Scandal Review: Double Crossed

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Scandal is one intensely riveting hour of television. Really, if you listen closely enough, you can hear my jaw dropping all the way from my living room. "Blown Away?" Well, it just blew me away.

We can all breathe again now that we know that Huck was not the shooter, but that's far from all we learned. Seriously. We have so much to talk about, TV Fanatics and Gladiators, so let's get to it...

Huck Arrested

The biggest reveal of tonight, just as Jim predicted in the "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" Round Table, is that Huck was not the shooter but was actually cleaning up after the shooter. The shooter who lured him to the hotel for the purposes of framing him for the assassination of Fitzgerald Grant.

The shooter who just so happens to be his girlfriend from AA, Becky. Who is actually a trained spy just like Huck.

BOOM. That was my head exploding. It may or may not happen 10 more times during this review.

Becky is the assassin.

She's also in the wind, but before leaving, she took out Huck's "family" as payback for trying to turn her in. She hoped they would ride off into the super-spy sunset together, becoming a "for hire Bonnie and Clyde." And Huck wanted to go with her. He agreed to go with her. He loves her. But he loves his country more, I think, and that's what ultimately tipped him in the direction of giving her up.

Oh, Huck. I wanted there to be a happy ending for him here. And not just the kind of happy ending that happened in Becky's living room.

In my recent interview with Guillermo Diaz, he talked about how Huck is this tortured soul who, at his core, just wants to be accepted and not have to think about his past. I think that family he watched is one of the keys to Huck's past. He didn't choose that family at random to observe in that depth.

I knew Huck would turn Becky in when he told Olivia not to tell him who to love. But he knew she was right. He knew that he and Becky were doomed and that relationship wasn't healthy. It was in his body language and his face. Their exchange when he came to tell her goodbye, just like he promised, may be the first indicator we've gotten that Huck does know about Olivia and Fitz's relationship. He's not judging her and wishes she wouldn't judge him. Neither of them wants what they can have.

Diaz was brilliant tonight. He couldn't make eye contact with anyone and the little things like the way he grasped at his chest and wouldn't look Olivia in the eyes when he was worried about Becky were so perfect. His reaction to the family's brutal murder, particularly the little girl, was chilling and heartbreaking.

And speaking of brilliant performances, Kerry Washington played Olivia as so vulnerable and emotional. Her face when she saw the gun that had been used to shoot Fitz was a mix of horror, sadness, pain and grief and no words were needed to know exactly what she must have been thinking. Her nearly silent "yes" to Cyrus when he told her not to give up on Fitz was sad and beautiful. Her resolve when she handed Sally Langston the funeral plans and commented on the small details she'd added that she knew Fitz would have wanted was excellent.

But brilliant performances aside, tonight was about putting together the pieces of this puzzle and revealed that ultimately, everyone is in this for him or herself, everyone else be damned.

Hollis Doyle is oilier than the crude he wants to pump straight across the nation's heartland. For helping Olivia give Lindsey Dwyer a new life, Hollis gave up Verna's secret battle with cancer to Sally Langston. And Sally Langston isn't above blackmail to get what she wants, which is the Supreme Court Justice nomination she was promised when she agreed to be Fitz's running mate. 

Sally Langston is a seriously formidable opponent in this arena right now. But perhaps not as formidable as Verna Thornton, who gave up Huck's name just so she could stay on the bench.

Is her desire for the power being a Supreme Court Justice gives her worth all of that?

I can understand why Sally would use blackmail to get Verna to resign. Sally wants the Supreme Court to reflect her values as a politician. But I can't necessarily wrap my head around why Verna would be so hellbent on keeping her place when she knows that the entire house of cards could come crashing down around her at any moment. In that event, she would spend the rest of her life behind bars instead of with her family and at her leisure. An individual's motivations and desires are tricky, tricky things.

Verna handing Huck over was a serious betrayal of her friendship with Olivia, and it's intriguing to think about how that particular revelation will play out when the show returns.

The list of people Olivia can count on is dwindling. Seeing that Cyrus is in regular, contractual contact with Charlie has me uneasy for Olivia. She can't trust Cyrus, but she doesn't seem to know that she can't trust him.

As it turns out, the question in the last Round Table about whether or not James would finally get that baby - which was thrown in solely to lighten the tone of the discussion and meant as a joke - was actually a relevant and important one. James is getting his baby. But only because Cyrus is trying to keep him from figuring out the truth about the voter fraud.

Cyrus knows that James is on the story's trail, but I don't think he knows just how much James was able to uncover with his jaunt to Defiance, Ohio. James, however, isn't stupid. He knows that if Cyrus is giving him a baby, it's because Cyrus knows that James knows something. And now James knows that this information he's hiding is monumental.

But the question is, did James know that he was being followed? Did Charlie's spying reveal that James met with David Rosen in the baby store? I want to think that the secret that David is holding the smoking memory card is safe for now, but with Scandal, we can never be too sure.

As for the rest of Pope & Associates, Harrison's resolve to hide the truth from Abby about David actually being a good guy is dwindling. I give it two or three episodes, tops, before he confesses or she finds out that the abused ex-girlfriend story was a setup. She just can't stay away from David.

And of course, now that David and James are working together, it won't be long before there's a target on David's back.

"Blown Away" has to be my favorite episode to date, though I feel like I say that after every episode. Scandal ups the ante week after week after week delivering powerhouse performances and fantastic storytelling making this one amazing ride.

I feel like I archived half the script on the Scandal quotes page, but even so I'm sure I'm forgetting something here. Probably multiple somethings. But so much was revealed and so many more questions were raised that it would be impossible for me to review every detail. That's what the comments are for, after all. So, let's talk.

What was your favorite part of "Blown Away?" What stood out to you that I didn't include here?


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I loved this episode, although there was a real lack of Olivia screen time for me which I wasn't sure I liked but turns out it worked really well.
Can someone explain to me what the Huck happened at the end with Dabby?? I'm really confused. Did she take the memory card? And if so how did she know about it? Unless she knows more than she's letting on it doesn't make much sense to me. Help!!!


I loved this episode and agree with the other poster who said it was the first episode w/o Fitz that was great. I thought the Becky storyline was awesome and unexpected, and killing the family was just - wow. Cyrus' head is going to explode when he realizes James is pursuing the story - even though he may get his baby - can't wait for that. Everyone is in it for themselves, it seems. Seems like Huck and Harrison are the only ones left Liv can trust. Looking forward to seeing how Liv fixes this for Huck and seeing if he'll track down Becky and torture her.


Not my favorite ep but still pretty good. Thoughts:
-David/Abby are becoming something weird. Not too sure I like it.
-David/James - one of them is going to get killed. Bet on it.
-Verna is out for herself isn't she? A stinging betrayal considering how much Liv cares for her.
-I cannot wait till someone takes Sally Langston down. HARD.
- Fitz, wake up honey! Olivia and Cyrus are falling apart without you.
- Huck, Huck, Huck. What has he gotten himself into? G. Diaz did an awesome job with him this ep, the acting is class on this show.


Can we discuss the tiny detail that is going to blow this thing wide open? The missing casing? He said he couldn't find one but he didn't have time to stay and look for it. That has to be the tiny seed of evidence that will somehow prove it wasn't Huck. Because I have to believe that. My heart ached for Huck when he was arrested. The look on his face when he looked at Olivia, oh my heart Huck.


The scene with Abbey and David was disturbing and seemingly out of place. However, Liv had David under surveillance too. I think Abbey was sent in to take the voting machine memory card. Everything on this show happens for a reason. Nothing is random.


These past few episodes have been amazing. I wonder how Shondra does it, with 3 shows so beautifully written. Am I the only one thinking she's like the new JJ Abrams? With Grey's also so strong last night and the past 2 seasons. Not to mention Private Practice... This woman deserves multiple Emmys.


Oh, and Quinn, stop whinning. Makes me think they should have left her in jail.


Glad that it wasn't Huck and thank goodness he stays true to the spy character. No way he wouldn't know about Olivia and Fitz. I cannot wait until Fitz is awake and the women surrounding him can focus on each other. Mellie and Olivia will give Sally a run for her money. Great to see so many powerful women on screen! Goodbye James. Cyrus will have to get rid of you. Goodbye Edison and by the way, buy a vowel, get a clue. No way she's sleeping with you now. Abby and David were disturbing. She rubs me the wrong way. Glad to see Cyrus let Olivia know that he knows how important she is to Fitz and Mellie, hey, I would have done the same thing--at least for the moment.

Drea xoxo

quinn needs to be grateful right now and accept that she is alive at a very big cost because hollis is closing in on her too. i for one am not going to be sad when she gets cut either just gonna feel for harrison because he sees her like his little sister. she kept asking huck about her whilst she should have been focusing on shaving off his beard and getting him a disguise for goodness!!! for an ex-sniper huck didn't prepare himself at all. thats why i found that part of the episode hard to grasp. fair enough he is in 'love' but wouldn't he have changed his appearance!!!

Drea xoxo

from the time psycotic sniper didn't want to give huck her name i knew he was going to get caught. i said from time why did he show her everything at once. why didn't he look into her?? had he done that he could have been saved! i still say texan hollis is behind, don't like VP (refuse to call her acting pres) but am intrigued to her accepting bribes. how many will she accept until she gets impeached and another election will have to occur.....
i was disappointed in the episode tbh. cyrus should have an investigator on both james and david!! only way to keep everyone safe! james is going to annoy me and sooner they get rid the better. david and red's relationship can be left off my screen, she needs to move on and someone needs to tell her he used her at beginning in order to take down regardless of his feelings now that was his intention!!!

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