is an excellent compliment and support to Charlie. Monroe always seems on the edge of going crazy. Neville seems to have a plan of his own. Nora and Aaron add some nice story lines to the show. Best Episode: All of the episodes were excellent and had a general purpose to the overall storyline of the show. The Children's Crusade, No Quarter, Kashmir, Nobody's Fault but Mine and the Pilot were some of the strongest episodes. Revolution is an excellent show that has so much potential to develop over the next few years. Hopes for 2013: Eric Kripke has created an awesome show. Hopefully, he will continue to write good episodes,while always developing the characters and plot of the show. Overall Grad: High A


Grade: F-


Best Character: Maggie. She knew who she was and what she had to do. There was none of this confusion plaguing Charlie & Miles. She was smart and resourceful. It was a shame to see her die.
Worst Character: Same
Best Episode: "Pilot" It was a well-done pilot. It set up the story well and had an intriguing twist at the end. It showed so much potential that was squandered in the coming episodes.
Worst Episode: Same
Biggest Head-Scratcher: Why Maggie didn't know that she needed to patvh up her wound immediately. She waited like 20 minutes for Charlie to come to even try. She could've been saved.
Best WTF Moment: Rachel stabbing Jaffe. Epic!
Worst WTF Moment: Same
Hopes for 2013: Focus more on the actual "Revolution"
Overall Grade: B+


I think they honestly had another plan for Charlie and Jason, but they needed to focus on Charlie to make what I imagine will be the plan for her an important emotional glue to the rebel group (I am picturing a Romeo and Juliet sort of story).

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