Scandal Interview with Kerry Washington: You Ask the Questions!

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Attention TV Fanatics, Gladiators, and regular fans of Scandal: Do you have a burning question for Scandal star, Kerry Washington? A question like "Who shot Fitz?" perhaps?

Scandal's stars have gone on record crediting the online fan interaction with much of the show's success, so we here at TV Fanatic want to keep that alive.

Now's your chance to ask Kerry Washington anything in a first-of-its-kind TV Fanatic interview!

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How can you join in on this opportunity to interview Olivia Pope herself? Simple.

  1. Log in or register with TV Fanatic. Only questions from registered users will be considered.
  2. Leave your question(s) for Kerry Washington in the comments of this post.

It's as easy as that! You have until 5:00 p.m. EST to leave your questions for Kerry! Then come back tomorrow to see if your question was answered and get ready to learn the fate of Fitzgerald Grant on Thursday's all-new episode.

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@ Miranda you twisted my arm and I have registered and resubmitting my questions. I will hold you to your promise - No Spam Thanks Miranda & TV fanatic for arranging this. Kerry you rock!!! Cyrus is such a complicated and hard to read character but I am totally fascinated by him. My questions are; (1) Does Olivia consider Cyrus a friend or a foe? (2) How does Cyrus really feel about the scandalous relationship between Fitz and Olivia?


Hey, Kerry. Thank you so much for doing this for your fans. You are amazing actress and person. I love you on scandal. who gives the best advice/guidance on the scandal set?
What the best thing about being on Scandal?
who do you hang around with most on and offscreen?
what has been your favourite twist or cliffhanger whether in Season 1 or 2? i love the relationship between oliva and Fitz. you guys have amazing chemistry together!. Are you and Tony close friends off screen? I love how the whole cast of scandal live tweets every thursday for the show!. Scandal is the only TV show i know that does this every week. so THANK you!! from your GLADIATOR IN A SUIT @ranveerlochab


First, thank you for taking our questions. 1) Have you (KW) ever been disappointed by, disagreed with, or questioned any decisions made by Olivia? (in relation to anything: Fitz, Edison, DC5 affiliation, Quinn, Abby...) 2) There are so many things we don't know about Olivia. Did you complete a "Who Am I?" on her and if you did will you share it with us? (Just interested in what holes you've filled in even if they are not true to what Shonda envisions) Thank you; Love you; Love Scandal!!! :)


Hi Kerry, I love Scandal and have watched from the very first show. You're a wonderful actress. The whole cast is great. There are a lot of loose ends. Example: we don't know what happened with Billy, we don't know how "sweet baby" originated. We don't know what the situation between billy and Amanda tanner was or how he got her to do what he did. Are this questions going to be answered as the show progresses?


Hi Kerry - My entire office loves the show - such incredibly nuanced actors & writers...we honestly just never know what's going to happen. Sometimes we re-watch it (during work) on Fridays so that we can swap theories and reaffirm our unanimous support of Fitz & Liv! . My question is: 1) What does Olivia want? She's clearly conflicted it seems - but sometimes I'm not really sure how she feels about the President or if she feels similarly about him the way he does about her. 2) Also, she told the President last season that Cyrus was capable of doing monstrous things - i.e. was behind the Amanda Tanner murder - yet, she's so easily persuaded by people like him and Mellie when it comes to giving up on her relationship with Fitz. Do you think she'll ever stand up to the two of them?


Hi Ms. Washington! I've got a ton of questions for you. Thanks for your amazing work! 1) When did you begin to think about acting as a craft and form of storytelling instead of as a way of just entertaining people and making money? Your interviews have made me realize that acting is not just about making money. Thank you for enlightening me in that way. 2) When/how do you learn your lines? Do you cram them? Do you have someone help you? 3) Who runs kw’s krew? Is it a one-person show? I’m really fascinated by social media and its dynamics and I think your krew does an awesome job. 4) What is your favourite book genre? 5) Also please add more profiles to the “who am I?� section of your website. I think it’s really cool! 6) Last but definitely not least: I think you are an amazing actress and I love your work. Love,
A super-duper KW fan. I hope I ran into you one day. Stay blessed!


Kerry, I've heard that you try to keep something from every character that you play. Is this true? What are your favorites?


Hi Kerry, First of all, your portrayal of Olivia Pope is amazing. My question is about what you want in the Olitz relationship. We know Tony wants things to eventually end in "smushy Olitz babies".......but what about you?


What has been your favorite surprising twist so far?


Hi Kerry! While I am a HUGE fan of Scandal, I have a more personal question. I am a youth counselor for young teenage females and am trying to get them motivated about education. They all adore you. My question for you is how important was it for you to go to college and what impact has it had on your life?

Scandal Quotes

I am not a toy that you can play with when you're bored or lonely or horny. I am not the girl the guy gets at the end of the movie. I am not a fantasy. If you want me, earn me! Until then, we are done.


Abby: What happens to you happens to me. I'm good at my job, Leo. I am a lion up there. I own that room. I work for it. I give a strong briefing. And they write about that. They cover the news and there are articles about how well I do at my job. But they also write about me. If I wear lipstick, I'm dolled up. If I don't, I've let myself go. They wonder if I'm trying to bring dresses back and they don't like it when I repeat outfits even though I'm on a government salary. They discuss my hair color. There are anonymous blogs that say I'm too skinny. They have a running joke that I'm on a hunger strike until I'm liberated by the Democrats!
Leo: Abby--
Abby: They also write about you. Every article that comes out about me has your name somewhere in it because apparently there's this rule that in order to write about me they also have to report to the world that there's a man who wants me. My work, my accomplishments, my awards, I stand at the most powerful podium in the world, but a story about me ain't a story unless they report on the fact that I am the girlfriend of 'D.C. fixer Leo Bergen' like it validates me, gives me an identity, a definition. They can't fathom the concept that my life doesn't revolve around you. My life doesn't revolve anywhere near you. It's horrifying. 'Property of Leo Bergen.' Tell me, Leo, when they write about you do they report on your clothes? Do they write about your thighs? There is a difference. There is. So what happens to you happens to me, which is why I'm writing a letter of resignation. Are we done?