Rizzoli & Isles Review: Multiple Murder Boy

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"Love the Way You Lie" had a lot more to do with lies than love, at least where our multiple murders were concerned.  Let's start with murder number one…

Suicide Boy. I'm sure Ethan Slater's depression, drug use, and eventual suicide pact made for quite a page turner. Korsak couldn't put it down and although I understood Kevin Baker's anger over his sister's death, I knew he wasn't the killer.  He was so angry he would have made it hurt, a lot.

Slater's steampunk room was pretty cool.  The antique typewriter was a great collector's piece but I couldn't imagine working on it every day.  I can remember using an electric typewriter as a kid and there was always a lot of White Out to go over my many typos.  Thank goodness for computers with automatic spell check for when my fingers work faster than my brain.

Maura & Jane Destress

My only disappointment was that no one ever found the Murder Boy manuscript. It would have been a great way to solidify Quentin's innocence.

Frost's Past. Frost couldn't let go of that old case and I figured Bradley Palmer murdered his girlfriend the moment he showed up at the precinct. He and his father appeared far too cocky. That's always a bad sign.

The twist of all of the murders boiling down to one killer did surprise me given the disparaging time line. 

Health and Wellness. I was surprised to find out that most cops die within five years of retirement. That's a frightening statistic but does it really mean someone needs to take away their coffee? A little exercise and meditation certainly couldn't hurt but take away their caffeine permanently and the homicide department might end up investigating one of their own. 

I was shocked Jane fared as well as she did, especially when she found her boss in his underwear with her mother. 

But wasn't it great to see Angela living a little.  As she told Frankie in this Rizzoli & Isles quote

 What's so wrong with wanting to be a person again? | permalink

Angela was happy, until Cavanagh pulled the plug. At least it led to one of my favorite scenes.

I really enjoyed that Angela went to Korsak to ask his advice.  I loved their honest conversation and I hope that Cavanaugh comes to his senses.  He deserves a happy life too and he Angela looked like they were having fun.

With murder, meditation, and monkey chatter, Rizzoli & Isles once again made me smile on a dark winter night.


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While my first thought was to inspect the Typewriter ribbon (to see what was typed when they could not find the manuscript) I have some gripes with the use of a one-time-use carbon ribbon (would it be usable in the 70+ year old Underwood typewriter?). Also, while it had the last page(s) they said that the prior pages were typed 3 months ago and that he spent the intervening time typing poems and other things. I do not think that the cartridge would last 3 months. Also, what happened to the prior cartridges? Did he toss them after replacement? I also question him not using carbon paper or scanning the original into the computer just in case. I have a friend who is an author and prior to going to a computer she always used carbon paper when she wrote.


who played bradley palmer

Beverly brooks

This show is simply one of very favorite. I really love all of the characters. One of a few that my husband will watch every minute with me. He said all of the women on the show are so beautiful, he just likes to look at them.


I watch this show with my 13 year old son, who is a huge fan of Rizzoli and Isles, and he knew right from the moment he saw them that the father and son with the check were the perpetrators of the murders! I was flabbergasted, myself, as I didn't see that coming at all, and had no idea they were the murderers.
I agree with the reviewer that the steampunk apartment of the author guy was AWESOME! And I love that he had his laptop computer in an ornate wooden box or sleeve that made it look Victorian! SO COOL!
I also hope that Angela and the police captain get back together, she was so happy to have a love life again, and her ex-husband is obviously having affairs with much younger women, so I think it is best that Angela move on with her life, too.


I enjoy these episodes a great deal, despite being a fan of the books... I love Jane Rizzoli in either role; what a terrific character. I'm not too sure about Cavanaugh -- Angela deserves better than a man who can't make up his mind. Following two storylines here, as I do on "Bones," is great mental gymnastics.


This was a really great show I mean one of the best it had more laughs and twist and turns going on it was greatwhen the guy gave him a check for 25000 that was a red flag to me it stuck with me the whole show. And Mom in the sack was great she had a smile on her face I hope they get togeather later. There was so many funny things going on.And a good crime plot I will watch it again to see what I missed.It was a five star show for sure!! :-)


I thought it was great. I think Angela and Cavanaugh she continue on. I hope he comes to his senses.


I really liked this episode. I thought the Frost and Maura scenes together were excellent. You hardly ever if ever see them interact together like this. Very nice.

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